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Is posible?

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Level 10
Sep 11, 2013
Is posible to select all trees without stones,flowers,etc.?
I want to put all trees in ground with Ctrl + Page down
but i don't want to put all elements in ground just trees:/
i have over 7000 trees on my map and over 2000 stone, flowers, etc.


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Level 25
May 11, 2007
There are not any way to do this manually. There are a few systems in the spell section that makes you able to do it with triggers though. However I don't think you can change height with triggers. There are workarounds though.

Select all trees with triggers, remove them, spawn new ones with Z value of your choice.
Actually what you can do is go to the World Editor - Advanced, Replace all doodads with a custom doodad you have created in the object editor.
Then remove the custom doodad in the object editor and place them again.

Or you could edit the model to be slightly lower into the ground and change the tree model to that.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
You can also write some sort of script to modify all elements on the map of a certain type. All destructibles are stored in a preplaced object file in a binary form. If you have a loader/writer of their format you can then manipulate them in bulk with either functional programing features or simple loops.
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