Is it worth it?

Level 21
May 11, 2004
So far it seems worth it. The game is $40 and you get a month free. That is more then enouph time to play it and figure out whether you want to continue after that. The game feels like it progresses pretty quickly, so you (at least to me) get a lot done in a months time. I've played for only a week and my first character is already level 30, and I still have 3 more weeks until I have to start paying (which I already payed for 2 additional months). By that time I could have over 3 lvl 60 chatacters. And I'm sure by that time I'd probably be sick of WoW.

So, well, if you do pay, make sure you have enouph free time set aside to make it worth it :wink:
Level 8
Oct 2, 2005
I don't think its worth it becuase the fact you pay 15$ ok that cool but then another month passes by another 15$ then another and then you suddenly relize that you just invested over 100$ on one single game..

And so what if you get your level 60 charicter you alwase wanted?? in the end all it is virtrual 10101 binary. but that just my opoinon but my suggestion is go to the arcade and play rather then pay monthly for one single game
Level 12
Jul 2, 2004
@VGsatomi: No offense, but you must have a lot of time just to get around a lvl 30 character in a week. =P

And leveling a 60 isn't as easy as you think unless you're one of those power levelers or Chinease. Don't worry. You'll feel the slow side of the game eventually. Besides, would you have realized the amount of end game content there is?
Level 3
Apr 18, 2006
Well, people who have played it before, dont waste time reading quest and finding the place out on searching the web or asking people so therefore they lvl faster..

As for the answer to this post, I think its worth it. Its like buying a cup of coffee a day for 15 days per month. I dont see the point of saving that extra 15 bucks a month and never get to try a game that took so much effort and long to make. My advice is to try it and see if you like it. You can stop whenever you want. :wink: