Level 2
Mar 27, 2010
Summoner Name: Tailsdahfox
Server: US - Level 30
Favorite Champion: Kennen
Skill Level: |||||||||| - Good
Friend Amount: 20-25
Wins: ~250
Loss: ~270 (My comp was so suckish I was lagging like hell when I started playing LoL)
Most Recent Champion Bought: Leona
Most Recent Skin Bought: Golden Shen
Level 16
Aug 7, 2009
Summoner Name: Luorax (kinda obvious, isn't it? :p)
Server: EU Nordic & East
Summoner Level: 30
Wins: 791
Loss: 674
Highest Rating: 1582 (begun to fall down after not playing a single ranked match for months)
Friend Amount: 103 (after removing tons of non-stop inviting, annoying bitches)
Favourite Champions: Vladimir (he's the best), Cassiopeia, Irelia
Most Recent Champion Bought: #52: Riven
Most Recent Skin Bought: Marquis Vladimir (I still have the 900 RP that I got for the unstable servers - I'm waiting for Siren Cassiopeia and Aviator Irelia to be on sale)
Level 20
Jun 29, 2009
A social group for LoL! I didn't knew this existed :D

Summoner Name: Amargaard
Server: EU Nordic and East (Level 24)
Favorite Champion: Rumble
Skill Level: Only playing Rumble so I got some skills with him, but I totally suck with everybody else ^^
Friend Amount: 43
Wins: 151
Losses: 134
Most Recent Champion Bought: Rumble (I haven't played anyone else since I bought him)
Most Recent Skin Bought: One of Rumble's. I'm saving money for his "Rumble in the jungle" skin, which is awzum!
Level 11
Mar 18, 2009
I think Vladimir is pretty balanced, he got a nasty sustain for laning, annoying escape methods and he boosts his teams damage in ganks

Summoner name: Acè
Server: EU West
Level: 30
Skill level: AP: 8/10
Tank: 7/10
Support: 6/10
AD: 5/10
Most Played: Malzahar, LeBlanc, Morgana
Wins/Rated Stats: 360 I think, 6 to 1 Rated wins
Level 5
Oct 27, 2011
Hey guys
summoner name:Undeadducky(my favourite name for everything (my parrots named that))
level 7
Favourite champion:Alistar,fiddlesticks,Xerath,ryze
Wins :4
lost 10(my internet was f*****d up)
but since its working well i got nice victories
started playing :about one week ago
Level 13
Oct 18, 2008
Summoner Name: Slicin Okimy (smurf, i shall not reveal my main muahahaha)
Server: NA and Europe - Level 30 NA (smurf)
Favorite Champion: Any champ
Skill Level: decent
Friend Amount: about 20
Wins: X (too lazy to check)
Loss: X (too lazy to check
Most Recent Champion Bought: varus i think
Most Recent Skin Bought: (i have over 50 skins so i forgot)
Ranked division: gold
Sup bros

Summoner Name: Imonobor
Server: EU East - Level 12
Favorite Champions: Master Yi, Trindamere, Gangplank (I like to call him Gangbang)
Skill Level: Not quite sure :D
Friend Amount: Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (meh, 2 xD)
Most Recent Champion Bought: Gangplank
Most Recent Skin Bought: Assassin Master Yi (one of the few you can buy with 400 rp :D)
Level 33
Apr 24, 2012
Summoner Name :xX.Kurumi.Xx
Server : the unpassable,selfish PH server(level 18)
Favorite Champion :Syndra
Skill level : experienced for 4 months and can be considered as a beginner but my strategies came from my 7-year Dota experience.
Friend amount : below 20
Wins : 53
Loses: higher than my wins.
Most recent champion : Diana. And currently saving to buy Cassiopeia.
Recent skin : Im not a skinner

Roles: currently I always play as the Midlaner. My classmates wants me to get that role for their ranked team.
Summoner Name:bococro96
Server: EU. Nordic East
Favorite Champion:Renekton
Skill Level: AD:|||||||||| TANK:|||||||||| AP:||||||||||
Friend Amount:i don't count.too many useless friends.
Wins:Click on my name.
Loss:Im sure that i have more wins than losses.
Most Recent Champion Bought: Skarner
Most Recent Skin Bought:Rune Wars Renekton(it was a gift from a anonymous guy).
EDIT:I don't have much time to play this game,seriously.
Level 1
Jul 6, 2016
Summoner Name: DARKNESS002 (Gonna change it to NiaRasiel)
Server: Philippines
Favorite Champion: Aurelion Sol and Kled
Skill Level: Average - Gold 1
Friend Amount: No idea
Loss:No idea
Most Recent Champion Bought: Kled
Most Recent Skin Bought:Sir Kled and Project Ashe
Favorite Role: Mid-Laner(AP) or Support
Worst Role: Jungle

Deleted member 219079


Deleted member 219079

jondrean @EUNE
I suck ass cuz I'm silver ii scrub. Last season clamb to gold and stopped ranked, we'll see this year...
You can see stats by googling.
Recent champ is shen.
Recent skin surgeon shen.
Frequent role support.