I'm still alive

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Aug 14, 2006
Well well well, hello there,

I'm still alive, like Meat loaf sings in his song "alive".

Has it been – what – eight years or something since I last posted something?

First of all, I got the inspiration to write this post, because Kitabatake sent me a message some days ago, that someone said to wonder, where I've been, if I'm okay, and what about the book that is based on the same fantasy world as TCO.

Shortly about myself. I'm doing just very fine, but the book has been at "frozen stage" for the last five years. Also I've tried few times to update the campaign, but once I figured out, that there would be so much to do, I just couldn't do it. Furthermore, I forgot how to edit some things as TCO is such a complicated project and editing campaign is a different thing from a map. Anyway, there is still some hope for the book, but first let me tell me about myself and what has happened in my life - I'm still alive, after all.

When I finally finished The Chosen Ones, after something like 8 years, I lived with a friend in Helsinki. I had a lot of lan parties and parties overall. But I also wrote over 400,000 words of material about that book that is based on the same world as TCO. So living with that friend wasn't just about drinking beer and playing video games together. After three years we aparted and another three years I lived alone, and then managed to enter university. Last two years I lived in Lapland and moved few months ago back to Helsinki. Now I'm writing my master's thesis in sociology and book.

Yes, book, but not probably the book you're hoping for. Anyway, I've been writing – with hell of a passion – last 8 years but in Finnish. The biggest problem was back then, that I wasn't that good at writing even with my own mother language. I wasn't that great at school. I didn't paid attention, and I always had my own projects. Actually I've always been the guy who just do his own thing. You can call me weird, but that just gives me a smile.

Now let’s go to my books. Yes, books. Back then when I moved to live alone, I put the book linked to TCO to "frozen stage" and I started to write another book. A realistic one about a woman who lives in Finnish society. One year and complete – but I was not able to publish it, as it was not good enough for the publishers. It was immature in many ways.

Second year, when I was living alone, I wrote another book about a girl in a fantasy world. This time with first-person narrator. Back then I realized I was a lot better with that style. Nonetheless, publishers said it wasn't good enough.

Then I started my fourth book, this time also with first-person narrator. To this day I believe this one is really good. It’s very psychological book about a man who “become marginalized” in Finnish society and he criticizes neoliberalism and so on. But even that was not good enough to publish. You think I gave up? Hah.

Then I moved to Lapland and started my university studies. Studying in university has helped my writing skills immensely and now I can also write with third-person narrator. Also when you have a writing hobby, university can become pretty easy. For example with my writing skills, I was able to complete baccalaureate in one year. Of course conora helped me, because many cources were just to write an essay.

Anyway, first year in university I wrote another book, fifth one. About a young adult who lives the same day over again and tries to get out of it. This one I never gave it to anyone, but it is almost finished.

One year ago I had serious thinking, if I should go back to TCO because now I was pretty good with third-person narrator. But I also had my other books. Also, I wondered if I should continue writing at all. But I couldn't live without a project so I had to do something, and I ended up that I won't do any more new projects until the old ones are published – and so I started with remaking the second book which I'm still doing. I believe it will take few months to finish and I will try to publish it – again. I believe this time it will be good enough.

Then I will most likely finalize my fifth book and try to publish it. Then I’ll probably write fourth book again (it needs prologue and overall fixes) and I will try to publish it. Then I'll probably remake the third book. When these projects are done, I will go back to TCO.

I've dreamed very long time to finish the book that is linked to TCO. After all I’ve written it for 3 years and it’s linked to TCO which, I believe, I worked on something like 8 years. I want to go back to that colorful fantasy world! I believe now I really have all the tools to truly finish it. I just wasn't good writer back then. Also I've put so much effort to it already, so it's hard not to ignore it. I have created wholesome cultures, nations, maps, and so on.

However, I believe, it will take at least five years to have in your eyes, if at all. The biggest problem is that, what will happen when I manage to publish those four books before. Probably the biggest problem, however, is that who will translate it? I'm not good writing in English. Hell, even this text might have hundreds of typos. Hitlers, watch out!

All in all, life smiles for me. I write and read everyday science and art. Also I'm still that joyful little boy, who wanna create interesting and colorful stories –
and worlds. Art is still everything for me, and I really believe writing was a good direction for me. But I write in Finnish.

I'm still alive,

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Aug 7, 2014
Good for you man. I'll be waiting for that TOC book. most importantly, I hope you feel fulfilled.
Yeah about the book we are now this boss: I'm! Ha! The! Ha! Most! Ha! Loser! Ha! In! Ha! This! Ha! World!

The one boss of chapter 2 that is waiting for someone powerful all his life. But I like the way that Aero describes the order of relevance, I mean if he writes the other stuff first, then TCO book will be the most experimented one (if Aero does it someday lol)



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Apr 14, 2008
Can't wait to get that book. Being part of the TCO project was very big part in my hiveworkshop work, those were fun times. Hug Kitabatake from me :)