Im Going to make a Giant War and I don't know how to make a lot of spell

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Oct 20, 2010
Im Going to make a Giant War and I don't know how to make a lot of spell

My Map will be just like the Pudge War with a lot of different

Hero Available

Tauren Giant
Sea Giant
Pudge Giant
Mountain Giant
Ogre Giant
Dwarf Giant
Golem Giant

and more

Im going to ask spell for Sea Giant first

Anchor Hook
if you hooked something, you will go to the hooked things and if the target is an enemy or got some enemy in that area they will stunned and damage

Emergency Pool
create a pool and slow other people(include Allies) except for the type of Sea Giant, and damage the not sea giant type unit 1 damage per second

Next hero is Dwaf Giant

Hammer Hook
see direction, if you get hitted by the hammer you will damaged and knockback+stunt but if you get when pulling in (dont know how to say) you will pulled to the hooker and stunt+damaged

Hammer Up
yay the enemy flying up and drop down back stunt+damaged

Next Hero is Pudge Giant

Ahh, Fresh Meat
Bite the enemy to damage the enemy and heal yourself and come sound ahh, fresh meat

Meat Hook
Hook the enemy here and if the enemy hooked longer it will damage more

Mountain Giant

Self Toss
You Clone Yourself and toss yourself if the area got enemy, damage the enemy and stunt the enemy

Toss an ally/enemy/bomb to another enemy also can toss friend over river

Tauren Giant

Fissure Bridge
normal fissure like something in dota but you can walk on it as bridge to walk over the river and when it dissapier and you are on the middle of the fissure bridge you will drop into the river (if the bridge is on the river)

these are some spell needed more will write soon
Hmm you know, coming here and requesting 10 spells at once won't work, btw some spells are complex and because you are making multiplayer map you need them MUI, that's make things even worse :sad:

I suggest you to try to do some things yourself first and then request help...
Something like, hey guys I created this, but my dummy won't cast shit when I cast spell, it will be more easier for us to help, and you will improve skills.

This may look a little disappointing, but honestly do you think that will someone work in WE 5 hours to create this for you, when some spells like hook, required months to reach perfection (pudge wars hook systems >.>)...

Oh another thing, if you are inexperienced with triggers or WE, work on something less complex :)
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Mar 27, 2008
Your "request" is like you're assigning job to Spell Maker
Let's say you have a Custom Project Map
There is one Spell Maker named KAKASHIvsPEIN
You're making him to do ALL these stuff, not request over here dude...
10 is like, wow.
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