I need a question answered please :)

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Feb 9, 2008
hey there guys, lately ive been searching like mad for the answer to this question or how i can do wat i need to do.

Most likely everyone here has played dota. And/or heard of Final Fantasy. Well dota's Azwraith-Phantom Lancer is based off a character from Final fantasy called "Kimahri". And well the dota Kimahri isnt very accurate with its looks and i was hoping to improve it! Well leme just tell u a few things first so u understand where im coming from. The Azwraith model is actually just 2 files. 1-A Skin that goes over Grom Hellscreams model and 2-A spear that replaces Groms axe. And well if any of u have ever seen Kimahri ull notice he looks almost nothing like the dota one.

so yeah lets cut to the chase. My goal is edit the Grom Hellscream model, and make it more Kimahri-like. I wanna give it a tail (meaning that im adding to the original model of hellscream, not taking bits away) and i wanna take away his shoulder pad and replace it was golden feathers on each shoulder like the pictures below. And ive tried endlessly in magos model editor to give him a tail but it just wont work, for u see i dont know how to add vertices in magos model editor.

So basically heres wat im saying (my question) is there any way possible that i can edit Grom Hellscreams Model to Make him look more like Kimahri. For u see i have the Dota Kimahris file meaning that all ill need is a new skin to fit his new feathers/tail. and can someone just tell me how i can accomplish this feat? cuz i really need the model for my current project. Thanks guys any help is appreciated.

Heres some Pictures of Kimahri, to give u a better idea of how he looks

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