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I need a model edit please

Level 4
Feb 9, 2008
okay guys
ive got a really good project going here on final fantasy, but a need a kimahri model, if u dont know who kimahri is, hes 'Azwraith-Phantom Lancer' off dota. Or in other words that model from dota was based off kimahri.

Kimahri is an outcast of the Ronso tribe (half lion, half man) and has a broken horn.... i have the skin from dota, but i was wondering if someone could edit the original model (hellscream) that the skin goes over and give him a tail and a horn :) if anyone could do that i would practically name my map after them!!!

All together i need a more accurate model of kimahri and anyone can help i suggest u extract the hellscream (unpossesed) model from the MPQ and edit it, give it a tail and horn if u can and yea make it look a lil more like kimahri :)

i know this is a big request but im prepared to pay up for any help recieve :) REP AND CREDITx101230132131939 if anyone can get me closer to finishing my map

heres some pictures of wat he looks like....