Huntress Model

Level 7
Sep 30, 2012
I think i know your problem.

There is a bug i have noticed:
The HeroGlow you add to the model can have the color of the model, but if you play around with "set ally color mode" then the hero glow might still be of the previous color.

so to prevent this from happening i disabled the function like so
  • Untitled Trigger 001
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Game - Set ally color filtering to 0
      • Game - Disable ally color button and Enable creep camp button
Level 7
Sep 30, 2012
So as you can see in the screenshot i got a red dog and a blue dog belonging to me.
As I am player 1 Red, and a Blue dog, since i said in "set ally color mode", that my units should be "blue", and enemies "red", while allies should be "teal"

After the color switch, the newly trained dog, build at the scout tower, missed the color switch and is therefor colored "red".

Check out demo map.


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