Hunter or Victim V1.00


Genre : Survival, Stealth, Battleroyale
Landscape : Procedural mountains,rivers and swamps.
Number of players : 10 (with AI)
Warcraft version : 1.26a
Map version : 1.

The biggest update in the history of the project.
Working multiplayer and optimization.
Over 50 new items.
Over 60 new creatures.
Lots of new events.
Lots of new ability.
Improves AI
• Updated visual environment.
• Construction.
• Complete reworking of classes.

• Added zones of Corrupted bugs
• Added zones of Corrupted Spiders
• Chaos zones added
• Now the floor of the towers uses a transparent shader, enemies can be seen through it.
• Added zones of settling fog
• Added Fireflies that spawn in special areas and at night.
• Added Ghost Mushrooms, which can be found on bones and at night.
• Nocturnal plants are less common.
• Night plants now disappear at 3 am.
• Now in cursed zones, only those bones from which spores rise are dangerous.
• Now when flying in the rain you need to dodge the thunderclouds.
• Changed damage sounds from pseudo 3d to 3d sounds.
• Added Ruby Ore.
• Changed the proportions of vegetation when generating a map.
• Items can now be found in floating boats and crates.
• Giant mushroom biomes have been redistributed.
• Added hunters' huts.
• Added wells where you can fish, draw water and find items.
• New object: Lost Diary, Shovel, Sack, Sword, Shield, Rope, Boots, Spyglass.
• Now you can use surviving boats to move quickly.
• Updated mines and trolleys.
• Increased the number of graves and burials.
• Added gallows tree.
• Now when the hero is on the tower, large trees become transparent.

• Shafts can serve as shelter (static analogue of a tent)
• Mines can be used for fast travel. (requires resources to repair)

• Now events of cursed zones can work even if the hero is not inside, but nearby.
• Arranging a halt near the swamps, the hero may be attacked by swamp creatures.
• Updated the fog of ghosts event. Changed the number and aggressiveness of spirits.
• Added additional creature spawn events.
• Increased the number of events along the edges of the map.

New Creatures
• Blood Swarm

Body cutting
• The extraction of bones for crafting is no longer random, bones can be obtained from the body of any creature.
• Now you can pick up the body and get more bones, fangs, meat through roasting at the stake.
• Carcasses in the inventory slow down the hero by 30%.

Battle Claws (New type of equipment)
• Throwing charges are not available with claws, but wounding with claws greatly reduces the victim's armor.

• New recipe: Glowing Pollen + Bloodflower => Corrosive Essence
• New recipe: Ghostly Burner + Fish Oil => Caustic Essence
• New items: Uncut Carcass, Skull Mask, Bone Claws, Bear Claws, Steel Claws, War Claws, Dark Claws.
• New items: Head of a hunter, Heart of a monster, Scrolls of contract killings.
• New items: Elixir of Intuition, Shovel, Luminous Pollen, Bone Meal, Brew • New items: Ring of Fire, Ring of the Mage, Dark Mass.
insight, Elixir of Death, Elixir
• Added new recipes.
• Burning Mint now heals stage 1 wounds.
• The Death Scythe now applies the range and attack effect of the Reaper.
• Druid's Mantle ability has been replaced with a chance to retain a flight charge.
• Now Bone Meal can be obtained from the bones of animals.
• You can now use the Voodoo Doll to detect heroes.
• An empty bottle can now contain Bone Meal, Poison Spores, Sleepy Spores.
Blessings, Potion of Strength, Elixir of Luck. .
• New properties: Snail Slime, Blue Oyster Mushroom, Pearl Berry, Red Amani, Ghostly Burnt, Paleflower, Black Burnt, Sacred Lotus, Dark Slime.

• Now you can find/obtain scrolls with a quest to kill a monster, hero, or rogue.
• Now the death of the hero does not complete the quest until he uses rebirth.
• Now you can get a reward in the form of improved arrows for completing tasks.
• Now you can take tasks from robbers.
• Added new dialogues and tasks.

• Now you can pick up projectiles after being thrown, with the ability Hunt lvl 2
• Now you can find traces of the heroes at the site of a fresh fire.

• After the hero throws off the parasite, the probability of picking up a new one is reduced by 80% for 20 seconds.
• The price of all upgraded arrows has been increased by 10 units.
• Now Elixir of Energy fully restores all charges.
• Pets now detect snipers.
• Spawn groups of units are now more chaotic.
• Now bots resurrect less frequently starting from 30 minutes.
• Raven Potion cost increased from 50 to 100.
• Merchants no longer sell ghost mushrooms.
• Now, when cutting carcasses, you can get not only bones but also skins.
• Creatures of Chaos can now drop Dark Slime.
• Mantle of Lifesteal now has a 2 second cooldown.
• From the 50th of that minute, the reconnaissance distance from the towers increases from 4000 to 10000
• Bots no longer use teleport to get away from that minute.
• A hero under the influence of the Elixir of Intuition now detects heroes in front, within a radius of 4000.
• Mount speed increased by 30 units. Fatigue free mileage increased from 3500 to 5000.
• Now, while fishing, the fish is pulled on more often than other trash.
• Now with a 20% chance the hero finds Contract Kill on the corpse of the hero.
• Empowered Shot now kills bleeding units.
• The chance to get a stronger item when crafting weapons has been increased from 20 to 50%.
• The maximum rapprochement from the Undermining ability now varies from 100 to 300 units.
• Now the task to destroy the Undead Totem selects the nearest Totem.
• From Creeping Mist now you can hide in invisibility.
• Trap additionally removes 50% of health if the target does not see the hero.
• Now all Riders are vulnerable to Traps.
• Now an extinct fire can be lit for free from a torch.
• Bonfire radius increased by 100 units.
• Increased the chance of a trader spawning when the player has a lot of gold.
• Contract Kill now drops on the nearest hero.
• Information about Contract killing can now be updated with the Traveling Trader.
• Increased chance of Global Dodge while running by 5%.
• Global Dodge now saves you from taking damage again in less than 0.2 seconds.
• Global dodge now saves while climbing, descending, and falling from a tower.
• Repetitive, items drop less frequently.
• Now allied troops are allowed to climb the tower.

• New rogue dialogues have been added.
• Bots track down the hero more often.
• After fleeing or resurrecting, the bot may return after some time.
• Rogue riders no longer chase the hero after rebirth.
• Improved attack priority between different classes of creatures.
• The maximum number of rogues gathering to fight with an ally is limited to 3.
• Now if the hero stealthily kills an ally, he will be blamed if he is seen next to the body within 5 seconds.

• Added an Item Replacement Menu for an overstuffed backpack.
• Now the effect of well-aimed shot is not applied to allies during dialogues.
• Added a standard interaction button to the Item Replacement Menu.
• Now the menu automatically opens when an item drops.
• Now the item replacement menu does not close if the target item has been used.
• Added hints.
• Rogue merchants are now easily identified by their backpack.
• The robber quest now shows the point where it was taken.
• Now the camera slightly changes the angle when aiming.
• Now, when moving an item to Backpack II, it will be in the same slot.
• Now, when moving an item to Backpack II, items are swapped if all slots are full.
• Now double-clicking on the shop section toggles backpacks.

• Optimized memory leaks associated with inventory usage.
• Added preload units.
• Optimization of calling abilities by id.
• Optimized math functions.

• Added -musicon/musicoff command to enable/disable music.

• Updated the model of Giant Trees, they no longer hang in the air on steep slopes.
• Allied bot no longer attacks allied rogues.
• Fixed a bug due to which the hero's evasion was temporarily increased to 100%.
• Fixed a bug due to which enemies could be selected after the ability to dig.
• Fixed a bug due to which enemies could be selected after the invisibility ability.
• Fixed a bug due to which Burnt Black did not mix with Pollen.
• Fixed drunk dialogues
• Fixed crossing of Rum and Paleflower.
• Changed the order of replacing items when crafting, items no longer fall to the ground due to full inventory.
• The building icon no longer appears while riding near the flag.
• Aimed shot reload time fixed.
• Fixed a bug where 2 item charges were used at once.
• Flash no longer aggro allied creatures.
• Fixed random class selection.
• Wounds no longer apply on misses.
• Allied bot no longer attacks allied rogues.
• Fixed a bug due to which the hero's evasion was temporarily increased to 100%.
• Fixed a bug due to which enemies could be selected after the ability to dig.
• Fixed a bug due to which enemies could be selected after the invisibility ability.
• Fixed a bug due to which Burnt Black did not mix with Pollen.
• Fixed dialogues of drunken robbers.
• The hit statistics screen no longer closes automatically.
• Fixed a bug with treasure map charges.
• The hero no longer spawns in water at the start of the game.
• Fixed bugs related to quest scrolls.
• Fixed a bug due to which waves of undead were infinitely every 5 minutes.
• Fixed a bug due to which waiting while fishing did not take into account the level of the rod.
• Fixed simultaneous interaction with NPCs and environmental objects through the selection order.
• Fixed a bug due to which quest items could not be deleted after completing tasks.
• Fixed a bug due to which Dorag Mara sometimes did not hit enemies with a melee attack.
• Demon can no longer get stuck in water.
• The demon no longer aggro on the undead.
• Fixed mixing Oyster mushroom and Rest decoction.
• Stealth Kill no longer triggers during a torch attack.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to climb the tower while ignoring obstacles during Enhanced Invisibility.
• Using the torch is no longer canceled while invisible.
• Fixed a bug due to which the icons of the interactive menu were not displayed after death.
• The tent now has a non-selectable surface and does not interfere with the camera.
• Fixed a bug in the tutorial after which AI bots were disabled.
• Now the robbers are more willing to move to the call for help.
• Now the quest to clear the bandit camp is looking for the nearest camp.
• Fixed a bug due to which the backpack icon for transferring to a pet disappeared.

News Update 0.93 Eng

• Added young trees.
• Redistributed the proportions of the location of interactive objects.
• Now the hero can get tangled in the web.
• Added creeping fog.
• Updated skybox.
• Updated rocks.
• Added large spider nests.
• Added barriers from dead trees.
• Reworked environmental sounds.
• Added spruce soil.
• Added anthills.
Improved spread of event zones, spawn points and enemy camps and ruins.
Added giant trees.

Danger Zones
• Added a zone with traps.

Now the robbers are divided into clans.
Each clan may treat the player differently.
Some clans can become allies.
The player will be punished for stealing or killing a clansman.

Dialogue Generator
Several thousand new dialogs have been added.
Rogues can now tell a unique story, offer advice, or react to a situation.

Captains can now be found among the robbers. They have Enhanced Features.
As soon as the hostile Captain sees the player, he uses his Ultimate Ability.
The Captain who remembers the player can track him down or ambush him.
A rogue who kills a player can become a Captain.

• Added swamp leeches.
Hunting wild animals.
Hunt for robbers.
Rest of the robbers.
Quarrel of robbers.
Pack of animals.

Sneak Punch
• Rogues can attack stealthily.

• Rogues can send a squad of snipers who will hunt down the hero.

• When an alarm is declared in the camp, the robbers will search for the hero for several minutes.

• Rogues can send a cavalry unit to retrieve an escaped hero.

• Rogues sometimes send caravans with resources and gold.

• Now every time with the onset of the night of aggressive animals to become more and more.
• After the second day, sleeping in open areas becomes completely unsafe.
• From the fifth day, hordes of the undead begin to attack the hero, so you will have to look for or build fortifications.

New Creatures
Soaring Lizard, Gargoyle, Giant Turtle, Hunter Spider, Kobold, Kobold Mage, Ghoul Warrior, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Mage, Bandit Ranger, Bandit Rider, Bandit Knight, Bandit shooter, Bandit Mage, Bandit Captain, Watchdog.
Swamp Dweller, Swamp Hunter, Winged Bloodsucker, Chaos Creep, Beholder, Blood Beholder, Corpse Worm, Swamp Basilisk, Swamp Crawler, Silt Beast, Corpse Eater Beetle, Reaper Beetle, Defiler Beetle, Infested Spider, Rotting Wolf, Rotting Deer, Stray Rot, Black Rot, Bandit hunter.


• New items of equipment: Phantom Bow, Illusion Blade, Death Scythe, Reinforced Armor, Health Ring, Raven Ring, Thief Blade, Fire Bow, Heat Robe, Mind Ring, Luck Ring, Ring of Darkness, Night Aketon, Poison Fang .
• New Potions: Antidote, Elixir of Illusion, Elixir of Energy, Potion of Crow, Star Ampoule, Potion of Transmutation, Potion of Stink, Rum, Warming Brew.
• New Ingredients: Slippery Mass, Fish Oil, Burnt Blue, Amani Red, Burning Mint, Blue Root, Caviar, Snail Mucus, Cone, Empty Bottle.
• New additional items: Ancient Tablet, Treasure Map, Crystal Ball, Druid Horn, Beast Scroll, Solid Wood, Spyglass, Hunter's Bag.
• New arrow: Fire Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Lunar Arrows, Empowered Arrows, Ghost Arrows, Sleepy Arrows, Entangle Arrows, Poison Arrows.

• Now Carved Stone can be used in ruins to receive a Blessing.
• Now crafting from Bones, Fangs and Leather, is not random, but occurs through the selection menu, where you can specify the type of item being created.

New features of enemies
Dodge, Sneaky Strike, Poison Attack, Demoman, Enhanced Arrows, Knockback, Assassin, Heist, Snipers, Assassins, Escape.

• New state: Falling. The hero must perform a QTE to get up.

New features
• New skill: Lunge. Hero jumps slightly when attacking with a melee attack.
• New skill: Telekinesis. Hero knocks enemies back.
• New skill: Evasion. Active ability.
The hero can place marks on enemies while on the tower. (Requires Stealth 2).
Now you can steal Horses from robbers.
Now you can saddle the Horse.
You can now ride a Pet Bear.
• Now the hero can turn into a Raven.
• Now with rescue bot, he joins the player's team and accompanies him.
• Now with the help of the Cauldron, on the fire you can prepare various potions by balancing their properties.
• New ability Dodge. Using RMB immediately after an attack teleports the hero for a short distance. (Requires improved Jump)
• Now the hero can climb a tree to escape predators.
• Added QTE when interacting with certain objects.
Breaking Castles are now accomplished through a minigame.
• Now you can craft Improved Bandages and prepare a large supply of provisions.
• Now Rogues can let you go in exchange for items of equipment or gold.
• Using an elixir of Sleep Pollen you can poison the entire bandit camp by mixing it into a barrel of rum.
• Added Maim System. Now just restoring health is not enough, you also need to heal wounds.
• Added Poison System. (replaces Disease System)
• Added Ancient Spells which can be found in scrolls. Having memorized the spell, you can use it in the next game.

Trace search system

• The hero can now Study Tracks to detect creatures and prevent attacks.
• Now marked escaping creatures can be found by following the tracks for 20 seconds.

Building system

• Now the hero can build his own fort not inferior to the bandit camps.
• For construction, you will have to look for wood or cut down special trees.

Travel bag

• Added camping bag for up to 24 items.
• The bag can be transferred to a pet, and if the hero is about to die, then a pet with a healing potion will come running to the call.
Tent is now in a Handbag.
• Bag in inventory, slows down the hero by 30%, and also blocks the ability Jump.


Net has an increased radius, depending on the level of the Hunt.
• Does not damage Traps when they are deactivated.
• Activates Falcon Vision when using flair on a tall (shaded) tree.
• Special Ability: Ghost Arrow.


• +50% Attack range in close combat.
• Collects Souls fallen enemies, increasing your health pool.
• Special ability: Sacrifice.
• Loses Souls at the resurrection.


• 315 gold for Quietly Opening Crates.
• 1030 experience for Silent Kill.
• 10% chance to gain a charge of Jump when deactivating traps.
• Special Ability: Illusion the ability Chameleon. (Controlled by the Hero)
• Special Ability: Clone. (repeat actions after the hero)


Gathering resources increased by 10%.
• Special Ability: Flock of Crows blinding enemies.
• Holding a Bear as a pet.
• Pet Levels up along with the hero, increasing damage by 5. and health by 20 units.


Now you can Knock Down robbers.
Added Healing allied and not only robbers.
Damage of Empowered Shot doubled.
Now you can craft Improved Arrows on the fire, which can be installed in a quiver.
• Now Thrown weapons has charges instead of reloading. Charges can be crafted at the stake.
• Now Travel tag All classes have it, the heroes get 2x experience per visit, but the new mark does not appear immediately.
• Now Hidden Murder Rogues can permanently reduce the number of camp guards.
• Now Network can be cast on creatures.
• Now some creatures have the ability Web.
• Now some creatures have the ability Jump.
• Now in cursed zones and at night Map not available.
Return Scroll replaced with a twoway portal.
• Fishing now requires a Fishing Rod, but it does not have to be equipped and can be left in place.
• Now Dream restores chorus gradually.
Hunting horn is now a consumable item. Cost reduced from 100 to 75.
• You can now "shoot through fence logs" if you get too close.
Rare artifacts now easier to get from a chest.
• Now Traps can be bought in the store.
• Now some Skills must be unlocked by completing tasks.
• Now resources are renewable with time.
• Rogues can now drop various items.
• Now Ballistas and Stakes can be placed in the bandit camps.
• Now there are Snipers on the towers, which can only be killed by stealthily climbing up.
• Disabled damage to pets.
• The bandit camp can now be guarded by guard dogs who will smell the hero a few meters away.
• Now when using flair on the tower, the hero will be inflicted with Falcon Vision with a radius of 400 m.
• Added the ability to make a Deadly Pact, which allows you to continue the game, but with heavy losses.
• Vision on tower now removes fog for 800 units.
• Improvement Luck changed to Enchantment , which at 3rd level grants the ability to cast ancient spells.
• Butchering fish now yields various ingredients instead of food.
• Fiery Blend and Caustic Essence now require Fish Oil to craft.


Now the robbers communicate more with each other.
Added drunken robbers.
Added hundreds of new dialogues.
Added loyal to the player clans of robbers.
Some robbers can be paid off.
Added the ability to trade with robbers.
Robbery robbery added.
Added exchange with robbers.
Pet sensing enemies nearby, goes into invisibility and runs to the hero report about the danger.
• In order for a pet under the influence of fear to start attacking enemies, you need to use the order Rage.
• Now some robbers can use torches.
• Improved behavior of bots in battle.
• Now bots can use resurrection stones.
• Now bandit camp has a limited number of guards.
• Added pets for bots.
• Enemies can now climb towers and drop a hero from them.
• Now all creatures are divided into fractions and depending on their position in the hierarchy, they can either run away or attack the weaker ones.
• Rogues now react to corpses.


Now the AI of all creatures works asynchronously, allowing you to process up to 200 units around the hero without freezes.
Optimized calls when pressing abilities.
• Improved response of orders from 0.30.5 sec. up to 0.01 sec.
• Removed delay switching store tabs.
• Optimized AI creatures.
• Periodic timers have been optimized.
• Some types of decorations have been replaced with special effects.


Added camera shake during explosions.
Now you can interact with creatures through their choice. (dialogue, trade, exile, theft)
Updated icon for upgraded units. Added cinematics for some events.
Now, when buying items, they are automatically equipped.
Added a button to randomly select a Class.
Updated interface for initial command selection.
• Added button to switch game mode to top view.
• Added button for automatic selection of allies.
• Improved display of the status of the hero. Satiety, Warmth and Intelligence located in the Character tab.
• Scroll through additional abilities replaced with a spellbook.
• Added display damage and miss enemies.
• Visually lightened "table of records".
• Now you can get information about the heroes.
• Added display of target point on the towers.
• Added button quick use items.
• Added display names killer heroes.
• In the absence of arrows or a bow, attack icons now change.
• When the hero feels unwell, the icon on the minibar is highlighted in red.


Removed debugging message when opening fish.
Vision shading enabled.
Fixed a bug where dead players were not shown the statistics screen when killing a boss.
Added voting for terrain type in multiplayer. • Added the ability to communicate in a chat before the start of the game.
Fixed a bug where only the first player could use the tent. • Fixed a bug that caused the hero to always miss other heroes in melee combat.
Fixed a bug where enemies could not jump.
Fixed a bug where silent kill sometimes worked incorrectly. • Fixed a bug where the garrison of robbers was restored immediately when leaving the territory.
Fixed a bug where unpacking items gave the backpack to the pet.
Fixed the cost of building a stake trap.
Fixed a bug in which the fear of animals did not work.
Fixed a bug when a pet could hurt the owner.
Fixed disappearance of items from the inventory.
Fixed many multiplayer bugs.
Removed a bug in which the hero who left the game "dropped out items twice".
Added sound for setting teleport marker.
Fixed a bug due to which didn't improve reload some spells.
Fixed warcarft bug related to not displaying effects based on "clusterrocket".

• Fixed desynchronization bugs in multiplayer.
Traveling Trader will no longer spawn at the other end of the map.
• Fixed a Warcraft bug where the height of the hero was permanently broken. from "roots".
• Fixed a bug where the hero could not climb the tower.
• Unsuccessful use of a flask of water no longer triggers a reload.
• Fixed interaction between bonfire and torch.
• Fixed a bug where the dog was not given orders during escort quest units.
• Fixed calculation of Silent kills.
• Fixed a bug where items lying in the same place did not rise.
• Improved ballistics.
• The hero no longer spawns in water.
• Now for Noises3d sounds are used.



To the east of the Shadow Plateau are the forbidden forests of Dorag Mara , fraught with many dangers.
People rarely go there, and the path to those places is strictly guarded.

Once in several decades, an eclipse can be observed in these lands, when a deep
trumpet hum rumbles across the plateau, plunging the surrounding lands into darkness.

Among the peoples who live in the surroundings of Dorag-mar there are legends about ancient times, when in the place
where the forest now stands, there was a bottomless well whose monolithic walls went deep into the bowels of the earth.
And about the beast of incredible power, which once escaped from the infernal abyss, so as to devour the sun.

Legends of the ancients are gradually fading into the past, and the monthThe Black Sun became the time of the celebration of the Great Hunt , when the best wars set foot in forbidden forests, in order to fight wild creatures and go through the path of initiation of the Guardians.



During the game, you have to play the role of one of the hunters who
arrived in the forests of Dorag-mar for the passage of the rite of passage.
Depending on the class of the hunter, you will gain or lose experience for certain actions.


Once in the forest you will be left to your own devices.
Attack robbers, hunt animals and heroes, or just try to survive by fishing and gathering your own food .
The company will make you a faithful companion pet who will look for useful items and try to protect you from enemies.


Only one will survive !
Using the stealth skills and survival skills you can pass the test.
Hunters can form alliances, but no one can be sure that his ally is not on the enemy side.
The hunt will end when all rivals are destroyed.
Spoiler ! The mythical demon from ancient legends really exists and sooner or later it will appear in another attempt to destroy all living things.
By combining efforts, hunters will be able to survive together if they defeat the fiend of darkness.

Hunter or Victim has a fairly high entry threshold, since it contains many non-standard mechanics.
To facilitate the game in single player there are several modes:


Auto save mode will save the game every time the hero goes to bed and in case of death you can start from a checkpoint.
Low difficulty mode will increase your protection and increase resource collection by 30%.
Passing training will give you additional resources and one piece of equipment at the start.

Once in the woods, you must choose the class of the hero.


Choose a class based on what you want to get experience for.
For beginners, the "Wanderer" or "Forest Guardian" class is ideal.
Immediately after choosing a class, two skills will be available for you to study.


Skills can both improve your battle stats, and open up the possibility of interaction with game objects.
For a comfortable game, a novice survivor will use Alchemy, Craft, and Flair.
This will solve the problem of finding resources and their usefulness.

The wandering merchant who appears at the start will offer you a lot of goods, but most of them will not be affordable for you.


Particularly useful items at the beginning of the game will be: “teleportation scroll”, “dagger”, “boiler”, “flask” or “fishing rod”.
In the swamps you will certainly need "fisherman's boots".

Until you have gained strength, your main task is to find resources.


Do not engage in battle with predators and robbers, and also avoid dangerous areas like swamps and cursed lands.
Listen to the sounds and try not to make noise yourself.
Making your way through a tall bush, use stealth mode and do not step on dry branches.
Also watch your pet, its growling may mean a nearby threat.
In case of danger, the pet can be ordered to hide so that he does not bring enemies to you.
The pet must be periodically fed by throwing him meat. You can see the health of the pet when you give him commands.

By evening, you will need to find a safe place to sleep and prepare enough wood for the fire.
Cooking at the stake significantly reduces the consumption of resources and makes it safe to eat.
Also, fire will scare away wild animals, dry your wet clothes and cure your illnesses during sleep.

If your sleep is comfortable enough, then you can spy on the movement of your rivals, as well as the location of the resurrection stones.
Meeting with a predator


If you are attacked by an aggressive animal, and you are not ready for battle, you have several options for how to stay alive:

  1. Do not attack the animal, but throw him food, this will distract the predator for a while and you will have a chance to escape. (If the animal gets angry, it will stop responding to the bait)
  2. Light a torch, and apply some blows. This will scare off even an angry predator.
  3. Run to the water.

If there is no way to get away from the pursuer. Try to dodge attacks and deliver single shots or shots to the side and back.


Join the battle with the robbers only if you feel that you have gained enough strength.
You can additionally prepare by collecting mosquito hives in the swamps, which will easily sow panic among opponents.
But still it’s not worth attacking openly. Each camp has a signal bell that will call for reinforcements if they notice you.
At dusk, staying invisible is much easier, but be careful, as traps can be placed around the camp.
Stay away from the light, eliminating opponents one at a time. You can throw a stick to distract attention, but if you overdo it, then the enemies will suspect something is wrong and begin to look for you.


One of the main tasks is the elimination of rival hunters.
To find the enemy without revealing himself is almost a victory in a duel. One well-aimed arrow can bring you victory.
Therefore, pay attention to the footprints and take advantage of clairvoyance. You can also wait until the evening and take the enemy by surprise during sleep.

A boss who may appear several times per game. If the demon is killed, then all surviving players will be considered winners.
You can call the boss yourself by buying an ancient book from the Traveling Merchant.

That's all for now. The manual will be periodically updated.

A randomly generated game world.
Each of your journeys will be unique.
The location is completely created at the beginning of the game, from terrain to scenery.
Many diverse environmental objects and their variations.

A system of weather, fog, night and filters.
Weather changes from clear sky to heavy rain.
The day gives way to a really dark night, and the fog gently envelops the hero in the marshy swamps.
The weather system allows you to make smooth transitions between effects and smooth color gradation of fog and sky.
The camera filter system makes it possible to mix up to three layers of color overlay. (e.g. lightning flashes on a darkened screen)

Well-designed sound environment.
Of the many sounds, a dynamic ambient nature is created.
Over 300 sounds are used for effects and creatures.
A system of local sound control for different players has been added.

The system of hunger for sleep and disease.
The hero must constantly eat in order to maintain his health.
Eating is done automatically, however, the cooking method may affect your health.
From unsuitable food, hypothermia lack of poison and other factors, the hero can get sick.

Training systems and tips.
During loading, the player will see random hints.
At the beginning of the game, you can go through quest training for a small fee.
On locations you can find scrolls of knowledge with clues.

The system of vision and hearing.
The hero can hide behind obstacles, and the noise that he makes will attract the attention of enemies and players.
Lighting and fog density also affect visibility.

Stealth system.
Stealth mode makes you more invisible to enemies and replaces some abilities that are not available in normal mode.
The player must be very careful, as there are many traps in the game that can give it away.

Interaction system.
Most of the objects in the game are interactive, and the interactions are worked out. Shrubs and tall grass
sway when moving the hero, arrows change their trajectory after falling into the water, etc.

System of water, swimming and dampness.
Shallow ponds slow down the hero, deep ponds can be swum, but the hero’s clothes will get wet.
Raw clothing slows down the hero. During rain, the hero can also get wet if he moves in an open area.

Fishing system.
The hero can fish in special places. Fishing takes place in the form of a mini-game.

The system is an additional menu of equipment and inventory.
Expands inventory to 12 slots and makes it possible to equip items in special cells.

The system of stores.
Stores have 8 sections with different items.

Random event system.
Makes your adventure even more interesting, tossing you pleasant and unpleasant surprises, taking into account the state of your character.

AI system.
The map supports bots. They will necessarily occupy the free slots of players.
The behavior of bots, animals, and other creatures is controlled by complex systems that add realism to their interaction with the player and the environment.

Instance Collision System.
For the physical interaction of arrows and the environment, a collision system has been created that optimizes the scenery with the type of patency enabled.

Skill items and craft.
The hero has 12 special skills, each of which can be studied up to level 3.
Over 100 items can be found, crafted, or bought from a merchant.

Satellite System.
A hero can have pets who are always ready to support you.
The pet control panel allows you to give them quick commands.

Camera system.
The camera can be rotated using hold Shift + rMouse
Easy switching between tracking and free mode of the camera.






Special thanks to:
* Blizzard Entertainment
* Various editors: Jass New Gen Pack, MdlVis, War3ModelEditor, Blp Lab
* XGM website and community

Hunter or Victim 1.00 En (Map)

The Hunter's Guide has abilities with many |cffff text errors. The bear seems to follow you until you get killed, even on water. Many times something hits you and no idea what. Places should be highlighted: where to fish, so on. Basically you can't...
Level 8
Aug 13, 2018
I love survival maps, so I downloaded this when I seen that even before reading description.
Also I tried it few times after download but I'm very noob at it, and I can't live more than 5 minutes :peasant-confused:
Anyway, I will try it soon and leave a feedback for it, it looks very special and I think you lost much time to create it. It show be good enough for a 5/5 from me :peasant-smile:
But let me play it and become master(or a normal player at least)

Edit: 3rd test: 1 kill(bot), 20 minutes survive(with res stone), die reason: food and fort units
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Level 5
Jan 25, 2018
I soon think to write a small guide and bestiary.
Yes, the map is complicated in places and has a rather high entry threshold.

To facilitate the game, there are several starting options. This autosave and easy game mode and training, which gives some advantages at the start.
And so I can advise you to buy a scroll of teleportation at the beginning and install the tent in a safer place, so that if something happens you could make an escape.

die reason: food and fort units

If hunger kills you, then you can go to bed. This will partially restore health and give extra time to look for food after waking up.

Do not storm the robbery camp in the open. In each camp, a signal bell is installed, it is better to destroy it imperceptibly, in order to prevent alarm.
If something went wrong, then it is better to retreat. You can also additionally prepare by collecting mosquito hives in the swamps, which will help get rid of half of the camp.
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Level 5
Jan 25, 2018
Also from the site: Resources in Use by Hunter or Victim V0.91En | HIVE
Crediting a site is quite vague.

Tags corrected.

Maybe some kind of error occurred. There are no models in the map that are indicated in the link (Resources in Use by Hunter or Victim V0.91En | HIVE).
//It is interesting by what criteria does the model checking automate? Filesize? Poligon сount?
There is nothing even close to DemonHunter on the map.

The project was developed alone and all models are made by mу.
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Map Reviewer
Level 66
Jun 4, 2009
  1. The Hunter's Guide has abilities with many |cffff text errors.
  2. The bear seems to follow you until you get killed, even on water.
  3. Many times something hits you and no idea what.
  4. Places should be highlighted: where to fish, so on. Basically you can't select/click on anything with the mouse.
  5. The camera many times impedes proper vision and the enemy might be able to shoot from outside the visible screen. It tries to emulate a 3rd person perspective but it' heavily based on the dynamics of bird's eye view and that's what makes it less good.

Lots of systems in a very well created atmosphere but not without gameplay difficulties and gripes.


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Shar Dundred
Level 5
Jan 25, 2018
This map looks great! I wanted to play it on the latest patch but it crashed. Is it not upwards-compatible?
It is hard to say. The card does not use memory hacks. Perhaps the problem is in the HD graphics. Or some of the crutches stopped working on reforging. To understand what the problem is, you need to have an idea where the crash occurs. When loading the map, create terrain or whatever.