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Hunter Killer Hydralisk

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Well hello, this is one more model that also took a helluva while to create and perfect, due to me needing custom animations, me making some custom animations, me needing a custom texture for both the unit and its missile, and what not..

But i think its worth all the custom bits. It's been very much years where i just haven't seen a very nicely done custom war3 hydralisk model, kinda all of them missing a lower jaw below the mandibles, or not having a good, speaking portrait, or not having both melee and ranged attack anims, or not having saliva dripping, or not looking like the OG Starcraft Hydralisk, or the remastered version.. So i have decided to cram all that i wanted (and more) in one model.

this Hydralisk is able to: Burrow/Unburrow, swim and submerge/surface, attack anything from any range, and look rather similar to original HunterKiller 'hero-unit' from Starcraft. Although I have gone slightly beyond that and given it more Teamcolor and few more details from the sc2 hydralisk, so i hope this is a good merger. 'u'

My helpers here were;
@Hayate (you'll probably recognize some of your anims there)
@PrinceYaser (For bearing with me and patiently doing both the main unit and missile textures)
@BossGengar ( for finishing up some of my animations, and doing few more, as well as little code tweaks)
and tiny thanks for the saliva particles from the Gronn model by @Mister_Haudrauf :)

So.. Credit us if using this model, or you'll be invaded by the zerg like the Amerigo >x] (starcraft 1 cinematic, look it up on the youtubes)

technical bits:

Ability that adds additional blades should be an orb (for extra damage) and maybe enabled by an 'extra blades evolution' upgrade.
ability setup:
Art - Target: (two models, in this order) 'ExtraBladesLeft.mdx' 'ExtraBladesRight.mdx'
Art - Target Attachment Point 1: (two separate strings) 'hand' 'left'
Art - Target Attachment Point 2: (two separate strings) 'hand' 'right'
(all without the ' symbols, of course)
Art -Target Attachments: 2

Additional Object editor setup, for a ranged unit:
Projectile Launch - X: -30
Projectile Launch - Y: -10
Projectile Launch - Z: 130
Projectile Launch - Z (Swimming): 20
Projectile Arc: 0.00
Required Animation Name: two
(or set up a unit with melee first attack, and ranged second attack)

suggestion: to make this unit shoot spines from all slots, add 1, 2, or 5 more amphibious dummies, that would shoot at the same target as the unit, so the total number of missiles shot is 6.
for extra immersion, play with the 'projectile launch - Y' value on each dummy, for left and right adjustment.

Hunter Killer Hydralisk (Model)

Grooved Spine Missile (Model)

Extra Blades(left) (Model)

Extra Blades(right) (Model)

General Frank
A wonderful adapted and edited model that really fits wc3. Approved.
  1. Ether


    Nov 13, 2017
    A group project that came out really cool and epic.
  2. General Frank

    General Frank

    3D Modeling Moderator

    Nov 19, 2005
    A wonderful adapted and edited model that really fits wc3.