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Is it true? Dentothor is back? well, not really. But heres just a little something ive whipped up. :p Originally for the Texturing Comp. #18 but i wasn't able to join.
So before anyone asks in a lazy "OMG HOW DO I UPLOAD THIS?!" try reading this before you start trollin'



>>>Blood Elf UI<<<

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Blood Elf UI (Texture)

10:07, 21th Dec 2010 shiiK: There's a few glitches that needs to be fixed - the resource icons are overriding the border of the boxes, and although it doesn't look ugly, it breaks the uniformity and I don't think that suits this UI. The golden leaf...
Level 5
Jan 26, 2011
yeah it's really cool but when i play it show me just a half of the tile

try to replace the location of the model, it happened to me too...
try the following:
Open map -> put the location and model etc... -> test it -> if dont worked, backspace the location -> save and/or close map -> re-open it and replace the location, test again...
i did this and worked, i dont know what is gona heppen to you...
Level 5
Jan 26, 2011
Good News!
Finally finishing my other map, that should be very, no, Ultra Usefull! because im doing something about only Blood Elves...

I see that you make UIs
Can you make something Half Elf, or High Elf for me? Really needing one, and i tryed to find, and nothing...

so you could just say nice instead... :ogre_hurrhurr:
Level 1
May 28, 2010
The Interface is good, but it abruptly stops on the right side.. ive double checked my import paths, but the interface skin just seems to stop and cuts off part of the "Attack" command button.
If you could fix this it would be perfect. Thanks =)
It ha been that issue for a while and i will rectify this when i have the tools i need once again. I will also work on improving the design and may create another one. Do NOT get any hopes up. This is merely a possiblility. Not a promise. I have given the solition to the black area. The fix cannot be uploaded however. The above solution given by thrall is correct as well. Thanks

Level 3
Mar 19, 2010
So i took care of the far right appearing black as if cut via resaving with BLPLab. However there is something i couldnt take care of:
UI overlaps with 7. unit in training queue,see screenshot attached.

And a suggestion about that area im holding the cursor in that screenshot: Make there black,cause every ui there is black for disbtns etc are fading off to black at edges.

Btw: Nice UI


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