How do I kill Mortred?

Level 5
Aug 13, 2005
Im having trouble to use my juggernaut against Mortred, when she has blur level 4, I can only see the shadow and the hp bar. Then she will shadow strike and I got slowed and then do some coup de gracing and blink striking. The only way I know to see her is to press ALT or buy an item that has frost damage so that the game changes reveals the mortred for awhile. By the way, I cant do omnislash because she keeps on hiding.
Level 6
Feb 4, 2005
When you first start warcraft at the screen that leads you to LAN, Single Player and Battle.Net, go to Options, then video, then turn on the details for your shadows. Then, you can see her shadow.

But anyway, if anyone wants to kill Mortred, teleporting is a fun thing to do (Dagger).