[Discussion] Horde Invasion! Shoot 'Em Up 2D game for 1,2,3 players!

Hello everyone, I am here to post a 2D shoot Em Up game I developed with GameMaker 8.1 based on warcraft III. Basically you shoot down orcs endlessly to score points or until 20 slip away.
Quite frankly I was bored and needed to make myself busy with some coding, but wasn't itnerested in another Warcraft III Map :D.

You can download it from here: CLICK

Please give a feedback. Do you like it, do you not? What would you like to see more? Etc...

There is a screenshot of the game:
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Apr 12, 2018
I recorded the 3d Animations and converted them into 2D animated sprites. It's interesting that it fooled you :D

so the official classification of the game is "2.5D"
2.5D is still 3D models in a 3D space, only confined to a 2D plane.

This one is straight up 2D like Starcraft is.