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Jan 16, 2008
I had some disagreements with my team members on the storyline for our big project called hommw3. A little about the project then: It's going to be a collection of melee maps and campaigns featuring a completely new world, altered gameplay(we took heroes of might and magic as a role model) and a huge story while still remaining a real-time strategy. Due to our dilemmas with the storyline, i decided to post the progress here and listen to your comments.

Jakei storyline


Twenty years ago, the northern lands were a nice place to live. Endless forests and moors layed beneath the snow provided home for a peaceful nation. The Jakei lived in small fortified villages across the frozen land, free from the ancient shadows of the north. In the center of a small city named Shadowstone stood a mighty artefact. Jakei called it the Polaris. The artefact's power had stopped the fellwind which once raged across the northlands. Thanks to the artefact, every morning was marked by a sunrise. In the southern lands thrived a new kingdom. Two nations, the Holy and their human bretheren stood united under the flag of the Kingdom of Sun. The kingdom was doing well and all the prosperity made their leader power hungry. He assembled a network of spies which searched for powerful artefacts and creatures to serve under their king. That is how the Polaris was discovered. Clearly, Jakei were not willing to just give it away. Soon, the spilled blood started melting the snow. Cries of war echoed trough the peaceful northern nights. Finally, the king's army reached Shadowstone and layed siege to it's walls. After weeks of fighting, the defenders were finally broken and the king walked up to the Polaris to claim it. A young and powerful general named Felix intended to stop him. They fought fiercely and Felix managed to wound the king. Realizing that he might not be able to escape, the king shattered the Polaris and invoked the fellwind's wrath once again. His army was destroyed, Jakei were cast into the shadow once again, and the king managed to escape. Years of prosperity shattered in a second, minds of Jakei lost in the darkness, dreaming of nothing but vengeance. Felix takes the burden and leads his people into a new, darker beginning.

Act 1: The twilight zone

Soon, the difference between night and day faded away, but corrupted by the fellwind, Jakei were given the strength to survive. Their only goal was vengeance and they intended to crush the Kingdom of Sun by any means necessary. felix assembled a mighty army and set sail for the southern lands. Unprepared and frightened by the darkened Jakei, kingdom's army took heavy losses. Half way trough his conquest, Felix heard the call of true darkness.

Act 2: Sanity's eclipse

Kingdom's warriors soon managed to stop his advancing and he knew that he could not win the war anymore. Desperate, he made a hard choice. He entered the ruins of an ancient city of Midgard. Midgard was built ages ago by the ancient Jakei. Back then they were corrupted by a greater evil, seeded fear throughout the world until their evil queen Syllar was banished to the ethereal plane by the Holy. Felix knew he risk, yet his decision was firm. He entered the Syllar's tomb and summoned her back in the form of the ghost wolf. Syllar turned the tide of battle and soon, the kingdom was on it's knees. Pleased by the outcome, the Jakei decided to turn back to northlands. However, Syllar had other plans. She used the imprisoned Holy in a dark ritual to regain her true form.

Act 3: Against yourself

The Jakei were now divided between Felix and Syllar. Another war was inevitable. Surprisingly, Felix and his warriors managed to overcome Syllar's forces but in the end, Felix could not kill Syllar. Inspite her nature, he believed that she can be stolen back form the darkness. He believed that Polaris could cleanse her soul and souls of all Jakei once again but the shards of Polaris were scattered across the land in the explosion. Unstable when dissasembled, shards were drawn by places of great power and could only be contained in a powerful magic cages. For the sake of his people and their queen, felix decided to seek the shards of Polaris and bring them back together.

Act 4: Needle in a haystack

First shard

Felix must lay siege to a monastery where the Holy maintain a functional mana well. The monastery is well protected against magic but it's walls fail to overcome the fearsome Ice Golems. After slaughtering the priests, Felix walks up to the mana well and takes the first shard from it's bottom realizing that the priests were unaware of it's presence.

Second, third and fourth shard

Seaking the magical source deep inside the Felwood, Felix gets ambushed by a group of Felwood denizens led by Elena, an undead ranger. Felix manages to push Elena and her army away which gives his forces enough time to regroup and strike again. He chases Elene's army deep inside the underground halls of the fallen city. City itself has become a place where magical forces gather and soon Felix realizes that it has drawn three shards. That gives him extra motivation to push harder. After days of combat Felix and his army reach the last chamber where Elene has organized the last line of defense. Just before the assult started, scouts report that a vast army of quote:"who knows what" is headed this way. Felix starts negotiating with Elene and in the end, their forces must stand united against a new and unknown threat. After her life was saved by Felix, Elene agees to give the three shards and her life for Felix.

Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth shard

Felix pushes on to the western shores, heading towards the ancient ruins of Guardian's tower, a former channeling place from where the water mages used to summon sea guardians. Felix gets really surprised when he sees the army of the former Kingdom rebuilding the tower. He rushes into battle in order to prevent the priests of the Holy from summoning the guardians but the kingdom's forces manage to hold him off. With the guardians summoned, Felix stands no chance of winning but as his forces start to withdraw, denizens of Felwood rush into battle. Elene's powerful warriors quickly turn the tide of battle into Felix's favour. Defeated, the 4 priests are forced to surrender their shards.

Nineth shard and the assembling

With only one shard missing, Felix's powers grow way stronger. Now he must set sail to the west and seek out the lost island of Atuan for the prophercy has announced that Jakeis' rebirth will be marked by opening the portal of two moons(on Atuan) Felix arrives and realizes that Atuan is not lost nor deserted. The red-skinned savage men which he fought in the halls of the fallen city have established their bases there. The day of the eclipse arrived one week too early and opened a dimensional gate. Felix observes the gate and plans his attack carefully. Finnaly, he sends most of his army to attack from the rear and distract the vast forces of Obileron while he sneaks into their camp and uses the gate to assemble the Polaris once again. His plan works and the Polaris is once again in his hands. With it's powers, Felix manages to defeat the Obileron's forces but not to close the dimensional gate. Along with a few of his remaining forces, he heads back for Midgard where he cleanses syllar's soul and returns the crown to her. After centuries of sleep, the Jakeian queen returns.

Act 5: Empty-handed

After the long search, Felix, Syllar and a few surviving comrades travel to the northlands carying the Polaris. Bloodlusted survivors of the first war intercept Felix and Syllar. The king asks for the Polaris. "Send my regards to your maker" says Felix and crushes the Polaris once again, this time for good. A blinding flash of light seals the curse of the Jakei and the fate of the king and his men.

Any comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome. Pardon my grammar and/or spelling, i never had to write stories in english before.
Coming soon: Felwood and Exiles' stories
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Nov 29, 2006
Norse? I dont know, but an old nordic one yes. (Existed here, mostly in Scandinavia, in Norway, Sweden and Finland, but also some parts of Russia.)

And well, since Midgard was worshiped by us up here during the Viking Age I suppose it fits the Jakei lands too.
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Jan 17, 2008
Entarion story

Hello all. I'm White One from Volvox's team and I am responsible for development of Entarion race. More about them in story.


The homeworld of Entarion, Entar, was inhabited long before their creation. Many humanoid races have lived on Entar, but after thousands and thousands of years of bloodshed only one of them survived. They were almost identical to humans and possessed the same love for technology and expansion. Soon after they became the only surviving race, they started developing many advanced technologies. They were quick to discover the secrets of electricity and steam, but also understood that their knowledge can be used for many different purposes. Like destruction, for example. Remembering that they already exterminated every humanoid race on their planet, they started creating energy barriers all over the planet to ensure an ultimate defense in case of further wars between them. During the time of their sociological and technological advance they organized their whole planet into an united country, the Democratic Republic of Entar. But, their biggest advancement wasn't in the field of democracy, but in the field of robotics. The greatest of their discoveries was the ability to construct extremely intelligent robots. There was no need for human labor , there was no need for wars , and finally there was no need for hatred. For the first time in their history, the people of Entar could say that they were living in a paradise like no other. And then, the Obileron invaded...
Hundreds of portals opened in the sky. Demons arrived on their flying beasts and started to attack the cities of Entarion. However, the Entarions weren't giving up without a fight. Their energy barriers endured all of their enemies attempts to breach them, powerful lightning from their weapons incinerated every demon that came within range. Even though they were under siege, the Entarions were developing new technologies. One of their best scientists, Arkantos, sought an end to the war in their robotic servants. But his attempt to build a robot army was stopped by the High council of Entar. They thought that they could win the war without stopping their resource production and saw no reason for the creation of such an army. Even without their support, Arkantos continued his research. He started developing nanite technology, miniature robots that can give a personality to robots. That wasn't their only use, they could also cure many diseases, even grow new limbs and organs. And then, when everyone thought things were going for the better, the first barrier shut down.
Every city beneath that barrier was destroyed, it's population brutally massacred in less than two hours. Without knowing what exactly happened, the Entarions lived in fear. They doubled their guards, and hoped that something like that would never happen again. But, their hopes were brutally shattered. One after another, barriers were being shut down. Frustrated and confused, the Entarions attacked each other and started endless and pointless civil wars, only increasing the rate of their destruction. In 3 years, the population of Entarion was reduced by 85%. Arkantos understood that the Entarions were destroying themselfs, but he was trying his best to improve his nanites, hoping that they'll awake every robot on Entarion. He woke up one morning and noticed that there was something wrong with the color of the sky . And that wasn't good, considering that the barrier's color couldn't possibly be of that exact, very strange shade. Soon after that, the Obilerons invaded. The Entarion's biggest city, Taron, was soon overwhelmed by rampaging demons, and Arkantos was left running with his wife, Elera, through Taron's streets. During their run, he lost his wife in the crowd, and was forced to go to his shelter, a great underground robot manufacturing facility, without her. Months passed and he wasn't able to awake the robots. Knowing that the Obilerons probably killed everybody but him, he was slowly becoming more and more desperate. In a last, very desperate attempt to understand the fabrics of robots, he fused himself with scorpion like exoskeleton. However, he needed 20 years of suspension to successfully end the melding. After the suspension, he easily integrated nanites into cold robots, creating the biggest army that ever existed on Entarion. Those sentient machines soon released the anger of their Machine spirit on the few demons that remained on Entar. Once Entar was wiped clean of demon taint, Arkantos tried to resurrect his race. He was trying to use a method similar to cloning, yet he wasn't able to understand fully how to replicate human cells. Instead of trying further, he swore to put an end to the Obileron's campaign, and he started liberating one world at a time. He would then use their resources to create billions of mechanical warriors. He created Karios, the most powerful and wise robot, to help him lead these forces trough the galaxy, and put an end to the Obileron.