Hobbit Pack (Lotr)

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
"In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit."
- J.R.R. Tolkien

This pack includes:
- Frodo Baggins (Hero)
- Samwise Gamgee (Hero)
- Meriadoc Brandybuck (Hero)
- Peregrin Took (Hero)
- Bilbo Baggins
- Lobelia Sackville Baggins
- Hobbit Mayor
- Hobbit Man
- Hobbit Baker
- Hobbit Woman
- Hobbit Bounder
- Hobbit Archer

This pack uses an Omni-skin,
The download filesize will unfortunately be huge as a copy of it is uploaded with each model, but you only have to implement the skin once in order to use every hobbit in this pack

Keywords: Hobbit, halfling, lord, of, the, rings, war, ring, hero, unit, lotr, wotr, hobbits, pack

- Added in-game screenshot
- Updated texture
- Added Archer Model

Bilbo Baggins (Model)

Hero - Frodo Baggins (Model)

Hero - Merry Brandybuck (Model)

Hero - Peregrin Took (Model)

Hero - Samwise Gamgee (Model)

Hobbit Archer (Model)

Hobbit Baker (Model)

Hobbit Bounder (Model)

Hobbit Man (Model)

Hobbit Mayor (Model)

Hobbit Woman (Model)

Icon - Bilbo (Icon)

Icon - Frodo (Icon)

Icon - Hobbit Archer (Icon)

Icon - Hobbit Baker (Icon)

Icon - Hobbit Bounder (Icon)

Icon - Hobbit Man (Icon)

Icon - Hobbit Mayor (Icon)

Icon - Hobbit Woman (Icon)

Icon - Lobelia (Icon)

Icon - Merry (Icon)

Icon - Pippin (Icon)

Icon - Sam (Icon)

Lobelia Sackville Baggins (Model)

The models are missing "Overhead Ref" attachment point. Please fix this.