Hi I'm Melvs Grimm (Late Introduction)

Level 3
Nov 24, 2014
Hi I'm Melvs Grimm, I used to have an account known as MelzGame or Melvs Game or something, I don't know what was the name, but I havn't been updated on the Hive nor did I know what to do on the Hive Workshop, so here's a little introduction about myself:

Hi I'm Melvin, you can call me Melvs, I am 14, Male, I live here in the PHilippines, I was born in Chicago, Illinois and stayed there for 8 years then arrived in the PHilippines in 2008 near 2009, I speak English, Tagalog, Some Mandarin, Some German, Little French and Little Russian, (I like to learn languages), I do Gaming and record, post them on youtube and stuff, I'm a nice person, but with an annoying voice, or somewhat of a deep annoying voice. and That's it.

So that's my Introduction in a Nutshell, Hope to see more on what the Hive Offers.
Level 22
Sep 24, 2005
Hello there Melvs, you can try playing the maps here if you're not into modding yet. Also, just head the tutorials section if you feel like making a map. Welcome!