Hey there! (Introduction)

Level 1
Nov 6, 2014
I have always been interested with the program: Warcraft III World Editor. For years I've been creating small (very small maps) without knowing there was actually a site like this. So I am glad to have found a site where you can see/share/play custom games and it looks pretty great!

However I still feel quite a noob on map editing when I look on other people's maps. So if you can, I would be very grateful if anyone could threw in some tips/advice or some extra ideas. I'm eager to learn and it's always nice to see humour no matter how dark the day may be. :smile:

I am also familiar with the WC1 and 2 + SC1 & 2 games. (thus a bit rusty on the lore). And nowdays I'm adventuring in WoW. So yeah, this is me. Now I'll go back to adventure Warcraft! :spell_breaker:
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
Welcome to Hive! Tips? Definetely explore the Warcraft III forum section, it includes tutorials, a help zone, idea area, and much more. I recommend you read the beginner level tutorials, I thought I knew all of the basics but there were always bits of info I did not know. Enjoy your stay here!
Level 6
Jan 17, 2014
Welcome to the hive. A simple tip: go play maps for fun and to get ideas for your map. Ask feedback and give feedback to others. By being active you will devellop some skill in the warcraft world editor.