Heroic Achievement and Easter Eggs

Level 2
Nov 13, 2013
Guys lets complete the list for heroic achievement
1) omega orb complete level 6 in ch 3
2) defeat super uummut in ch 10
3) obtain end of era in ch 10
4) defeat xada second form in ch 6
5) defeat xevaron final battle in ch 10
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Level 2
Nov 13, 2013
also for easter eggs the thread on is can no longer be continue so can we discuss here
only ch 2,3,4 is left
and the ch 4 one the chicken head riddle i think is refers to the bible the 7 sins...
Level 1
Dec 5, 2017
The Chosen Ones Campaign Easter Eggs
Chapter 2, 3 and 4.
Chapter 2

Unobtainable/Disabled, the mechanics work but killing the Giant Skink aka "Big Dinosaur" does nothing, even with cheats to kill it the moment it spawns and with at the first attempt.
Probably Disabled

Maximum Movement Speed.
Must complete within 15 seconds on activating.

Easter Egg will start if Fradz goes to these areas:
The Bridge area/Synthesis Shops
Almost Entire Area South of the Hill of Nhutzi
Noctoriah's Mausoleum

There are two cactus plants to take note of:
Cactus Plant A is the one directly northwest of Noctoriah's Mausoleum.
Cactus Plant B is northwest of Cactus A just a few steps away. This is the cactus you want to stand at.

Another thing to take note of is where the "Giant Skink" will spawn. It is in the huge spacious area on the northside of the road where a cluster of cacti are growing.

The region where the Skink spawns is marked by a huge fog effect, the Skink spawns in the center and
will wander around that area.

How to get:
Step just beside Cactus Plant B, I recommend the right side. Now quickly run to the area where the
Skink spawns and kill it. It has 600hp, it is very huge and covers half the screen. If you don't kill it in 15seconds it will explode and you have to restart from the cactus.

Chapter 3

Just type "3982" or "-3982" without quotations into chat.
I don't know what it refers to but that's how it activates.

Chapter 4

The 6 Things are your boxes.
You must wait 3 seconds in-between clicking.
Clicking anything else besides the correct boxes will reset the order.
Select Phodom first to reset, then click on
Phodom's First Box, then Second, Third, then First Again, then Second, Third and then Sixth. You should see the Easter Egg now.

The Chosen Ones Campaign Heroic Achievements
Chapter 7

After the Boss fight with Groxts, go to Tharo on the Southeast side of the Castle's Keep where Gondo and his two friends initially was, have Fradz equip Elexorien II and speak with Tharo. A cutscene will play and the Heroic Achievement Unlocks.

Chapter 10

I cannot seem to get this one, I think it's supposed to trigger when you steal the "Stone of Destiny" but it doesn't trigger.

Also, Both Chapter 2 and 3's Interludes are bugged, the interludes don't unlock despite having more than the respective 7,500 and 10,000 Game Points required to see them.
I'm not sure where to put these, so for those who want to see them here they are.
More than fifty years ago when Galeoth was just a small child.

Vandart: "Galeoth, my son. We belong to a noble family."

Galeoth: "You've told me this many times before, father."

Vandart: "Silence! Speak only when you are permitted."

Galeoth: "Yes father. I am sorry."

Vandart: "I have to go now, my son - I have important matters to attend to."

Galeoth: "Not again... Please stay."

Vandart: "What did I just say?"

Galeoth: "I am sorry, father. But may I ask you a question?"

Vandart: "Speak quickly."

Galeoth: "Why do you need to go? Why?"

Vandart: "You will understand when you grow up."

Days passed and days became weeks and weeks became months. Galeoth always tried his best to become a stronger wizard. Like many others, his dream was to become a powerful Dragon Slayer just like his father, Vandart. As he grew older, he sometimes questioned himself and the world."

Galeoth: "Father, why do I need to become strong?"

Vandart: "Because I say you have to... You are now old enough to see blood, my son."

Galeoth: "What do you mean, father?"

Vandart: "You will be trained, and you will see blood."

Galeoth: "Blood?"

Vandart: "Blood of the evil dragons."

Galeoth: "Evil? Dragons are evil?"

Vandart: "They are a curse from our god. We humans have behaved wrongly and the dragons are our punishment. Dragons were created by the almighty god Xyrzious to make our lives as difficult as possible."

Galeoth: "Dragons... Are... Bad... Evil... To make our lives difficult."

Vandart: "Galeoth, my son. It is time to move on to the next phase of your training."

Galeoth: "Father, aren't we progressing a little too quickly?"

Vandart: "You are not the one who decides how quickly I train you."

Galeoth: "But what if I-"

Vandart: "You are my son, Galeoth. You must become strong like me."

Galeoth: "I will try my best, father!"

Vandart: "You will not try: you will succeed."

Galeoth: "If you say so-"

Vandart: "Let us go to the Gladiator Arena. I have reserved a whole area for you and I."

Galeoth: "A whole area just for us?"

Vandart: "Indeed. You will make me proud, my son."

That evening at the Gladiator Arena.

Vandart: "Listen carefully son. This time I will summon a large monster for you to fight. Do not give up. You must fight to your last breath."

Galeoth: "I will do my best!"

Vandart: "Your best is to not disappoint me, my son."

With little effort Vandart waved his left hand and summoned a huge creature in front of Galeoth. Galeoth looked back at this drolling, scary looking opponent. Galeoth was horrified inside but outside he was calm. He knew his father was watching him closely and even a small sign of wavering would disappoint him."

Vandart: "Now, my son, it is time to prove your strength to me. Destroy this monster."

Galeoth fought with all he had; all his teaching over the years was put to the test. Even if Galeoth was, at many times, at death's door, Vandart stood proudly and silently watching his son fight. The great Dragon Slayer trusted his son with all his heart. Finally, the horrendous night ended and Galeoth lumbered in front of his emotionless father barely conscious."

Galeoth: "I killed it... I killed it!"

Vandart: "We belong to a noble family, my son. You must not show your emotions like that."

Galeoth: "Yes... father... Can I... Ask a question?"

Vandart: "Speak quickly."

Galeoth: "How did I do?"

Vandart: "You made too many mistakes, which is why you are bleeding too much. You disappoint me."

Time passed and Galeoth became strong. Like Vandart, he too become obsessed about the dragons and in believing their evilness towards everything. His father's death by a dragon simmered that hate even more. Now, two months before the present day Galeoth was talking to his childhood friend Alexander - The King of Balgaron."

Galeoth: "I have to go, my king."

The king of Balgaron: "Between us, please call me Alexander. We have known each other from childhood."

Galeoth: "Very well then, Alexander."

The king of Balgaron: "You are always so straight."

Galeoth: "I must continue my search. I am leaving this evening."

The king of Balgaron: "You cannot go now, we are in the middle of a crisis right now. Many dragon slayers have been killed recently; even some of the greatest veterans."

Galeoth: "There has to be a reason why this is happening. I believe you know the reason."

The king of Balgaron: "No, it cannot be the dragons."

Galeoth: "They are the reason!"

The king of Balgaron: "Please do not say anything to the people. It is not wise to tell them: they might start to believe they still exist."

Galeoth: "They do, Alexander. They do, and you know it in your heart."

Guard: "My king! Something terrible has happened in our midst!"

Galeoth: "What is it, guard?"

Guard: "Please sire, come with me."

Alexander and Galeoth followed the guard to another room inside Terdoom Castle. There, they found body of a famous Dragon Slayer - Maragath."

The king of Balgaron: "Maragath! No... No, Maragath. The people's beloved Maragath. This day I wish had never happened."

Galeoth: "Another Dragon Slayer has died."

Tharo then also appeared in the room."

Tharo: "What has happened here?"

The king of Balgaron: "I am afraid Maragath has taken to the heaven's and in the wake of a terrible flight."

Tharo: "Maragath? Now? Inside the castle?"

Galeoth: "The one who is killing us is a powerful enemy. I will leave right away."

The king of Balgaron: "You will not find the answer you seek from those cold mountains!"

Tharo: "Galeoth, do not go. You won't find the answer there-"

Galeoth: "I will find the dragons. "

At the summit of Kar'Gath, two Dragons attempt to discuss their future plan. The greater of the two, Xvareon, is the mastermind of the plan and Groxts, who is a rebellious lesser Dragon.

Xvareon: "It is pitiful to see wingless dragons."

Groxts: "How dare you speak to me like that!You are no better than us now... You can't fly either!"

Xvareon: "Except... I still can."

Groxts: "You can only fly in places where there are no Humans."

Xvareon: "That is only temporary, we will not have to wait much longer before the skies will be ours once again."

Groxts: "You are supposed to be the strongest dragon of all and yet you resort to these hide and seek tactics, the tactics of the weak."

Xvareon: "One more word and I will seal your fate."

Groxts: "I will not-"

At that moment another lesser dragon came, Zarxof, the ruler of Kar'Gath Groxt's brother. This dragon is staunchly faithful to Xvareon and the only reason why Groxts was still there.

Zarxof: "Enough arguing. Both of you!"

Xvareon: "You are in no position to order me."

Zarxof: "I am sorry Xvareon but it pains me to see you two fighting when we should be planning on how to wipe out the humans."

Xvareon: "Wise words... For a wingless dragon."

Groxts: "Argh-"

Zarxof: "Groxts, isn't there something you should be doing?"

Groxts: "I am done with this."

Quickly Groxts left without saying another word.

Zarxof: "Good, now that we are alone, Xvareon-"

Xvareon: "Your mouth honours do not impress me."

Zarxof: "Xvareon-"

Xvareon: "I came here to bring you a man. Extract as much information out of him as you can."

Zarxof: "Very well."

Xvareon: "How is the plan progressing?"

Zarxof: "The plan is going well and we have slain many Dragon Slayers. There are some unexpected problems however."

Xvareon: "Did Zeemnan appear?"

Zarxof: "No, not yet."

Xvareon: "What is the problem then?"

Zarxof: "There are some very powerful Dragon Slayers who we are having difficulty killing."

Xvareon: "And who would they be?"

Zarxof: "Some high ranked Dragon Slayers and wizards from the Magic Guild."

Xvareon: "As long as Zeemnan doesn't appear we will continue with the original plan."

Zarxof: "Zylcious is on the move too."

Xvareon: "What does he want now?"

Zarxof: "He has been traveling around this area recently. He owes me a favor so he is going to kill some powerful Dragon Slayers for our cause."

Xvareon: "And how is he going to do that?"

Zarxof: "He has a strange organization of... warriors I suppose. I don't know much about his plans; there are rumors that he has many incredibly powerful fighters under his command. For example, this... Siluze he sent to kill Fradz."

Xvareon: "Fradz? How dare a human take a dragon's name!My patience runs thin as it is."

Zarxof: "This Siluze-"

Xvareon: "I do not care about Zylcious'toys. For it is time to move on to next phase."

Zarxof: "But there are still many powerful Dragon Slayers left!"

Xvareon: "Just prepare all our troops for a battle. Next time I'm here I will lead them to war."
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