Heroes and Skills

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Nov 23, 2009
Heroe and Spells

I need MORE Hero ideas. Pls include spell ideas too. All abillities has 4 levels exept the fourth spell, it has 3 levels.
The map is an AoS map in "Dark fantasy theme" and the tile set is ice crown glacier.

1 offensive spell
1 defensive spell
1 misc spell
1 Ulti spell

Help will give + Rep
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Oct 25, 2006
Hi too.

World Wanderer
STR based
Damages - / Attack speed + / Movement Speed + / HitPoints -

Slice - Active - Deals x*STR damages to the target. Has x*8% chance to deals 2 times normal damages.
Hide & Rest - Passive - The hero turns invisible for x seconds. Restores y hit points every second.
Backstabb - Active - Increases damages by 20% if the hero attacks from the back. Increases damages by 50% if the hero attacks from the side.
Deadly Touch - Active - Perform an attack that has x*10% chance to deals 1/2(target's hit points) damages plus a regular y*STR bonus.
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Jan 6, 2009
Hope this helps, even it just gets the brain into work mode :)

Hero name: Ranger of the Frozen Wastes
Stat (from highest to lowest): Agi, Int, Str
Damage type: Ranged

Offensive spell: Frost Shot (like Fire Arrow)
Deals damage, slows attack and movement speed to a single target.

Defensive spell: Supressing Fire
Deals damage in an area, decreasing the movement speed of anyone inside the area by 30/40/50/60%.

Misc spell: Barbed Net
Immobilizes the target and deals damage over time.

Ulti spell: Camoflage
Invisible while standing still. Deals 20/30/40/50% increased damage with the first attack to break invisibility.

Hero name: Ice Magi
Stat (from highest to lowest): Int, Str, Agi
Damage type: Ranged

Offensive spell: Flash Freeze
Deals damage over time and immobalizes the target.

Defensive spell: Ice Block
Freezes the caster, immobilizing him, but making him invincible. Lasts 5/10/15/20 seconds.

Misc spell: Shatter
Deals damage to a single target. Deals 3 times the normal damage to enemies who are Flash Frozen.

Ulti spell: Blizzard
(Normal Blizzard from Warcraft III, but with increases damage, time ect.)

Hero name: Barbarian of the North
Stat (from highest to lowest): Str, Agi, Int
Damage type: Melee

Offensive spell: Brutal Strike
Deals a high amount of damage to a single target.

Defensive spell: Defensive/Offensive Stance
Defensive Stance reduces damage but increases armour.
Offensive Stance reduces armour but increases damage.

Misc spell: Savage
Deals damage over time and reduces the movement speed of the target.

Ulti spell: Endurance (Passive)
Increases the movement speed and health regeneration of the Barbarian.

Hero name: Necromancer of the Frigid Plains
Stat (from highest to lowest): Int, Str, Agi
Damage type: Ranged

Offensive spell: Icebone Curse
Reduces the target's armour and damage.

Defensive spell: Bone Shield
Increases the armour of the Necromancer.

Misc spell: Summon Undead
Summons three undead based on the abilities level;
Lvl 1 - Skeletons
Lvl 2 - Ghouls
Lvl 3 - Banshees
Lvl 4 - Abominations [only 2 of these]

Ulti spell: Death and Decay
(Normal Death and Decay from Warcraft III, but with increases damage, time ect.)
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Feb 25, 2007
Dark...fantasy..ice crown glacier...that makes me think of something icy and evil >:D

Unholy minion - A servant to the dark king, he uses the frost around his body to choke the life out of his enemies, slowly and painfully.

(I'm guessing you'd rather have custom skills that are more strategic)
(These are out of order >.<)
1. Icy touch - When the minion touches an enemy they start to freeze. Slowly first but it slowly builds up then slowly goes away. Skill lasts 14 seconds. First 3 seconds the enemy has -10%/15%/20%/25% movement speed. Up to the 5th second -20%/-25%/30%/35% movement speed. 5th-7th -30%/-35%/-40%/-45% movement speed. 7th-10th back down to 20%/-25%/30%/35% movement speed. 10-14th -10%/15%/20%/25% and after that normal. This skill causes no damage.

2. Parry -Through the extensive training the minion has undergone, the minion has a chance to parry a enemies strike with a chance to cause the enemy to be disarmed reducing its damage and defense. 5%/10%/15%/20%

3. Frozen Glare - The minion stares into his opponents soul digging through all its memories and dreams breaking every one. This causes the enemy to have a mental break down. The enemy will go into a confused state and will base all decisions on its natural instincts, fight or flight. It has a chance to go into a frenzy when attacked or run away. Because this is such a extensive task the minion must be in a complete state of focus any disruption can break the bonds between the minion and his enemies soul. The effect lasts 5/10/15/20 seconds dealing very low damage but setting up the enemy for an extensive blow.

4. Corruption - Through the minions abilities, the minion goes into the mind of the enemy decaying his very brain matter. The enemy will go into a euphoria-like state through mass ignorance. ("Ignorance is bliss") He will actually gain life very slowly but will lose massive amounts of armor and all control over his character. He will walk aimlessly until he comes back to his normal state. The skill would last for 10/12/15 seconds.

I might do another one when it's not 2 in the morning lol, and the order of his skills would be:
1. Misc
2. Defensive
3. Offensive
4. Ulti.
Sorry for the mix up but my mind decided to take me in a different direction xD.
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Apr 6, 2010
Felfrost Queen

A tribal shaman, dead ages since. Returned to this plane by dark magics, she now seeks to conquer the tundra with her newfound powers.

Offensive - Tundra's Teeth (AoE) The Felfrost Queen casts the spell at a target point. Sharp spikes of ice (think the Ice Claws doodad, or find an ice-themed skin for both of the Impale spell models) punch out of the ground in ever smaller circles around the point, trapping units inside. The spikes can be attacked and destroyed, but if a unit is standing over one when it erupts from the ground, it will be tossed in the air and stunned, destroying the spike upon landing. (More levels increases the number of ice rings thus created, along with the damage and stun duration)
Defensive - Snowblind (channeling) Summons a blizzard that blinds all enemy units in range (Mass Curse, if you will)
Miscellaneous - Summons Forgotten Ones.
Ultimate - Tundra's Breath - The Felfrost Queen reaches out to the spirits of the frozen land, embuing her allies with its power. All friendly units in range of the spell gain the Cold Attack ability.