Hero Wars Mystic v1.03c

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----------Clan MnM & Mech_Warrior Present----------

Hero Wars Mystic
Created by Mech_Warrior

Map Info:

Hero Wars Mystic is a version of one of the oldest maps on Warcraft III with a still-active community: Hero Wars. While the original was made by jumpyg1258 many years ago, the game has continued to evolve and develop through many different versions.

A game of Hero Wars (HW) begins by choosing or randoming a hero. The game is won by killing the enemy main base (originally called a Farm, now usually called an Altar/Base/etc). You do not necessarily have to kill all towers, or even push. The game is often won by what would be considered "back door" in DotA - and it's a perfectly acceptable way to win.

Hero Wars is a toming based game. Gold comes for your entire team whenever any enemy troop dies, and also periodically from Banks. Tomes are relatively cheap, but defenses can be made strong as well, thus giving it a semblance of balance. It is a fun game that typically lasts 30 - 50 minutes per game.

Hero Wars Mystic combines the old classic gameplay elements that have made Hero Wars a successful, albeit simple map for years with new innovations.

For those of you who have loved the game for years, it should feel familiar. For those of you who have never played, the game might prove itself fun to play and master.


Hero Wars Mystic has three main Game Types. They are Basic, Normal, and Advanced. Each of the Types has different features. Game Type is determined by a vote at the beginning of the game.

  • In Basic Mode, only "Classic" heroes are allowed, and there are no Upgrade Items.
  • In Normal Mode, some new custom heroes have been introduced, and there are Upgrade Items (simple recipes that turn one item into a new item).
  • In Advanced Mode, all the possible heroes are allowed to be picked, and Upgrade Items are also allowed.

Additionally, there are Game Modes to choose from that can customize each game.

The first is the type of hero selection mode, the second is the type of duel options, and the third is the troop upgrade mode.

  • All Pick / All Random / Ability Draft
  • Duels On / No Duels / Early Duels
  • Upgrades Enabled / Upgrades Disabled / Upgrades Automated

Some else stuff about map:

There is also the option to turn Extended Set on/off. Extended Set allows choosing from both teams' Hero Taverns, as opposed to only your own.

Mechanics changes and other primary issues of concern to the Hero Wars community are in the Info section (F9).

Screenshots and Videos:

I don't have any Screenshots or Videos yet. Terrain Screenshots will be posted soon!

Change Log:

Version 1.0 Released

Version 1.01 Fixes:

Repick glitch
Faceless Mage pathing glitch (with Waterga in certain places).

Version 1.3a Changes:

Removed troop blocking via two new systems
Fixed miscellaneous Duel glitches
Added 2v2 Duels, and all related triggers
Many model/icon changes
Edited the terrain to look less "saturated"
Changed gold loss/gold gain on death when dying to enemy Towers
Many small misc changes

Version 1.3b Changes:

Fixed several Duel Initialization bugs
Fixed prices on several items
Many small ability tweaks/fixes

Version 1.3c Changes:

Removed gold loss on death
Fixed several small glitches and outdated Game Text
Fixed several tooltip/hotkey errors (including Priest's Abolish hotkey)


This is a list of models that I am using that I did not create. Special thanks to those at the Hive Workshop for the top-notch model repository.


Naga Avenger - Grendel
Hellspawn - Ampharos_222
Arch Angel - Dionesiist


Icon for Naga Avenger - Grendel
Effect for Faceless Mage's Lvl 1 Death - Lord_Firage

This is a list of other credits, to those who made systems, contributed ideas, or helped test.


Hero Swap - ImmolatusBurn
Libraries - Rising_Dusk
Tome Leak Cleanup - Tirlititi

Major Contributors / Testers


Also special thanks to all in Clan MnM.

Author's notes:

Map is optimized and not open-able by default in the World Editor (protected).

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Hero Wars, HW, Hero, Wars, Mystic, HeroWars, Fun, Mech.

Hero Wars Mystic v1.03c (Map)

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Date: 2012/Oct/31 13:32:24
[Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact]


Credits to be posted in-game + in the Hive Description.

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[13:32, Dec/01/2012]

Level 6
Dec 9, 2010
@Evident-Pain, thanks, but I'm not that big on heavily protecting things.

I just wanted my map optimized, really. The author note on the map is just to warn that, by default, it is not able to be opened by the editor. It is my understanding that if Wc3 can read it, a dedicated person with the right tools can read it and edit it as well. Putting stumbling blocks in the way of those people is not a top priority, as I believe many of them just do it to learn from the code, or make small edits for non-public releases.

Thanks for your concern anyway!
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
game seems unnatural but approving for those who can play this with friends or co-op, this is not the map that you play in AoS games nowadays but a more old type of re-work and well accepted variety, nothing much to explain but some fix that I want you to know there are 10 types modes and some of them can be looped out of that pick I mean if you choose -ap(all pick) you must turn the -ar off or null in the command list by coloring it to gray or black or brown to show the user to not pick -ap and -ar at the same time that's too ridiculous if you ask me also such as if I pick -nd(No Duels) then I added -do(duels on) that will be useless right? hope you can understand what I'm saying, and lastly the creep lane, am I going to just sit there and wait for my income resources or get pumped in creeping out enemy units? the towers are too damn strong in the early game and both of the team's creeps can't push on each other as well as heroes, not sure if this is how you can to implement the gameplay but seems good to go :)


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Level 6
Dec 9, 2010
Hello Orcnet.

Uhm, I think I understand what you're saying. And yes, the modes are not all compatible. For instance, -ap/-ar/-ad are mutually exclusive (you can only choose one of the three). Same with the Duel Modes, and the Upgrade Modes. Extended Set is an on/off toggle. Hope that clears that up.

As for gameplay, creeps are traditionally weak at level 1; complete games can be played with creeps remaining at level 1 depending on the play styles of the two teams and the hero matchup. This is not really an AoS at all, I just lumped it in that category because it's the closest match I could think of (the Hive categories are not very good or inclusive, so I checked Other as well). The towers are not too strong. The game is toming-based, with very cheap tomes available from base. The towers are incremental and meant to be solo'd by hero teams primarily, as the heroes gain stats. The tower strengths themselves are a tried-and-true formula that has been around for generations of Hero Wars maps.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
Level 2
Mar 14, 2012
Hero Wars has been my most favorite game since I was young. But after the game stopped updating, I stopped playing the game and hope there is someone willing to update it.

And here comes my hope, Hero Wars Mystics. I hope it will be fun.

I will return with a review soon.

My Review:

I like the map terrain, icy snow which is beautiful and will make it fresh for the players. I also like the heroes, and the unique heroes that you have made (though I still chose the normal hero DR).

The AI system is awful I can say, I made 5 v 5 including myself, other 9 slots with Ai. But, when the game starts, an anti-mage suddenly spawned as my hero in the base when I didn't even choose him, and when I chose DR, it appears that I can have 2 heroes, Anti-Mage and DR. And, the enemy team only have one Ai, which was the tanky axe. But not more than 2 Ai have been seen.
I see that this game is only in beta version, so wish you good luck ^o^. I really hope Ai can be better.

The troops upgrade and the items are very interesting too. But, if you can, please try and make the upgrades to become more harder, not only requiring one items for them.

For my opinion, I give this game a 3/5.
(Beta Score)

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Level 6
Dec 9, 2010
Hello JamesAlex,

First let me say, thanks for trying the map. I'm glad you liked some things about it.

Let me also make this clear: The AI is NOT meant to be in a functional state!!! I actually completely forgot that I hadn't disabled it (I started triggering AI, and then abandoned it). The game is intended to be played with human players, Computers will currently just kinda screw around and rush the enemy a bunch. So yah. :p
Level 2
Mar 14, 2012

Oh, I am epicly sorry about the AI system then. xD

I used to like Hero Wars which can be filled with Ai, but I guess I should leave the moments of playing Hero Wars with Ai now.

I look forward for this game, keep up the work :thumbs_up: