hero models i need

Level 2
Mar 28, 2006
i need the folowing models as heroes for many of projects im working on... or planning on working on lol

age of alliances:
ghoul with hero glow, dissipate, slightly larger claws and a more corpse orientated skin

razormane wearing grunt armour, (and not just a geomerge) hero glow, a channel animation (im not sure what it should look like... use you imagination), new skin (make the razormane's fur a much darker colour) and any other useful hero animations

a kobold hero, can dig underground and move around (while it moves it should have dust going into the air), attack slam anim, dissipate anim, and a spell slam anim that makes him hold his axe in the air and the the axe head glows and casts light into the air

harpy with alternate anims wich turn it into a large raven (not medive), new skin (black feathers and darker skin), channel anim (spins around with feathers pouring from its wings),dissipate anim (that means a death anim that doest blow up the harpy)

lastly the goblin tinker (the normal anims are the alternate ones) (so it is normaly a robot thing), alternate anims that turn it into a enormous bomb lol), alternate death anim is massive explosion), nything else that would make it more intersting

any other creep units turned into heroes would also be very useful

thanx for reading this