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Nov 13, 2010
Hello. I'm in need of feedback and suggestions for a few spells that I'm going to make for my map.

My map will be featuring a spell system where the player can combine elements to cause different effects and in total the player will be able to combine 44 spells which can further be used to cause numerous effects.

For example:
Using Water to create a shield around yourself and then using Earth and Air to create a sand storm can cause the water shield to become a Mud shield, making it more effective in blocking enemy attacks and slowing them down.

I have already made the basic list of spells and I would really like some feedback and ideas to improve it.

The player first chooses what elements the spell uses.

After choosing elements that the spell uses the player chooses the Form of the spell.

1st spell=projectile form
2nd spell=self/surround/bubble form
3rd spell=no form/area of effect form
4th spell=summon form

Also, the player can combine multiple elements of the same type into each spell to increase its effectivness
(Fire+Fire+Fire+projectile= a stronger firebolt with more mana cost, channeling time)

The ammount of elements combined affect the mana cost, channeling time, power and duration of the spell.

Firebolt - Does instant fire damage in a small AoE.

Fire shield - Surrounds the player with fire. The player gets damaged by the shield aswell based on his fire magic skill.
The higher the skill, the lower damage the player takes. There is also a chance that when the player moves, the bubble
doesn't move with him, remaining at the place it was casted at. If that is the case the player takes full damage while near it.

Fire blast - a blast of fire emits from the player, dealing damage both to his enemies and himself. Damage taken is lowered by
fire skill.

Fire elemental - An elemental of fire that throws firebolts(each attack damages the elemental aswell), damages himself every sec(high dmg),
unsummons only when he dies(doesn't last long because of the high damage done to himself)
Can blow himself up to cause AoE damage.

Push - Pushes the target away from the player, has a chance to do damage,push units in an AoE, daze them or stun them
based on the player's air skill.

Air shield - Has a chance based on player's air skill to deflect incoming magic and missles. When the shield disolves it casts Push
in every direction.
While casting fire spells in the air shield, the fire spells have a chance to either fail or be empovered based on the player's fire
and air skills.

Winds - Knocks down NPCs and has a chance to knock down the player. Disolves clouds and gases.
Empovers fire spells in the area but has a chance to cause different effects on them.
(Using firebolt while in Winds can cause the firebolt to blow up or burn out)
Also, this spell feeds both the fire elemental and flame elemental with air, causing them to Not do damage to themselves and last longer.

Air elemental - A weak elemental that does low normal attack damage but has a couple of air spells.

Waterball - A ball of water. Deals low damage to most creeps, high damage to fire based creeps.

Water shield - A shield of water. Gives some damage absorption and absorbs fire spells. The power of the shield is based on water skill.
Using fire spells inside a water shield causes the spells to do damage to the water shield and fail. Using a spell such as fire blast
has a chance to fail the spell, however if it does Not fail, the damage fire blast would normally do to the player is removed.
The player can also use Water shield and Fire shield together. Both have a chance to fail however based on the player's fire and
water skills.
When the water shield disolves it has a chance to create a pool of water, causing units to be dragged near the player and making the player
move Very slowly when he wants to get out of the pool.

Rain - Call down a rain.. Yep. More rain is summoned based on water skill. Deals damage to fire creeps and makes fire spells

Water elemental - An elemental that can withstand physical attacks easily but is weak to magical attacks. Normal attack is water bolt.
Spells are Disolve(makes the water elemental blow up, causing water damage to nearby creeps) and Drown(surrounds the target unit
in water, causing damage after a few seconds have passed)

Pillar - Summons a pillar at the target's location, causing him to move up momenteraly, then the pillar lowers and the target takes physical
damage from falling and can be stunned or dazed. Works well on moderate size creatures(humans). Works bad or doesn't work at all on
smaller and bigger creatures (flies and trolls)
Earth shield - Summons pillars of stone to surround the player. The pillars block both magical and physical damage both from the
inside(the player can't shoot a firebolt out of it) and the outside. Has a chance to cause damage when it is hit.
Earthquake - Deals damage, slows,dazes,stuns based on earth skill.
Earth elemental - A very slow, durable elemental that can become a cage of earth around the player or a monster to protect the player
or hold the monster in place.

Fireball - An empowered firebolt. Has a chance to burn out before reaching the target,
specially when the ammount of air summoned is higher than the ammount of fire summoned or when player's air skill is higher than the player's
fire skill.

Fire Bubble - Lasts longer than the fire shield. Has a chance based on air skill to push off enemies. Can still do damage to the player based
on his fire skill.

Fire nova - A fire nova. Yep. That's it. Deals very low or no damage to the player unlike the fire blast. The nova expands based on
the player's air skill. The speed at which the nova burns out is based on the player's fire skill.
(a player with high air skill but low fire skill causes a nova that expands quick but deals damage in a small area)

Flame Elemental - A more durable version of the fire elemental. It doesn't damage itself as the Fire elemental does when it is summoned.
However it starts damaging itself after the Air in the spell runs out(based on air skill).
It can shoot fireballs(consumes the Air of the elemental), attack in melee, blow itself up to make a fire nova(the expand speed and damage
is based on how much air is left in the elemental)

Steam - Shoots out hot steam in a cone. The AoE of the cone is based on water skill, the damage is based on fire skill.
Deals high damage but has a chance to turn into fire or water while casting. To cast this spell with nearly 100% success rate the player
needs both high fire and high water skill.

Steam shield - Hides the player inside a small cloud of steam, causing damage to him and nearby enemies based on his fire skill.
Blurrs vision and makes it harder for enemies to hit him because he can't be seen.

Cloud - Summons a cloud around the player. Has a chance to do damage based on fire skill but makes it disolve faster. Water skill
increases duration. Makes all enemies within the cloud have lower line of sight, making them wander aimlessly. They can still attack
the player if they stumble near him. The best effect is reached with low/moderate fire skill and high water skill, making the cloud thick
and making it last long.

Steam elemental - A weak elemental that disolves quickly.

Magmaball - A ball of magma that can stun the target when hit and remains where it was shot for a short period of time, causing fire damage
around it.

Magma shield - Summons molten rock to surround the player, causing fire damage both to himself and nearby enemies while protecting him from
harm. When the shield is hit, damage is done to the attacker.

Magma Storm - Causes molten stones to fall from the sky, dealing aoe damage in random locations around the player. (only usable outdoors)

Magma elemental - A durable, slow and powerful elemental that does constant damage to himself. When the Fire in the elemental runs out
the self damage stops and the elemental's attacks become much weaker.

Icebolt - Causes damage to the target. Has a chance based on water and air skills to freeze the target.

Ice shield - A shield of ice that protects against both physical and magical attacks. The strenght of the shield is based on water skill.
When the shield disolves it shoots shards of ice out of it, dealing damage based on air skill.

Hailstorm - Causes chunks of ice to fall from the sky, dealing damage at random locations around the player. (usable only outdoors)

Ice elemental - A powerful elemental that can throw icebolts(damages himself if he does). The elemental becomes weaker over time
and turns into a water elemental if maintained long enough or when it is damaged by fire.

Boulder throw - Throws a boulder at the target. The size of the boulder is based on earth and the speed is based on air.
Can stun the target. When a player with high earth skill and low air skill casts it, it can stop in midair and fall into the ground.
Costs mana based on how far it travels and how big it is.

Sand shield - A shield of sand. Not very useful on lower levels. The sand is increased based on earth skill and deals damage to nearby enemies
based on both earth and air skill. Weak at first, powerful later. Decreases damage taken and lasts for a long time.

Sand storm - A cloud that can deal damage and hide the player. The damage is also taken by the player and is based on earth skill.
The duration and the AoE is based on air skill.
If the player uses Water shield before or while he's in the sand storm, the water shield soon turns into mud shield.

Sand elemental - A weak elemental that can disolve itself into a sand storm.

Mudball - A weak ball that has a chance to slow the target down. On high earth and water levels the ball becomes poisonous, dealing
alot more damage.

Mud shield - A shield of mud that decreases damage taken and slows attacks speed.

Mud pool - Pulls nearby enemies near the player and makes both the enemies and the player move very slowly.
Using fire spells can cause the mud to turn into clay which makes everything inside it unable to move for some time.

Mud elemental - Not sure about this one yet.. I want it to turn to a Clay elemental when affected by fire though.

3 elements only have an AoE and projectile/ranged thing attack, no summon
or shield. To get something like a Lightning shield or a Clay elemental the player has to combine it by using different spells.
Lightning Storm - Causes lightning to fall from the sky, dealing damage.

Lightning bolt - shoots a bolt of lightning. Based on fire,air and water skills the lightning can become chain lightning that can jump
between enemies or even hit the player after hitting a monster. The chance for the lightning to jump is based on the elemental skills
and the distance between possible targets. :)

Magma barrage - Summons rocks from the ground, lights them and throws them out around the player.

note sure about name yet.. - Summons magmaballs that randomly move around the player but don't enter the area they were casted from.
When the magmaballs hit a target they do damage, stun, set the target on fire for damage over time and fall to the ground, burning
and dealing damage for a short duration.

Clay prison - encases nearby enemy units in clay, making them unable to move. Chance to deal damage based on fire.
Has a chance to encase the player aswell.

Clay cage - same as clay prison but only affects one target.

Toxic beauty - Grows a small field of flowers in a short ammount of time. After the flowers are fully grown or when the player
stops channeling the flowers emmit toxic gas, dealing damage both to the player and nearby enemies.

Poison bolt - Poisons the target unit, slowing his move and attack speed and dealing damage over time. If the target dies
within the duration, a poison cloud is spawned that also does damage.

Well then! That's it for the spells. However!

Spells can be used within a certain order or manner to make them have different effects. I already made a few examples of it earlier.
(Winds+Fire elemental= the elemental is fed air)

So all the effects Also need a list :) And its gonna be huge. I'll work on that later though, first I need opinions on this.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Does anyone think that maybe I should post it in Ultimate Unit Ideas Factory instead? O,o
Spell ideas:

Rain of Fire - Calls down fiery bolts that damages enemies by x and affeced enemies burn, losing x hp per sec for x sec. Lasts for x waves.

Blizzard - Calls down icy bolts that damages enemies by x and affected enemies will freeze, reducing movement\attack speed by x% over x sec. Lasts for x waves.

Blizzard + Rain of Fire = Frostfire Rain - Calls down frostfire bolts that damages enemies by x and affected enemies will freeze and burn the same time, reducing movement\attack speed by x% and losing x hp per sec over x sec. Lasts for x waves.
Level 4
Nov 13, 2010
@ kanadaj
I guess I'll post it there. But not now. I'll finish the spells and how they affect eachother in a day or 2 and then post it there for further suggestions and ideas.

Umm.. That's not really what I meant but thanks for trying. You should really read the Whole post before you reply.
Level 4
Nov 13, 2010
Actually I didn't base it on any other game. The elements just have a very important part in my map's story and combining spells like this can be made very fun for the player if put into the map right ^^

Edit: Finished all of the spells off together with my brother so no need for the ultimate unit idea factory ^^.. now for the math for spell damage,channeling and mana cost ^^
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