HD Modeling Contest #3 - Undead

So the general concept for my model is pretty much intact but I’ve gotten rid of all the attachments etc and made the body thinner. I will be sculpting a suit of armor in Blender for this (just attachments really) because the Warcraft art does not really fit with my vision for this model as much as I’d like. Also, the new head started bugging out in animations and I’m not sure why so I’m going to retexture Arthas’ head to look undead. Maybe I can just copy/paste the necromancer head onto the Arthas UV.
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Jul 26, 2015
So... I finally had time to sit down and start my model:
This is just the first look! I still have to add effects and other things ^^

Cold Wraith (WIP1).PNG
I've decided to retake an old concept of the Heautontimoroumenos (the executioner of himself), based on a poem by Baudelaire. I used to make a grim RPG in RPGmaker, but it didn't allow for very creepy stuff. Although I uploaded the original concept art in wc3c.net, it's a long dead site. Anyway, here's a small peek of what is to come, still a lot of texturing and geomerging needed.
It's fine, but the judges should only review one of them. So which one is the final entry?
It seems people like ghost captain more than death marshal, so I’d say Aye aye Captain, stick to my first idea. I will edit Death Marshal thread description tomorrow on PC.
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Mar 11, 2017
Final look for my model.
Gonna upload it soon on hive after I change a bit his animations.
  • Main changes:Need to add movements to the cloth/cape when using spells/dissipate.
  • Minor changes: Need to edit the existing animations from captain to fix the larger body that the dk has (the weapons handle collide with the armor from the legs)
Title: Deathlord
Main Inspiration Story: The death knight which the lich king Bolvar chose to lead his armies against the legion forces
Great WIP's guys! Keep them coming! :)

@Barorque @Symphoneum @Vulfar any progress guys? :)
Here's a very early WIP for the new concept. I did the poleyns tonight, finishing off the leg armor. It's based off the third image, which is a render I found online and liked very much! His morph will die, the head will roll off his body, he'll pick it up and stagger to his feet. There will be blood, grime, and rust on the armor, the cape will be tattered, and he will have the greater skeletal minion animations (dragging the axe, etc). His face will be exposed and it will be decaying. There may be blood dripping from parts of his armor. I think I can finish by September 10, I'll keep you posted as more progress is completed!

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