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Ha’guah Guartema 560 B.C.

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Sep 24, 2008
Ha’guah Guartema (The Plague War) 560 B.C.

Alright, to begin with, I would suggest opening up the word document attached to the bottom of this post, as it is much more organized than what I have managed to concoct here.

Ha’guah Guartema 560 B.C.
A map by Bob1897
The Story so far:
The Year is 560 B.C. As the completion of the Mayan Temple Dreg’nathar neared, the tribes of what was soon to become South America were abuzz with activity. Preparations were being made for the celebration of a thousand riches, and each village waited with patient anxiety. The hundred year project, which would surely show the might of the Mayans, had begun approaching the final days of construction. It was a gateway, a gateway to paradise, to the heavens. The ancient scholars had finally uncovered the secrets of the gods, the secrets of immortality. But as their knowledge grew, so did their greed. They thought that they could outwit the gods.
They were wrong.
A terrible darkness engulfed the lands. Tropical Storms swept over the coastlines, and entire villages were swept away, never to be heard from again. The fauna, once so peaceful, became ferocious. The People of South America were confined to their homes, and vicious lightning storms pelted village after village. But the worst was yet to come. 47 days under the wrath of the gods, few survivors were left. Those that tried to flee across the ocean were swept into typhoons, or drowned in whirlpools. There was no escape. The gods became weary of this endless slaughter. After much discussion, it was decided that the Mayan’s would be given a chance to live- should they defeat the plague released upon their lands. From the temples that they had once held so close, arose the living dead. Ha’guah Guartema had begun.
They spread like wildfire, with little to no resistance from each tribe. With each victory increasing their ever expanding numbers, most had given up hope. Slim to none was their chance of survival. Only a few feeble resistances remained. Ha’guah Guartema, the plague war, was in full swing. Choose your side. Will you lead the vile forces of the undead, or fight alongside your mayan brethren for mere survival? Which side will prevail? Will it be yours?

Forces of Ga’tunar
Upon the start of each game, the two undead players (aztec and mayan zombies) will select their generals and second in commands. Each General is designed for a certain style of play, so as to encompass all players style. In addition, your choice of second in command will add another aspect of gameplay to your arsenal, further increasing playability.


Ga'TunarLord of Misfortune

An expert tactician, the Lord of Misfortune is clever and unpredictable. Instead of bluntly attacking, he favors utilizing a variety of complicated manuevers to outwit his opponent.

Trait: Intelligence
Special Unit: Crawler


Ga'Tunar Lord of Brutality

Vicious and unrelenting, the Lord of Brutality has secured many victories by simply overwhelming his enemies with masses of troops. While hardly ever using even the simplest forms of strategies, his tactics have yet to be challenged by any adversary.

Trait: Strength
Special Unit: Ravager


Ga'Tunar Lord of the Sea

Always striking where his opponent least suspects, the Lord of the Sea often takes advantage of the vulnerable waterways as a back door into his opponents base.

Trait: Mobility
Special Unit: Seeker


Second in Command

Demon Wretch


Clockwork Hell Spawn


I hope this gets some hype, as it is my first map. In any case, I'll update it frequently so as to keep everyone "in the know.":grin:

Current Progress:
Triggers- 6% complete
Terrain- 35% complete
Units- 23% complete
Upgrades- 5% complete
Abilities- 0% complete
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Level 7
Sep 24, 2008
The skins (aswell as models) are available at wc3c.net or hiveworkshop.com respectively. credits will be given in the map, and added to the thread upon completion of the project.
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