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Gorilla animation edit.

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I've slightly edited the animation of my Gorilla model.

Stand 3 - The groilla yawn.The result is rather natural.

Attack slam - The gorilla crush his phalanx to the ground.

I've also fixed all anim to fit more the bone structure.
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So his right arm is made of rubber?

EDIT: Now your update makes my post look ridiculous. Nice change, looks a lot better.
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@Caveman : I use Warforger a program by Guesst.It's good to edit animation but not to animate from scratch.

I think you mean the program is not good for making custom rigs.

Btw, what wc3 model did you base it on? Most model edits has a few things that show what the models are based on, but this Gorilla model is harder to find out.
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