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Golden Lands v2.5 AI [SD]

Submitted by -Manuel-
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


Golden Lands is a custom battleground that combines elements of AoS, RPG and Domination maps. His original game mode is based on dominate the opposite team by controlling points and collect resources, also has a couple of extra game types.
Can be played 5vs5 and AI is fully supported.

Game Modes

There are 3 game types at the moment; The game mode to be played is voted by each player at the beginning.
- Normal Game: Collect 3000 (by default) Resources to win the game. The game command (-rtw #) sets the number of resources needed to win, -rtw (1,2,3) .
- Last Man Standing: The teams fights each other in the center of the map, for 15 rounds the first team that kills all enemies wins the round.
- Obelisk Defend: The teams fights each other in the center of the map, for 15 rounds, every round a random team is selected as the Defender and must defend the Obelisk from the Attacker. If the Defender keeps the obelisk alive for 90 seconds win the round.​




Choose from 25 original heroes with custom spells, the heroes are organized in Factions like (Human/Orc/Night Elf/Undead and Neutral) the Human and Orc faction are exclusive for the Horde and the Alliance respectively. Therefore they only can be chosen only in his respective side.


  • Upgrade the hero abilities, improving his effects or adding new ones, every ability has his own upgrade and the first upgrade that reach level 3, becomes the Superior Upgrade that adds unique effects to the ability.
    When 2 upgrades reach level 3, the 4th upgrade will be enabled.
    The upgrade for the 4th ability comes with the Mastery Specialization, the masteries offers 3 options to help the hero making his own play style. Only one mastery can be selected.
    1 point to spend in a upgrade are available every 2 levels starting from level 4, and the Masteries can be purchased in the Altar.

  • The Heroic Traits are special abilities that a hero can learn, there are 12 traits where the player can choose from, only one heroic trait can be selected.
    The traits are very important because they can help the hero to fulfill his role better and a good combination of traits, items and hero abilities will be determinant on the game.

  • The Perks are little bonuses that a hero can learn on the levels 4,8,12,16,19.
    All of them gives bonuses like strength, intelligence, armor, damage, etc. The Perks from higher levels gives better bonuses.

Towers and Gold Mines

The Gold Mines and Towers are controllabe structures and the most important factor to win the game, the Towers provides a good place to defend and can spawn units, and the Gold Mines generates the Resources used to win the game.

  • The Towers are a defensive/Offensive structure, spawns units periodically to attack enemy Towers, also the Tower is upgraded automatically if is controlled at least 10 minutes, his mana bar shows the progress.
    Every upgrade improves the their stats and adds a new unit to the spawned group. The Tower can be upgraded up to level 5.
    To controls a Tower enters the Circle of Power an remains on it for 15 seconds, while the hero is out of combat.

  • The Gold Mines are special structures that generate the Resources periodically, they are guarded be a group of units.
    - To control a Gold Mines is nessesary to kill all guards.
    - The gold mines are guarded by neutral hostiles (at the beginning).
    - The guard units are powerful and will be improved based on the corresponding Base level.



Each team has a unit called Commander (The Warchief for the Horde and The King for the Alliance), this unit has unique abilities that can be activated by any player.
- This abilities are clasified in 2 types, Shout and Refine. The Shout Abilities will affects all allied heroes in the map and the Refine abilities will affects all Towers and Gold Mine Guards.
- Only one ability of each type can be active at a time and shares cooldown.


Ancient Obelisk

The Ancient Obelisk its a powerful structure located in the middle of the map, it is activated since 10 minutes of the game, the players can take the control of it for 5 minutes and after that time will be able to controle again.
- To take the control of the Obelisk the player need to getting closer to it and make a click on the "Control Obelisk" Ability located in the obelisk itself.
- Takes 10 seconds to control the obelisk, when is controled emits a ray of healing every 3 seconds, this heals to a random allied hero that are in combat.​



There are a Tiered item system, every not normal items can be Tier-up 2 times, every level improves the item attributes and his ability.
To upgrade an item use the abilities inside the "Hero Information" ability that each hero have.
Also they have 4 types of classification (Weapon/Armor/Trinket/Magic Accesory). A hero can only carry 3 items of the same type.

  • All items can be enchanted (except normal items and consumables) , adding more stats or new effects.
    - Some of the enchants are stackable(Multiple enchants of the same type in different items works)
    - A item can only be affected by one enchant at once.​

  • In each side magical runes will be spawned periodically, every of them gives bonuses and special effects. Spawn every 2 min.


The map supports AI players, they are sufficient enough to test the map, and help you understanding how to play the game a bit.
- The AI learns spells and cast them, also returns to heal and teleports to bases and gold mines to defend it.
- The AI upgrade his abilities and purchase items.
- The only difference between Easy,Normal and Insane its his gold lost when they die.
- Easy: 80% Gold Lost factor
- Normal: 60% Gold Lost factor
- Insane: 40% Gold Lost factor​




- Released v1.0 (27/04/2019)
- Version 1.1 (10/05/2019)
- Version 1.2 (4/07/2019)
- Version 1.3 (14/07/2019)
- Version 1.4 (20/07/2019)
- Version 1.4a (21/07/2019)
- Version 1.4b (23/07/2019)
- Version 1.5 (28/07/2019)
- Version 1.6 (4/08/2019)
- Version 1.7 (16/08/2019)
- Version 1.8 (23/08/2019)
- Version 1.9 (31/08/2019)
- Version 2.0 (21/10/2019)
- Version 2.1 (19/11/2019)
- Version 2.1a (1/12/2019)
- Version 2.2 (21/12/2019)
- Version 2.2a (24/12/2019)
- Version 2.3 (3/1/2020)
- Version 2.4 (21/1/2020)
- Version 2.5 (15/2/2020)
Code (Text):

Various typo errors fixed.
Now AI teleports to his base if their hero got stuck somewhere in the terrain.
Modified the terrain, near the towers 2 and 4 and hostile areas.
Reworked bonus/lost gold from a kill.
Bonus Gold: The killer player will get:
75 + (10 * level) + Resources Difference * 0.50
The resources difference only applies if your team have less resources than the enemy team.
Lost Gold: The player will loss:
25 + (5 * level) + (25 * (goldmines + towers))
Now the items can be upgraded in the outside shops.
Increased Rune spawn time from 90s to 120s.
Adjusted rune of jump model hitbox.
Readjusted all heroes movement speed.
Neutral Hostile
Added 4 Medium neutral camps.
Added 2 Easy neutral camps.
Now Rock Golems are immune to magic.
Various fixes and rebalances to the neutral units.
A total of 4 neutral camps Hard is placed among the map (the camps next to each base now are level hard).
Now the hard neutral hostiles has 25% chance to drop a Token of Upgrade when all units are killed.
Now all max level hostiles have Siege attack.
Disruption Magus
Q: Removed and replaced by R.
Upgrade 1: Reworked.
R: New Spell: Disruptive Nebula.
Gryphon Rider
W: Increases cooldown from 8s to 12s.
Sup Upgrade 2: Now the chain lightnings only deals 40% of damage.
Bone Crusher
Upgrade 1: Increased stun duration bonus from 0.5/1/1.5s to 1/1.5/2s.
Upgrade 2: Replace by: Increases Lifesteal during W by 15/20/25%.
Fel Rider
E: Increased mana cost to 50/75/100/125.
Voodoo Priest
R: fixed tooltip.
Doomed Queen
W: Increases min silence duration from 1s to 2s.
W: Reduced max silence duration from 3s to 2s.
E: Reduced mana cost.
R: Increased AoE from 300/330/360 to 300/350/400.
Plague Bringer
E: Now the attack time is decreased to 0.40s instead 0.50s only if the hero has less than 30% of his Hp.
Elder Sage
Q: Changed name.
Tempest Druid
R: Reduced Area of Effect.
R: Area Damage increased from 10% to 10/12/14%.
Shadow Slayer
R: No longer applies Spy.
R: Now dispels all debuffs upon casting.
Bandit Champion
E: Increased duration from 5s to 6s.
Gnoll Warden
Q: Reduced Move speed bonus from 30% to 20%.
Q: Increased cooldown from 10s to 12s and mana cost to a constant 100.
Scarlet Guard
R: Increased swords generated from 3/3/4 to 3/4/5.
R: Cooldown now are 60s in all levels.
Lizard Archer
E: Increased duration from 3s to 4s.
R: Reduced Royal Shout damage reduction from 35/40/45% to a constant 25%.
R: Increased Royal Shout area from 450 to 650.
Scythe of Souls
Now each charge increases the total amount of Hp traded.
No longer losses all charges upon cast.
Increased cooldown from 45s to 60s.
Defiled Helm
No can target a unit but kills him.
Bright Plate
Now knockbacks the affected enemies a short distance.

Detailed Change log


Champara Bros
Ujimasa Hojo
Marcelo Hossomi
HungaryMaster (Magyar)
Eldin HawkWing
Blizzard Entertainment


Personal Thoughts

I never started a serious project on warcraft 3, therefore this is my first work released to the community. I had the idea long time ago and its evolved with the time, i like the result and I plan to continue working on the map.
With the coming of Reforged, gave me much more desire to finish it and and I'm looking forward to another project with the new era that is about to begin.
Thanks to all people that make the community that keep my beloved warcraft 3 alive.


Golden Lands v2.5 (Map)

ReviewGolden Lands [IMG] Key ConceptAoS - A kind of AoS which I never seen before. I like that you added plenty pieces of information.:pgrin: The loading screen is nice. Is good that you can see your hero's details well enough before choosing it. I...
Firstly I like the whole map. I think, It's based on WoW battlegrounds. Here is my review Terrain + Terrain smooth and detailed. + Less doodad and pure quality + It reminds me a wow battleground. + It fits gameplay Gameplay + Combat is non-stop. +...
I only played one game game against AI but I have to say that everything felt really crisp and you did a great job with the terrain and UI/presentation. From what little I played the heroes seemed fairly original and their designs had a recurring...
You should use another colour than the second red for team 1's AI. The first player is already red. Why does Honour have the icon of the teleportation stone? Maybe make a special box/unit where you enchant items with a finite number of inventory...
  1. -Manuel-


    Oct 4, 2016
    New Version 2.4
    - New hero Gryphon Rider (Human - Agility)
    - Balance changes.
    - A lot of changes to items and heroes.
    - Multiple teleports to the same Tower, Gold Mine has better clustering.
    - Masteries and Enchantments changed costs.
    - Refine abilities gives Magic Immunity to Guards.

    Attached Files: