God i hate lag...

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Jan 9, 2006
In one of my new games, it is an epic size. In a full house, there are 48 bases each spawning guys every 7 sec.in total thats 336 units every 7 secs. Plus 12 heros, 1 for each player. Then theres the doodad and triggers doing checks. At first, there isnt too much lag. But as the game progresses it lags like a bitch. but the main reason for lag is the number of units at once. Ive been trying to do a trgger where the player types a code, and destrys a percentage of units the player owns. I could limit numbers of units, but it wouldnt too smart since its a footmen frenzy map. As for leaks, i dont think there r ne. A way to do this trigger would be appreciated or sum othe way to reduce lag. Thank you!
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Oct 23, 2006
Sounds like leaks since you say as it goes on it gets worse and worse.

However, may just be poor design. Footmen frenzy on an epic sized map? wtf? Also, so what if it is a frenzy? limit the number of units. You can't have 12,000 units spawning all the time; it will LAGGGGG.
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Nov 4, 2006
many processor time you can free if you will use low-poly models for you units. You also can use model editor to reduce points and textures.

But it can only increase performance for 1-5%... you must really reduce number of spawned units, and give "does not decay" to all this units (decay is 1 minute, then killed unit with decay lives after die 60 seconds... )

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
336 WHAT!!!
You must be joking!
With that many how can you NOT expect lag!

Remember that each unit requires culculations to function properly.
If you have 1000 units it will lag.
Also there are probalby leaking and all the triggers make lag. . .
In Empires dawn of the modern world you can have 10000 units easily and it will only lag slightly but thats because it is DESINGED for so many.
Wc3 has a high quality movement control and attack systems and such which are quite process intensive.

I say the only solution is to remake your map with a more down to earth number of units.

24 bases spawning 48 units every 10 seconds is less lightly to lag but even still I will not reccomend it.

I would say 24 bases spawning 24 units every 10 seconds would not make much lag.