Ghost Captain

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Ghost Captain - Vincent Vanderdood
Entry for the 3rd HD Modeling Contest


This is my first time to participate Hive Contest, hope you will like my original character Vincent Vanderdood.



Vincent Vanderdood, once a proud captain of Kul'Tiras, he and his crew was planning to follow Jaina to sail west during the scourge, but the nightmare started when his crew loaded corrupted food on the ship.

Days after they setted sail, almost all the crew began to turn into mindless walking crops, since they had already sailed too far to be controlled by Arthas, they started to attack each other. Captain Vanderdood, stayed calm with his strong will, decided to end his crews' misery, and at last, his own. He thought suicide will avoid turning into undead, but this only delayed the inevitable fate.

When he finally woke up, his flesh was already consumed by his lovely raven Raphael (Which also turned into undead due to corrupted flesh of crews). Vanderdood used a magical lantern to collect his crews' remainning soul with great mourn, and was ready to revenge to the scourge with his lone soul (So light that an anchor is needed to fix himself on the ground) and a undead raven (Love to stay on captain's hat).


Ghost Form (Passive)


Vanderdood gains much less damage from physical attacks due to his ghostly body, but will get a little more damage from magical attacks.

Soul Lantern


Vanderdood releases angry and hateful souls of his crew from the lantern and burns nearby enemies.


Smoke of Curse


Vanderdood exhales magical smoke from his pipe, curse nearby enemies to lower their hit chance.


Swarm of Ravens


Vanderdood orders Raphael to call a swarm of ghost ravens to damage enemies and drain their health back to Vanderdood.


Footprint deleted, Thanks very much for Barorque's advice!

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Level 5
Mar 11, 2018
Dam. I don't know what else to say.

ok well I can say his ship seems to render odd. They have this red tint on them.