German Officer Units

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'Brandishing a saber in combat, the officer leads the charge in battle.'

This model uses an omni-skin, meaning every unit in the German Pack uses the same file - you only need to import it once to use all of the models.

- German Officer (WWI)
- German Officer (WWII)
- German Kaiser
- SS Officer
- Austrian Officer (WWI)

Herr, Dave, Wrath, Of, The, Kaiser, German, Officer, Luger, Sword, General, Pickelhaube, Eagle, Gold, WWI, World, War, I, One, WWII, Two, II, Nazi, Wehrmacht, Heer, Kaiser, Wilhelm

- Cleared Changelog
- Finalized Model
- Adjusted Camera
- Separated spell effect from model
- Fixed weapons
- Added WWII Variant to mini-pack
- Merged SS Officer
- Updated Omni-Skin
- Added Austrian Officer
- Fixed SS Officer's attack animation
- Shrunk SS Officer's ears
- Fixed Austrian Officer's boots

Austrian Officer (Model)

German Kaiser (Model)

German Officer WWI (Model)

German Officer WWII (Model)

SS Officer (Model)

09:15, 8th Feb 2015 MiniMage: Bird-hat Soldier man, useful for funky WW1 maps where logic has gone out the window and all soldiers have become mentally insane.