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Gems of Unification v13.02.26

Submitted by yuvixadun
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Inside this game a plot slowly unfolds around certain gems that carry a great power. A power that has to be kept safe, in your hands.


Gems of Unification (GoU) is Role Playing Game (RPG) which can (and should) be played in multiplayer. I've worked quite a lot on this map and hope you'll enjoy it.

This map is currently still in heavy development, but playable. Of the three acts the first two are largely done. Expect this map to be updated a lot over the coming months.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions to the map don't hesitate to contact me by posting in this thread. Together we can create a new epic map!

  • 1 Class (explained below)
  • 39 Abilities
  • 150+ Items
  • 8 Birthsigns
  • Threat and AI System
  • Equipment System, items influence your hero in many ways!
  • Attachment System, items are displayed on your hero
  • Save/Load System, keep your hero with you!
  • Indoor terrains, varying from homes to caves to dungeons!
  • Combat Text and Casting Bar Systems
  • Epic dungeon's and outdoor bosses!

One hero, all classes!

Pick up your weapon of choice, learn your own spells and do the quests you like. Your choices determine your class, allowing a whole new kind of customization! So will picking up a bow for instance make your hero a ranged damage dealer since bows provide a ranged attack and a damage bonus. Together with the ability to pick up any spell you like (though there is a maximum of spells you can pick) you can create your own class! Any combination is possible!​











What is this game about? What does RPG mean?
RPG stands for Role Playing Game, which in this context means you play a character that explores the world of Gems of Unification. You're pretty free to choose which kind of character you want to be.

In which aspects does this game differ from other RPG's, like Gaia's Retaliation?
I'll be honest, in a lot of aspects it is the same, it's just fresh, new content. In what aspects it differs are these; class customization, you don't pick a pre-made class with certain abilities but you're free to choose how you want your character to be.

The game crashes!
Make sure you have texture quality on highest, else the game can crash. Next to that, suggested resolution screen is 1920x1080. Small resolution and graphic can broke game or improperly display data. If the game still crashes after trying this try running Warcraft III in openGL by adding -opengl to your startup exe.

Help, I can't save in singleplayer! Why is this?!
In order to prevent people from cheating their character up I've disabled saving in singleplayer.

My save code doesn't work.
Make sure you're using the same playername you used while you saved your character.

Restore my code!!
I won't sorry, you'll have to level up again.

I've noticed a serious bug, where can I report this?
You can report this by replying to the uploaded map at the Hive Workshop or in the post on the forums there I have for this map.

Your map sucks!!1
Okay... Play something else than.

Thanks to these people I was able to create this map.

  • Testing: Ken Plattel
  • Main inspiration: Gaia's Retaliation ORPG Team: teh.fellow aka Playmo, Zwiebelchen aka Todeszwiebel, Shapy, muzzel
  • Models/Skins: BornĀ²Modificate, Kitabatake, Lopaki, Dan Van Ohllus, Mr. Goblin, DerReaper2, xXm0rpH3usXx, Pyritie, Mc !, Chriz., JetFangInferno, Vuen, olofmoleman, Nasrudin, jatter2, Kitabatake, Thrikodius, ikillforeyou, Sunchips and dirtytricks
  • Images: Elvira1990, Artistic-Dodger and Gandi24
  • AIDS and Damage detection: Jesus4Lyf
  • DayNightFog System: Viikuna
  • Bag System: muzzel
  • Save/Load: Nestharus
  • Spell: Paladon
  • Hive Workshop in general, the community

Please contact me when we left you out on credits.


  • Solved a bug where unattainable items used for the upcoming dungeon 3 (Cathedral Catacombs) were already available via gamble
  • Buffs from abilties will now properly be removed if they would have expired when the hero was dead
  • Moved some wrongly places creeps from ogre area to Cathedral Catacombs
  • Save/load system removed and replaced by Nestharus, all related bugs are fixed by this (clones heroes, invalid codes, laggy load, incorrect items, etc)
  • Improved items will now properly be removed when an other character is loaded
  • Ranks will now also be saved
  • Origin of the Gems quest will now work properly and end with a quest to go into dungeon 3
  • The quest A Warning Sign will now rewards Rank 3
  • Fixed an issue where summons could cause loads to bug
  • Fixed an issue where backpack items weren't properly saved
  • Fixed an issue where no save code would get generated at all
  • Centaur and Tauren creeps should no longer grant experience when killed while being allied to them
  • Intimidation Shout now properly applies AoE threat
  • Added an additional vendor in Windfell who sells common weapons
  • Lowered the duration of Bash for Orc Grunts in Act III from 2 seconds to 0.25
  • Increased the damage of Keli'dan the Breaker and Feral Swine
  • Seal of Vigor can no longer procc off Quill Aura
  • The King now casts Dominate on himself
  • Save codes now no longer contain spaces, making them easier to copy
  • Recalculated the shadow map, improving shadows on some places
  • Elite creeps (dungeon non-boss creeps) now have their proper base health
  • Solved an issue with the quest The Chieftain's End
  • Save codes have been reset due to exploits, these should be fixed this version
  • Solved a bug causing double hero stat calculations
  • Solved a bug causing Impact to trigger off any unit even without the ability
  • Items owned by a player now get properly removed when loading a new character
  • The long awaited Act III has been released! It contains a new leveling area for level 38 - 48. This brand new act contains the following:
    • A whole new part of terrain, including the main capital Armadale
    • All new quests that continue the story from Act II
    • Brand new creeps which drop fancy new items
    • 7 new abilities
    • And many more things!
  • All save/load bugs are fixed, saving should now always generate a code, as well as loading should now always load your character fully
  • Because of save/load bugs, all save codes have been reset unfortunately
  • Mana per intelligence has been lowered from 15 to 10 per point
  • Base hero mana increased from 0 to 15
  • New Birthsign added, Birthsign: Panda provides +30% healing done
  • New Birthsign added, Birthsign: Dragon gives the hero a 10% chance on attack to deal additional elemental damage
  • Birthsign: Owl now gives +25% spell damage instead of increasing spell power
  • Birthsign: Boar now in addition to a health bonus gives +5% resistance to all types of spells
  • All spell power based abilities have their coĆ«fficient reduced by ~30%
  • All creeps have their base health increased in order to increase difficulty (including elites and dungeon 2 creeps)
  • Player creep scaling has changed, health went down from 75% to 50% per player, damage from 25% to 10% per player
  • Gold gained by quests has been normalized depending on hero level, big differences in the supposed level and the hero level reduce the gold reward, experience and skill points still stay independant on the hero level
  • Ranks for the Armadale Army now give 2% dodge and resistance down from 3%
  • Gold sharing to an ally is now no longer possible
  • Ensnare is now no longer usable on bosses
  • Knuckle Punch can now be relearned by Innkeeper Valdr in Bridgewater
  • Harpy Hag now has two additional abilities to increase her difficulty
  • Internal creep recylcing engine improved
  • Creeps now spawn with a new fade in animation
  • Added additional troll huts for the quest No Home, No Future
  • Reduced the selling price of herbs (berries)
  • Potions and herbs now stack properly, there should no longer be an error message
  • Potions and herbs can now stack up to 10, increased from per 4
  • Fixed a typo in Master Healing Potion recipe
  • Fixed a bug that caused creep player settings to affect players instead of creeps
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the hero to stay in combat after surrendering the troll Warlord
  • Fixed a bug causing animation errors when dropping weapons
  • The following bosses have gained a new unique ability to make their fights more interesting: Gareth the Greedy, Ember Skeleton, The King and Dragon Turtle
  • Both dungeons now have an easy way to leave them at the last boss (a teleport)
  • Dungeon bosses now have a shout message when engaged in combat
  • Added a notification when a player leaves the game, in addition creeps will scale down (less health/damage/etc)
  • All casting bars are now visible for all players (including creep casts)
  • Tauren and Centaur now scale with the amount of players as normal creeps do
  • Attack speed should now properly be displayed when viewing stats, this was a display issue only
  • The quest Stopping the Trolls can now no longer be started twice
  • Shadow Dagger debuff now properly lasts 3 seconds instead of just 1
  • Shadow Dagger will now go on cooldown when killing a unit with it
  • Solved an issue with Flaming Arrow
  • Gambling now always gives an item
  • Its no longer possible to gain a material when gambling
  • Gambling has been added; you can now gamble for a random item by paying a heavy sum to a NPC
  • Quest items should no longer be saveable, which should prevent a lot of bugs from happening
  • Almost all spells which scale with Spell Power have their coefficient lowered
    • Protective Shield down from 7x to 6x
    • Arcane Burst dowm from 3.5x to 2.5x
    • Barkskin down from 4x to 3x
    • Heal down from 7x to 6x
    • Fireball down from 2x to 1.25x
    • Shadow Embrace down from 6x to 5.5x
  • Save files are more readable now
  • Additional quests have been added; one for Bounty Hunter Miles and one concerning Warlord Ula'elek
  • The quest Ain't That a Kick in the Head now works correctly
  • Troll huts that get destroyed should now play their fire animation for all players
  • Birthsign: Serpent now provides 15% critical strike damage down from 25%
  • Bounty Hunter Miles now offers different items for sale
  • Resistance should now work properly again, all bugs resolved
  • Barkskin no longer forgets its armor added when equiping or de-equiping a ranged weapon
  • Mark of the Wild now adds the proper amount of agility upon buffing
  • Mark of the Wild disabled icon has been added
  • Improving Furbolg Relic should now provide the correct stats
  • Creeps now scale with the amount of players, with each player creeps gain +75% health, +25% damage, +15% experience reward and +15% item drop chance
  • Fixed an issue that could crash the game when playing WC3 with a different version
  • Fixed a bug with loading certain save codes that would not restore a hero correctly
  • Added a questgiver in Palemane Hills just after the bridge
  • Fixed a bug with the Murloc or Serpent birthsign being lost after reviving
  • Potions and Ability scrolls are saveable from this version on
  • Casting while wielding a two-handed weapon should no longer cause animation issues
  • The model of Gladius is now properly attached
  • Inner Courage tooltip improved
  • Pets should no longer become stuck near the entrance of dungeon 1
  • A lot of exploits and bugs have been fixed, because of this earlier save codes do not work with this new version, I apologize
  • The game can now be played in singleplayer LAN games!
  • Two new commands have been added: -roll (displaying a random number between 1 and 100) and -clear (clears all text messages)
  • View Stats, Rest and Spellbook now have their hotkeys displayed in their tooltip
  • When playing the game in singleplayer an ingame message is displayed at the start of a game that saving has been disabled
  • An aweful lot of bugs concerning loading a character have been solved (Birthsigns disappearing, faction choice for tauren/centaur, etc)
  • Mana cost of a lot of abilities have been rescaled
  • Deadly Poison now deals 1x Agility down from 1.5x Agility
  • Gold cost for improving items increased and now dependant on item quality as it should be
  • Gold cost for recipes reduced
  • Birthsign quest is no longer available if you already have a birthsign
  • Improving high leveled items should no longer cause disappearing stats
  • All bugs concerning bows becoming melee items have been resolved
  • Slaying the last boss of dungeon 1 (Mother) prematurely no longer causes the quest to bug
  • Higher ranks should no longer collide with lower ranks when obtained
  • Guard next to the ambassador in the centaur camp now has proper talk text
  • Solved a bug concerning destroying troll huts with multiple players
  • Solved a desync bug with Lost Merchandise quest
  • A preview image has been added
  • Bug fixed concerning equiping improved items and colliding item classes
  • Two new Birthsigns added, check them out!
  • Terraining improvements like Army Encampment in the northeast, grass pitching and bridge between Act I and Act II
  • Heroes now have normal names now
  • Herbalism has been added, you can now gather berries from bushes and convert them into potions, more to be added in the future
  • Improve Items has been added, you can now (for a fee) improve your items, increasing their stats
  • All desync issues should now be solved, the problem was found and fixed
  • Three new abilities have been added, they drop off dungeon 1 bosses or dungeon 2 trash creeps
  • Unlearn Skills has been added, you can now reset (for a free) all skill points of your hero
  • A Sign From the Stars / Foreign Market can now both be started without having completed their pre-quests
  • Troll Cookbooks will no longer be floating
  • An additional path has been made through some trees down the hero's home house
  • Hydro Jet should now be working correctly again
  • Hippogryph above Windfell should be flying once again
  • Solved a bug with AIDS when selling items with bag
  • Solved a bug with TTBars (casting bar) when killing a casting unit
  • Credits is now updated, all resources authors have been tracked as far as possible and added
  • Items now require a minimum level, this is also displayed in item tooltip
  • All abilities now have an unique hotkey
  • Inner Courage now increases threat done by damage by 50% up from 35%
  • Taunt now generates additional threat equal to 3x hero level up from 2x hero level
  • Intimidation Shout now generates slightly more threat
  • Pathing of some rocks near Windfell fixed
  • Quest text dialogs from some quests in Bridgewater improved
  • Added vendor items, who carry no stats but earn you some coin
  • Items are now bound to player when saving/loading
  • Resolved a bug with Heal not working
  • Loading a hero should now no longer bug non started quests
  • Resolved a bug with Summon: Hawk
  • Display text of save code now displays longer (30 secs)
  • Disabled some debug stuff that shouldn't be in-game
  • Initial Public Release

  • More quests
  • New abilities
  • Dungeon 3
  • More items
  • Bugfixing and balancing: priority
  • Additional stuff in the world (gatherable plants, etc)

Game is optimized and can't be opened by WC3 editor.
Make sure you have texture quality on highest.


Gems, Unification, ORPG, RPG, Gaia's, Retaliation, Hero, Multiplayer, Epic, Terrain, Class

Gems of Unification v13.02.26 (Map)

Vengeancekael - [IMG] Date: 2012/May/26 20:15:05 Reasons: Other: Check out the tutorials section: Tutorials Check out the Map Development Section: Map Development Section Check out the World Editor Help Zone (Trigger issues, object editor,...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Well, Gaia's Zwiebelchen approves. Search the thread for those comments.
  2. sluk


    Feb 27, 2016
    I know but that does not mean its not a rip off anymore
  3. GreenGeek


    May 17, 2017
    I have one problem with this map, the game hangs at the beginning. Can you help me?
    Last edited: May 17, 2017
  4. Qndel


    Apr 29, 2013
    Play on max settings, I've been playing recently on the latest warcraft version and everything works fine ;) playing this map as the first one after starting warcraft might help too! Hope the map's creator will eventually come back to it because it had so much potential :)
  5. Redear


    Aug 31, 2018
    Very Good game.

    I played solo.

    Content about 8 hours.
    RPG system 6/10
    Landscape 100/10
    Quest 10/10
    Drop item 2/10

    very sorry that the game is not over

    View attachment 306461
  6. El Saif

    El Saif

    Dec 25, 2014
    So, when is the next update?