"Garithos Campaign" [SYNOPSIS]

What is good additional Garithos mission?

  • Find trashtalk scripts for Varimathras.

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • Defend Detheroc from Sylvanas before you get defeated.

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Find Garry Garithos to confront him if he is really Blackthorne.

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Find the insult scroll to make Sylvanas leave your territory.

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Find Timmy and the emissary who are both captured by murlocs.

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Play as Jailor Kassan and capture Kael before they escape.

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • Play as Jailor Kassan who had chased Kael in Silverpine.

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Prevent Maiev and Tyrande from seeing Kael.

    Votes: 1 14.3%

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Sep 7, 2017
Ah, I have read a thread I don't remember what is the name but it clearly speaks or suggesting dug-up mission from the classic Warcraft III campaigns. So I planned pick this one up. A campaign about Garithos and I managed to put my projects into hiatus because of this... this awesome idea that gave shone bright on me.
Credits to N'zoth for idea.

Now I'm writing concepts for the campajgn and I think it is cool that I have to spill and spoil some ideas here. I have set my Army Men RTS project to hiatus and that novel-based campaign I just started to some rest sometime and I just want to start this off, a campaign of action slapstick focusing on a hateable character you loved to hate and loved with hate, Garithos.

Ottmar Garithos, leader of the so-called 'New Alliance' must face off many challenges and threats under the time of the rise of the Scourge over his beloved lands of Lordaeron. Will he remain as a rash, racist, and trashtalking leader or curl up like a sissy girl and join the villains?

"The undead had swarmed and plagued the lands of Lordaeron, someone has to take action. One mighty grand marshall rose up to ranks to take an adventure to defeat the threats no matter how hard it would be and how awkward he has to join force with races he hated ever since."

Chapter 1: The Tiring March to Dalaran
"Dalaran is reported to be the next place that the Scourge lair and multiply into. You need to hurry to reach the ruined place even though you knew what's interesting for the Scourge to take Dalaran that has been reduced to rubble by Archimonde?"
Quest Concepts:
(1) You need to reach the circle of power, the point to Dalaran Ruins.

(2) Find the emissary.
--- The emissary got lost in the forest because you scolded him so hard he forgot his way back. Find him.

(3) Bribe some of Jaina's men to leave their outposts and join you. (0/8).
--- Find sacks of gold or hidden caches to steal some of Jaina's forces to join you.

(4) Destroy Arthas' rumored house.
--- It is now guarded with undead knights. Kill them and destroy Arthas' house to ashes because you hate that traitor! (This quest reveals that the reason why the undead strike force came to Dalaran Ruins because they were after Garithos.

Chapter 2: Carpooling With The High Elves

"On the dirty and stinking carpets of Dalaran Ruins, Garithos must lead and command the elves despite his angst towards them."

Quest Concepts:
(1) Find the important documents before interacting with Kael'thas.
---- You need to find the plans and also the trashtalk scripts to mock Kael at the moment you meet with him.

(2) Find the bloody elven skull to scare Kael'thas' elves.
--- Some of the elves of Kael'thas' is scattered on the edge of the ruins. The only way is scaring them to join you by finding elven skulls.

(3) Recover the elven ballistas. (0/5)
--- Find the five band of elves that had a ballistas each. Command them to leave and secretly send the ballistas to the rescue point.

Chapter 3: The Rude, the Bad, and the Dead

Garithos had ordered Kael'thas with an awkward mission and had insulted him to follow. Now, the grand marshall has to get to many dangers along the way away from Dalaran Ruins.

Quest Concepts:
(1) Do not lose any human unit.

(2) Do not lose more than 200 elves on battle.
--- Sending elven forces on the frontlines with you is good to protect humans from being stormed by the impeding undead force.

(3) Defeat Detheroc's Lieutenants.
---- Detheroc is far but his lieutenants are blockades and menacing the lands. Crush them.
--- Avoid Detheroc's Loyalists, they cannot defeated. Do not provoke them.

(4) Find the emissary.
--- The emissary again is lost. Though, he has a very tough mission to do, inform Kael to thin his forces to aid Garithos' against the undead. But find him first... he is lost again but this time, under hostage by ogres. Save him before time elapses and the ogres would cook him over the firepit.

(5) Find the spy.
--- The spy is said to be stuck in a trap net. Find him to order him to sneak on Kael's to see what does the elf do during his repair mission.

More concepts coming...

**** Tell me what you think and additional concepts? Or even opinions? ****
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Jan 16, 2021
I only stumbled upon this post, but have him give [bogus] orders to Kael'thas and his elves, like the caravan. Make a mission where having elves and dwarves at hand, he and his human army retake Dalaran Ruins from the undead and demons. Also, build us the frontline in which his human and dwarven army fought. Tie all loose ends, including the part where he withdrew infantry, cavalry, and support teams to the frontlines.