Futuristic Doodads Pack02

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• So yea, as i mentioned before in my "Futuristic doodads pack01", that i'll be updating the pack with more models.
but moderators were not happy about this, which is quite understandable, since they have to keep checking the same bundle for every single small changes done to see if each of these new models can be approved.
so i decided to add a new pack of these models and i have a small pack of futuristic walls and pipes which will be included in the next FD packs.

• there are some issues about the models mentioned below so check em out,

• Digital Clock - First: this model shows a 24 hours of a day which is equal to 480 seconds (a full day/night cycle in wc3) - Second: i suggest you, if you ever wanted to use the model as a decoration, just put it somewhere, where you have some vision on it (because the animation stops when it is inside the fog of war), sadly i couldn't find any answer for this...

and btw if you ever wanted to change it's chronological things just PM me so i can edit it the way you want.

• Roaming Drone - Some of you may question that " why the drone moves like this? " well it's actually because i made this model based on the birds/bats doodads and i have to apologize for that since i can't make it look any better than this.

• Hope you guys enjoy this one... <3



Aeration (Damaged version) (Model)

Alarm (Model)

AutoDoc (Model)

DigitalClock (Model)

Futuristic Chair (Model)

Lantern (Model)

Projector (Model)

RoamingDrone (Model)

General Frank
Very cool follow-up pack of the one you made before. Very well made and extremely good looking. Good use of textures. Excellent job.