Future Patch Plans

Level 7
May 15, 2009
While I have a great view of my end goal, a lot of the smaller things are based on the community, feedback and suggestions, and the reality that comes along with some design choices. The implementation of everything here isn't set in stone, and may be in varying degrees. This is more of a rough guide to the future.

There are 2 major patches planned for this game still. 3.0 I am calling the "final" or "out of beta" phase, and 4. Which is a huge end game content patch, to increase replayability. Lets check them out:

Patch 3.0
- A full wipe of all characters will come with the final patch. Players will be awarded a new currency, let's call them credits, based on their progress in the current version. The purpose for this wipe is to remake some parts of the game that are heavily structured around how games are saved. By altering the save method, I can add features like repicking heroes later in the game, re-allocating stats. Faster game loads, less bank wipes if you drop while saving, and improved performance, due to the frequency of saves.
- credits are a currency while will mostly be awarded with the new achievement system. There will be over 100 achievements, which reward these points. They can be used for account bound things, like buying a pre leveled hero, buying currency, buying cosmetic enhancements, non combat pets. Fun things to make you more unique. This won't be unlocked until you finish the core game.
- 8 new regions and 7 new dungeons. A few are required for the main story, and a few are optional. The end game dungeon is a 3 part series, where 2 must be completed to unlock the final, mega dungeon, which is gonna be twice the size of your average dungeon. Mechanics get progressively more difficult as the game goes on, so anyone who hasn't felt challenged yet, will absolutely feel it by the end.
- 50+ new quests, along with some more unique quests, with increased risk of failure. This includes additional guild quests with increased reward.
- 15 new heroes, 5 per class, the final tier of heroes. They will have 10-11 abilities each, and will have multiple ways to reach their final form, with multiple build strats per hero.

Patch 4.0 plans:
- no bank wipes.
- heroic mode for dungeons will be re added, and dungeons will be updated with heroic abilities
- legendary dungeons might be added, without a loot increase, simply as a way for players to challenge themselves.
- the cave spawning system will be increased with actual reports which are equal to randomly generated events, some which will be manditory to respond to, in end game mode.
- the beastmaster will have repeatable quests to slay multiple bosses. In return, he will spawn hybrid bosses for players to fight, in end game mode.
- world bosses will spawn as a heroic version of themselves in end game mode.
- an Easter "egg" hero chain will be unlockable. Get it? Get it?
- full game raid style bosses will be added to some degree. They won't scale with player count, and will be exceptionally difficult.
Level 7
May 15, 2009
Just going into a little more detail with the bestiary concept, now that I have it completely fleshed out (in concept).

- through the quest chain; you eventually completed all the beastmaster quests at the end of the game; unlocking the bestiary repeatable quests.
- He sends you to kill a couple of world bosses; which spawn as a heroic form. This can be done in a party if you want; but world bosses are all soloable as well.
- On completion, he adds a hybrid monster to his bestiary, which you can fight; solo only.
- For honor, you can increase the power of these monsters (Train/feed them); or evolve them into raid bosses to fight as a party.
- You will be given a few chances to fight the monster, if you lose. Once you win; the monster is removed from the bestiary.

The intended purpose of this is for solo players to have a meaningful way to advance; although it is not intended to be the most efficient way to advance; which will be through party play in high end dungeons; or raid fights.
At lower levels the honor reward from the quests should pay for the monster fights. But as you progress, you may be farming elsewhere to further increase the power the power of the bosses if you hope to find rewarding loot.
Level 7
May 15, 2009
And, a bit of info on something that I have been tossing around for a while, and finally have a more solid plan on:


What Are They:
These items will alter the way specific skills on heroes are played. For example, Halving the CD, and doubling the cost of a skill. Turning a skill into an AoE skill. Improving one skill, while decreasing another. The intent is for them to amplify a build, without just being a stat stick. Only a single one will be equippable at a time on a hero; and you will be required to go to a specific vendor to equip them as you collect them; they are shared across your account.

How do I get them:
When players defeat a raid boss, everyone will get the "end dungeon loot screen". For first time readers, this is a full screen of RNG loot, which the player may pick a reward from. Alongside this, players will also be able to pick a single "Rune/Glyph" from a much smaller list. I plan for this to be the only way to acquire these item types. A single item will be awarded when the main part of the story line is completed as well.

- Each item will only have a single, static mod on it; not multiple potential mods. The RNG would be too great, and the potential for insane OP'd-ness would exist.
Level 7
May 15, 2009
I have recently compiled all of my old patch notes into an easier to read list; for anyone interested in how the game has changed since its release; and with 3.0 being planned on the 1 year anniversary from the first beta test, we can see just how far the map has come!

1.0 Patch Notes Compiled
Game Launch
Fixed banks, causing players to lose the progress of their first game played.
Reduced time between castle waves by 80%.
Fixed Portals
Escort quest now works in a party.
Increased honor costs.
Added an anti auto-clicker system, to prevent insane abuse.
Added better protection to the save files.
Reduced material payouts.
Respawn animation now appear on units who respawn outside of base.
Escort quests no longer spawn enemies outside of the correct areas.
A portal opens at the end of dungeons, and no longer triggers prematurely.
Bosses now engage from further away.
Castle Siege (Invasion) timer no longer sticks at 30.
Lobby size has been reduced to 5. It will be increased to 8 with the next content patch.
Cancelling a dungeon create/destroy no longer breaks the dialog.
Cloaked units are now effected by buffs.
First wave of general hero balances
Regional bosses have had their spawn time cut in half.
Cooldown stat on items has been reduced by 15% or so.
Player colors added.
Cannot right click and follow allies around forever to leech off from them.
Tunnel Vision Nerfed to 15% over 30 stacks.
Piercing Round no longer deals more damage based on armor.
All bosses now give honor, dungeon bosses grant more than field bosses.
The number of players in a party increases the item rarity of dungeons.
The Troll Dungeon is now open to the public!
Fixed a bug where stats could be temporarily lost while item swapping.
Fixed many of the sounds that played globally.
Items can now be unequipped.
Skellies spawn for the first 15 min from the cave in a slow trickle.
Nerfed dungeon damage and life by 5% each.
Nerfed all creep spell damage by 8%.
Increased the cost of higher tier items at the inn.
MF in dungeons increases with player count.
EXP in parties increased to 25% per player, 45% in dungeons.
All bosses now drop honor when slain.
Stash now sells additional slots.
Shredder damage reduced by 25%.
Cenarius quest reduced from 3 to 2 kills.
priest heals improved a little, costs reduced.
Quest experience is no longer granted when at the max level.
Defensive stance cooldown added, but scales with damage.
Fixed a bug allowing for "stupid-strong heroes"
Players who hack their bank will now be turned into chickens. Challenge offered!
Rebalance world bosses; weakened the strongest ones, strengthened the weakest ones.
Loot roll announcements have been shrunk, moved, and improved.
A flash appears on the left of the screen when an item drops.
Players can suggest their role in the lobby now.
Reinforcements quests now costs 2000, no matter the game level.
Player Names are now displayed overhead.
Villagers can now be leveled without being flagged as cheaters.
Dialog on start shows what other players have selected.
Players can repick in the first few minutes of a game.

Major 1.0 --> 2.0 Patch Notes Compiled
12 heroes added
8 new regions have been added (With bosses, creeps, ect.)
42 new quests have been added. (A few have been added for lower levels as well)
2 new dungeons have been added.
Twilight items have been added.
Heroic dungeons have been added.
Completing heroic dungeons increases magic find.
World Map Added.
Reduced the number of creeps that spawn in purgatory, but increased their strength.
Overhauled the back end of stat scaling for players and creeps, to greatly improve performance.
Potions/Potion Vendor added.
Player statistics screen can be viewed from the "stats" screen.
Players equipped items are shown on the statistics screen
Increased the number of purchasable stat points from 100, to 200
Brief tutorial added to the start of the game.
Option for players to skip the first zone if they have a higher leveled character.

2.0 Patch Notes Compiled
Beta 2.0 is now live. Approx 3X the game content; cant list it all here.
Hope you guys enjoy it!
A hundred bux fixes with the release; I didnt really write any of them down. I will start keeping track better.
Completing the dungeon 4 will now properly unlock your old heroes.
shielding strikes damage reduction reduced (weakened).
Unlocked load slots for all players.
Displays quest markers more consistently.
+1 stat point per level for all heroes.
Increased the early game pace a little.
loot selection at the end of normal dungeons.
Nerfed all dungeon bosses, overall, they should be about 35% easier.
Collection quests now apply to the entire party.
Dungeons should now clear 60 seconds after a player in a dungeon leaves the game.
Dungeon bosses rebalanced.
Increased the rarity of items at lower levels by 30%.
Increased the quality of quest reward items.
Increased quest reward EXP by 30%.
Blacksmith item rarity increased, and cost reduced.
Scaled down dungeon difficulty for smaller parties.
PvP arena added.
AoE abilities only hit 15 units at a time.
Heroic Purgatory added.
Dialog added at the end of dungeons to show scores.
Reduced hero radius by 40%.
Rest is now sold as a potion.
Increased potion count at vendor.
Added a passive behavior to restore life and energy while out of combat.
Doubled the starting life and energy regen for players.
Reduced the base price of potions.
Increased the difficulty of heroic and legendary dungeons.
Increased the max item tier to 13 (LD4).
Increased boss AI a little more to prevent some forms of cheesing.
Removed the ability to craft legendary items.
Increased base magic find, while reducing magic find granted by items.
End dungeon loot is now rolled using the same tier requirements as the bosses of the dungeon.
Increased the currency paid out from all mobs.
Minor buff to sorc, Swordmaster, warden, and mortar, and nerf to archmage.
added 1 charge to Rest.
Boss AI greatly Improved
Traded life values for damage reduction in dungeons, updated regen/leech to account for it.
Castle invasion waves have been reduced in size but increased in power.
Removed gold penalty for killing creeps above your level if you are max level.
Big improvements to game performance, through internal systems.
Slight buffs to the unused skills of heroes.