Fortress Defence

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Save the civilisation of Piggyland from the Aliens, the humans are stuck in the fortress called Piggyland and have fended off waves of Aliens but now the aliens are stronger and the only thing that prevents the Aliens from taking over are 5 heroes. You can buy troops to aid you in your fight, there are also weapons to buy and a boss trail at the right of the map for heroes. There are troops and towers controlled by the heroes' allies to help fight against the Aliens. The Aliens have to send troops to fight the heroes and destroy the fortress. To win, the Aliens must kill the Heroes' main base and for the heroes kill both of the Alien landing zones. Made by Kensoh1997 aka Deox Pig Thanks to General Frank, [email protected] Head and many others most of all to Hive Workshop :D

Hero, Alien, Fending of waves, Fortress

Fortress Defence (Map)

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