Forgotten War COOP Campaign for 2 players version 1.3

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Link to the original singleplayer version- Forgotten War ver 2.008
Converted by me, Matt V. The original SP campaign was made by ForestDefender and uploaded by Tuzec.
This campaign is for 2 players! sorry about the wrong number shown.

EDIT 18th October 2019- This is the newest version released(1.1). Feel free to let me know about any present bugs/issues, but there shouldn't be too many of the issues anymore. However, I haven't fixed ALL of the bugs I've known about, so I might release a newer version in the future.

EDIT 11th April 2020- This is the newest version released(1.2). Feel free to let me know about any present bugs/issues, but there shouldn't be too many of the issues anymore.

Other than the bugs said down there, the campaign should work flawlessly now. But as I said, let me know in case you find anything worth noting.

EDIT 22th April 2020- This is the newest version released(1.3). Feel free to let me know about any present bugs/issues.
PLEASE NOTE: We tried hard to keep the feel of Forgotten War, so it's mostly the same like the original version posted above. We definitely don't want to dishonor ForestDefender or anything.

-Some cinematics might be way too long and not fused
-After a cinematic is finished, in certain levels another pops up once you or your friend select a unit.. I don't know how else should I do that- open for any ideas)- mostly fixed now though
-Ancestral Architect doesn't heal from fountains, but instead heals from being burrowed. I 'might' keep this thing in the game though.
-No save/load mechanic(I am not really thinking about updating it there since you both get various heroes pretty often(except for first 2 levels, but you will be granted items anyway), but I might reconsider in the future.
-As well as no shared upgrades(intentionally, since you get lots of gold anyway) again, might reconsider with further testing
-Some models appear to be way too big on certain maps

-9 COOP missions and 6 cinematics(including Credits)
-Custom made models and very altered naga race
-Variety of map types, from base-building to RPG-style, as well as variety of the landscape
-Unique mechanic- Sunlight Curse
-Unique heroes in most of the missions(except for the first few levels) with special abilities
-Unique units with special abilities
-Unique gameplay
-Rewards for completing quests in most missions
-Constant update and review checking for newer versions
-Skippable cinematics

Features I am about to add/edit:
-Rebalance difficulty after reading your reviews

Also, it was @FeelsGoodMan and @Daffa the Mage who helped me do this perfectly. I thank them for that!

I thank @Direfury who provided me the model for Cleaver in level 1 and 2(with his permission of course) Direfury's Murlocs (Murloc Warlock)

Version changes- not all of them are listed here though.
Version 1.1 changes:
Prologues: Unchanged for now, sorry!
Level 1: Added extra route to get to the end of the level, more gold, adjusted terrain(deleted objects that were blocking the path), made triggers act smoother
Level 2: Adjusted the terrain(no more big mountains, better pathfinding and objectives(units should no longer run far away from the village)
Level 3: P2 no longer loses units after the ritual, AI should behave better, Lizard Shed available for both players now, Red Ventar as well
Level 4: Reduced amount of ambushing units, added a new side quest, smoother triggers, City of Eternal Fire now available for both players,deleted/replaced a few turrets, added an easter egg
Level 5: Quests adjusted to work better, the level is actually completable now(script issues)
Level 6: Quest with Darksun now works properly, removed a few dragons, the level works as intended now(Side quests are actually rewarding)
Level 7: Adjusted quests, Larodar now attacks properly(as well as Demon legions)
Level 8: Quest tweaks, the ship is now obtainable, trolls work as intended
Level 9: More resources, more comfortable Deathwing gameplay
Epilogue and Credits unchanged for now.

Version 1.2 changes:
Prologues unchanged
Level 1 terrain adjusted, a new hero added for P2, dragons now attack properly, ventar cavern tweaks, trigger tweaks, flame burner can't be built anywhere anymore, less gold for the players, difficutly more balanced, lizard quest doable now
Level 2 Cleaver(the new hero) for P1 so both can play him, difficulty balances
Level 3 more builders, AI works properly now, terrain adjustment, tech tree fixed, ventars now attack ground units
Level 4 Cinematic tweaks, lesser amount of trolls, more buildings for trolls, quest tweaks, an ambush
Level 5 Cinematic tweaks, quest tweaks, illidan nerfed
Level 6 money tweaks, food tweaks, quest tweaks, darksun cinematic now works properly, tech tree tweaks
Level 7 Quest twaeaks, Larodar should be stronger now
Interlude unchanged
Level 8 quest tweaks, cinematic tweaks, a new passage added, should be more fun to play now.
Level 9 cinematics tweaks, P2 island edited, difficulty balanced.
Overall levels- hint whenever the day's coming
Epilogue unchanged
Credits unchanged

Version 1.3 changes:
Basically fixed all the things deepstrasz disliked. Mostly grammar mistakes and cinematics changes(for example putting two messages into one, since some of the cinematics are just way too exhausting.)
The most important fix is that level 3 is no longer bugged.
And a small hotfix released 2 days later- AI updated in level 2,3 and 4, including some bugfixes in level 3.,
And another small hotfix, cinematic fix in level 3, smoothened triggers, fixed some grammar mistakes.
As well as some AI fixes and such. All of these in level 3.

Feel free to add a review/commentary of any sort(if you want to inform me of a certain bug or issue, please make sure it's not listed in Known bugs and issues shown here. Thank you!

Forgotten War Credits cinematic (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 1 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 2 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 3 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 4 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 5 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 6 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 7 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 7 Interlude (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 8 (Map)

Forgotten War Mission 9 (Map)

Forgotten War- Epilogue (Map)

Forgotten War0 1st part of Prologue (Map)

Forgotten War0 2nd part of Prologue (Map)

Forgotten War0 3rd part of Prologue (Map)

Sadly, this hasn't been properly fixed yet. Substandard.


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Jun 4, 2009
Alright.. just out of curiosity- does this campaign have any possibility to be at least considered more than substandard so far?
Right now, from my point of view, not really but my view isn't law. That's a general thing though as I am very strict with edits.
There are other reviewers and if Ralle gets made he might approve it or something, lol, since he wrote somewhere that turning stuff into co-op is hard work or something like that.
Level 9
Aug 3, 2019
Right now, from my point of view, not really but my view isn't law. That's a general thing though as I am very strict with edits.
There are other reviewers and if Ralle gets made he might approve it or something, lol, since he wrote somewhere that turning stuff into co-op is hard work or something like that.
Alright, I'll keep that in mind :)
Btw I agree with Ralle since you have to do double the scripts and triggers, especially when it comes to cinematics and alliances and such.
However those are all subjective opinions.
I'll send you a private message once I update it. Thanks for your time and for your review!
Level 9
Aug 3, 2019
Yeah, since it's co-op. Try to give roles to each player. For instance in the first chapter, one could extensively work on finding the lizards while the other can take care of the dragons.
Well... I tested the campaign with my friend today. GOD why didn't anyone tell me about this! The campaign is so broken overall? for instance level 6- broken triggers. Level 7- most of the units are unavailable, although they should be available... Level 8- absolutely boring and tedious, level 9- units die instantly due to sunlight so it's impossible for P2 to play. And besides these, I made another of my list of all the issues we have encountered, including some ideas of yours and mine.

Jesus, if there was just one person who would say "yo it's broken" and then listed a few of the issues, it would have all been fixed by now. Well, seems like I have a lot of work to do.


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Jun 4, 2009
esus, if there was just one person who would say "yo it's broken" and then listed a few of the issues, it would have all been fixed by now. Well, seems like I have a lot of work to do.
Ah. Don't worry. Take your time.


Generally, there's a delay before cinematic mode goes on.

  1. -hero glow for those who haven't: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
  2. -the new hero is humanoid though
  3. -the camera should start where your base is not in the darkness
  4. -Fan of Knives has a non-English description (urove). Same with the murloc summoning spell.
  5. -Resurrection isn't properly positioned in the learn ability menu or should I say, the murloc spell isn't. Same after you learn it.
  6. -Cleaver's "rank" is also his name. It should something else like Malkor is a sage.
  7. -Cleaver already has the Orb of Venom? Ah, to attack air?
  8. -the dragon scene might trigger right after the one with the scout and there's no time to read what's on screen about 60 food capacity.
  9. -units/buildings selected during the ventar scene.
  10. -didn't test. Do you lose the mission if one Brutal Lizard dies? Ok, the draogns killed one. No loss but I assume you can't finish the mission now. Actually, it can be completed. Phew.
  11. -maybe you could find a different skin for them.
  12. -so none of the lizards hidden between trees?
  13. -Cleaver also looks too civilized, dressed and stuff compared to the bare lizards.

  1. -was there supposed to be a scene after killing the hyppogryph? Cinematic mode quickly started and ended.
  2. -there are some bugged ramps near the hyppo nests which could be fixed. Well, there are more but they aren't game breaking or anything.
  3. -Sonar should have a passive icon. You can change it with Button Manager v1.8.2
  4. -not sure why elves would be hiding outside instead of in their houses or in the woods though :p At least you don't have to kill each and everyone of them.
  5. -girls doin all the work for their daddy.
  6. -by the way, Cleaver doesn't have a fitting icon.
  7. -Satyrs and nelves together. Love all around the World of Warcraft.
  8. -lizards moved past Larodar before the scene started xD

  1. -crazy stuff about map intros is that after they end another scene starts :\
  2. -Fire Elemental should have a proper description with stuff for all levels when learning it. Look at the one for the Summon Water Elemetal.
  3. -Banish should have the same/original icon since it's basically the same spell.
  4. -should a Glyph of Omniscience drop at the first Codex zone?
  5. -even murlocs and turtles are under the Moonstone Defenders? Even rats!?
  6. -crazy purple AI came with loads of wisps besides troops when I went to the southeastern Codex.
  7. -destroying a base before finishing the first quests will trigger the quest event that you've completed an objected related to that "hidden" quest.
  8. -the AI troops might attack during the Moonstone scene after destroying it. You should pause all units not required for the scene and unpause them afterwards. And because the scene is long, the AI might also train troops during that period leaving you defenseless.
  9. -Wildkins spam their mine with workers.
  10. -there's literally a bug that spawns huge amounts of yellow Chimaeras in the middle of the map. The game froze. That started happening when I attacked the yellow base.

  1. -there are some neutral trolls near the bloody river a bit farther from the cages as projections of those cages to their north. What's up with them?
  2. -the wildkin objective might be completed once you destroy their main building but they do rebuild.
  3. -altar of sacred warriors has a big selection circle. Similarly their lumber mill.
  4. -what secret entrance, lol? It's so straightforward.

  1. -Sunshine should look active.
  2. -Sonar should look passive.
  3. -not sure if intentional but only the nerubian player has access to the spiked barricades upgrade for the units.

  1. -Flame Aura needs a passive icon.
  2. -Rawrath doesn't have hero glow and is too small. How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
  3. -the intro doesn't fully complete before cinematic mode is turned off and troops start fighting. Also, camera shifting and transmissions still run.
  4. -Nerubian Mega Destroyers have hero glow and they look like the Crypt Lord hero.
  5. -Tornado has no per level description. Always costs the same amount of mana and has the same description. No idea if there's actually any difference.
  6. -the troll scene triggers with the troll being somewhere near your base and with no cinematic mode.
  7. -the Triax Commander might use Animate Dead on his own. And Divine Shield too. I guess there's an AI for this player running?
  8. -Flame Aura's buff icon is that of Unholy Aura.
  9. -I think you get the PotM Possession quest a bit too late?
  10. -apparently I didn't get the Gates of Lamdal quest but it's running.
  11. -how do you use the magic Lamdal word :D? Tried writing it and White Home next to the field. Went with the flying hero there and nothing. There's two scrolls by the way. So, I resorted to boats.
  12. -once you're in they don't really pose a threat. You can take your time.
  13. -no idea if the trolls were meant to give a quest or do anything but nothing happened with them except for that broken scene.
  14. -when the Triax Commander teleports in the enemy citadel via the way gate, a scene starts. This does not happen if the flying hero goes in. Make sure that both players can trigger stuff otherwise it gets really ugly.
  15. -Lineage of Arceon scene not in cinematic mode.
  16. -the troll gives you the great army after a specific amount of time? I'm kind of done with the enemy. But there's no army?

  1. -Illidan has Mana Burn now instead of Sunshine?
  2. -the other heroes have no glow.
  3. -crazy chapter. Invisible enemies from the start. Got a bit lost there.
  4. -Staff of Absolution works on your units as well.
  5. -of you destroy a demon gate and don't have the quest you get the quest update.
  6. -the other main quest can be completed before the triax army one if the corrupted and southwestern demons are eliminated.

  1. -fighting the mammoth near the troll tribe during the cinematic scene.
  2. -double message: "we are about..." something, right before getting to the trolls.
  3. -the troll warlord appears red in cinematic mode even though blue on the terrain.
  4. -a big mammoth became mine in the magnataur zone and the polar bears are friendly?
  5. -crap, shared units can't get in the same boat. Ah well, at least enough resources for another boat. Might want to remove the cooldown though.
  6. -the troll optional quest completed before the scene started and afterwards Illidan suddenly disappeared during the scene.
  7. -the blue dragon hero doesn't have hero glow.

  1. -Deathwing's Breath of Fire needs a proper description with levels etc.
  2. -Divine Wrath has the icon of Serpent Wards. Try another unused one.
  3. -Deathwing has no hero glow.
  4. -would be nice for Deathwing's Devour to work on flying units as well :D
  5. -vault gold mine message spam upon selecting them.
  6. -Galgdar should have hero glow.
  7. -when are you supposed to get the dragon roost quest? The q update and complete messages appear though.
  8. -elves in cages but are good guys :D?
  9. -Codex of Fire quest is lame; easy and many rewards.

Although some polish would do good and there's always room for improvement, the issues are those in whitened text.

Awaiting Update.

(previous comments: Forgotten War COOP Campaign for 2 players version 1.2)
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