FM Black dragon icon (model by YubelHaouJudai)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
this is a model icon i made to a model that was provided to me by YubelHaouJudai. and he (if he so chooses) has permision to add this icon as asset, should he decide to upload that model.

it's fan made model based of the black dragon, where he has made some cool change's, so credit to him for the model, and hope he will upload his cool dragon here soon.

yes i know this icon is not all that pretty, but it is as good as i can make it be. anyone is free to make a better looking icon if/when YubelHaouJudai upload the model. but this upload here is purely ment for optional asset to YubelHaouJudai

this one is the model in landed mode.

FM Black dragon icon (model by YubelHaouJudai) (Icon)