Flexible male and female villager models

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Mar 20, 2007
Alright, basically, I'm planning to make a simple equipment system for an RPG, where you get your hero, and you equip them a set of armor, a shield, and a sword, with a very simple item attachment system.

For the armor attachments, I am planning to use Kitabatake's armor attachments, example here:
Bronze Armor - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

As you can see, this armor was built to fit the Villager (Male) model, and it won't fit on every other model in the game.

So, before I can finish this equipment system, I need to overcome two obstacles:
- male and female models, with attachment points and a size that will fit this armor
- an animation set for melee attacks, and an animation set for bow attacks

So, basically, I'm requesting these things:
- a male villager model, with either a seperate model for bow attacks, or the original villager model with melee attacks, and a morph animation set, with bow attacks in the morph
- a female villager model, that will fit the armor in the example, and will have animations like the male villager model (either just melee and a different model for ranged, or the morph with ranged attacks).

File size of the models are not a serious issue (although not huge!), and as a special request, although it's not required, and I don't expect anyone to do this:
- if you can make the file size small (assuming that you make one model for male and female, with the morph animation), and give the models a complete custom skin that can easily be edited within programs like GIMP, that would be great, cause that means I can add other races then human to my map, since I think I'm competant enough to edit the skin myself

Credit will be given, of course.

- Narks

EDIT: I guess I phrased this pretty poorly.

Alright, basically, what I want, is the male villager model, with an additional morph animation, where the morph animation is simply the villager with a bow attack instead of a melee one.

Then I want a female villager model, which can wear the armor that I posted as an attachment, which has the same animations as the male villager model.

If the morph animation is not possible, then I want three models:
- male villager, with just bow animations
- female villager with melee animations
- female villager with bow animations
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Jun 20, 2008
Erm there is already and villager 40 anims it has 3 types of mellee anims and 2 types of ranged anims and 1 type of mage anims. too get you go on mdoels here on hive type in villager and hey resto its there as for the villager female you could just edit the villager to lokkk like 1 i.e give at poiny tale an diiferent clothes
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Mar 20, 2007
Thanks. +rep to both of you.

But, unfortunately, I also need a female model.

EDIT: It would be cool if you could get that villager model, and port all the animations to an appropriate female villager model.
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Nov 26, 2007
Edited afroknight_76's female villager model, I also added the animations of the villager linked above to the female villager.

It should work

Btw, i havent tested to see if it works with the attachments, if it doesnt tell me I'll see If I can adjust the attachment points...


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