Fires of Outland AoS

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==== Fires of Outland ====

=== About the game ===
Player Number: 12
Genre: AoS, Arena, IITC
Features: Custom Hero (like all in maps), IITC-genre
Map Size: small
Mapping-Status: 75% (but won't be finished)
Heroes: 5 (but can be customized)
Spells: ~40

This is a map I have been working on for quite a long time, but I gave up working on it some monthes ago. However, I forgot to upload it, to see how people will appreciate it (or not). So here we go! Here is my latest "Fires of Outland".

=== Game's Objective ===

A random player of each team can choose at the game's starting a hero for his team. It is important to know, that each hero can be taken only once! All heroes have their own spells. The host sets the game time. Like in the older versions of Warlock, you can modify and customize your hero by pushing "escape". There you can buy new items, new spells and so on... Most of the spells are a custom spells triggered by my-self and they should all be MUI, but I have never tried it ^^.

Anyway, the game's goal is to push the "outland wagon" to the enemy's circle of power. The closer the wagon is the enemy's circle, the more points your team gets. Once reached the circle, the wagon is moved back to arena's center and your team gets 500 points. At the end of the match, the team having the most points wins the game.

=== Last Words ===

Have fun... and if ever you find any, please report to me.
thanks :thumbs_up:

IITC, AoS, custom, hero, GLB, altered melee, arena, warlock, push it, move it

Fires of Outland AoS (Map)

13:31, 4th Dec 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 2
Oct 6, 2009
The map looks very bland, theres nothing there and its all flat, it hardly resembles anything from outland. Because of this I find myself not really wanting to play the map, which is really a first. : (
Level 5
Jul 31, 2005
As mentioned by the others the terrain looks very bland and pretty much destroys all desire to even play it. I mean there aren't really any buildings or multiple paths its just one lane. Just because of that I didn't play it myself, but I did try and take a look at your triggers to see if they were done decently. Only problem was the map is protected you should mention that in the description.