Filmting's Melee Maps

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Filmting's Melee Map Pack

Pack Info:

Not much to say really. This is a map pack featuring all the melee maps i made and that are aproved on hive. Map will get updated as soon as i release any new maps. Down below can you find a changelog for whenever a new map is added.

Furthermore all maps contained in this map can be found on, for you to host on to play with other people.

Map Updates:
12-03-16: Added 1 new map: (Stormheim)
28-10-14: Added 2 new maps: (The Sanctum, Zangarmarsh)
20-09-14: Added 1 new map: (The Glade)
16-09-14: Added 2 new maps: (Green Hills, Grim Batol)
16-08-14: Added 2 new maps: (Brightwood Sanctuary, The Jade Isles)
29-07-14: Added 3 new maps: (Mountain Pass, Dry Canyon, The Red Forest)
14-06-14: Added 3 new maps: (Stranglethorn, Terrorkar Forest, Renegade City)
04-06-14: Map Pack Released!

melee, maps, filmting, normal, standard, warcraft 3, super fun time, bonestorm
18:44, 16th Jun 2014 Orcnet: Pack is approved!