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Felwood Defence

Submitted by opiemonster
This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
A 3v3 Hero War map where human AIs attack and players control hero's.

Assist the AI in taking goldmines which contributes to the team income

Attack creep camps to gain gold, items and experience.

Kill the opposing human team to win the game.

Felwood Defence [1.0] (Map)

opiemonster back at it again with the wacky maps :D Here are some critics: [SPOILER]
  1. Blasterixx


    Mar 4, 2014
    opiemonster back at it again with the wacky maps :D

    Here are some critics:

    - Townhalls can heal the enemy and allies alike.

    - The A.I. team seems to be pretty afraid to go out and attack creeps or even the enemy. They seem to come and attack only when i go and attack myself, oh and they stay at max tier 2, they should go for tier 3 as well.
    The A.I. should be way more agressive.

    - The other A.I that takes the place of a player seems to play for the first 2 minutes but then goes to the back/head of the turtle (map) and stays there afk forever.

    - The players should be able to "upgrade" their A.I. teams with better races and better upgrades.

    - The enemy units should drop gold as well, at the beginning of the game you get gold from creeps, but after that, not that much, so like for exemple a footman would give 5 gold.

    - It looks like we always start with the same heroes, it needs more Hero variety like starting with random heroes (for random mode), and should be more modes to be able to select the heroes as well (all pick mode).

    - There should be some negatives from dying, like losing 20% of your gold and 20% of your xp, and the revive should be like: at lvl 1 (5 seconds), at lvl 2 (10 seconds) and so on, it shouldn't be instant.

    - Even tho you put more creeps on the map, i feel like they died pretty fast, either put more creeps or make creeps respawn after some time( not the ones near the goldmines of course).

    - I feel like implementing some sort of events would spice things up and make the gameplay better, for exemple. : each 10 minutes there comes some waves of demons that attack your A.I. team bases and need to protect them.


    - This map has potential, i like the concept of a melle map and controlling only 1 hero, like all your other maps its pretty fun and unique (might be similar to dota in a way, but all pvp maps with A.I. are like that so its fine).