Q: Does Warsmash support my existing Warcraft III maps?
A: Probably not yet, but I would hope to eventually support any map that would run on a Warcraft III Patch 1.31ish game installation.
Currently there is not support for maps made on Patch 1.32 because they include skin metadata information in the units layer and in other places that is not supported by Warsmash, because Warsmash already has a custom unit data system and therefore does not need to implement a skin system. (Modding Warsmash to load Classic Graphics maps made on Patch 1.32 would probably be a viable project for a competent programmer familiar with the Warsmash codebase once Warsmash becomes well enough developed to benefit from 1.32 modding APIs.)

Q: Does Warsmash support Reforged?
A: Currently Warsmash is able to launch without audio and without unit shadows by using Classic game assets from a Patch 1.32.9 installation by using advanced custom Warsmash configuration, but that configuration has not been the target of my tests. I do not intend to bother to implement support for the HD models, because they include components such as PKB (CORN) and FAFX that would require licensing to render (and thus probably a lot of money).

Q: What is the point of Warsmash?
A: Better Warcraft III Classic/SD modding! Pushing the envelope in 2040!

Q: Can I make custom content using Warsmash and then include this content in a map to play on Warcraft III: Reforged on Battle.net?
A: If the map uses features that require the Warsmash Mod Engine, then those features will probably not work on Reforged, but I did not implement any features of that kind intentionally at this time.

Q: What are the supported Warcraft III game data installations that Warsmash can run with?
I have tested Warsmash with the following:
  • Patch 1.22-1.27: Loads fine; generally there are not any substantial differences in these Warcraft III versions that would affect the current Warsmash prototype (although this will change later when Warsmash begins supporting jass scripting)
  • Patch 1.28: Not tested
  • Patch 1.29: Not tested
  • Patch 1.30: Not tested
  • Patch 1.31: Does not work correctly because of WAV sound encryption. When Warsmash is run with audio disabled, it might work. In practice when I wanted to test Warsmash with 1.31 game data, I extracted all of the 1.31 game data using CascView. Then, I loaded that data as a "Folder" type data source on Warsmash rather than as a "CASC" type data source. After doing this, problems with WAV sound encryption were no longer present. I have run Warsmash many times with a folder using the 1.31 extracted assets, so if we get a WAV encryption patch to JCASC from DrSuperGood at some point, then Warsmash should be able to load game data from a 1.31 installation directly.
  • Patch 1.32: Works except for unit shadows and audio files that have been relocated. Unlike 1.31, all audio files are FLAC format which JCASC has no problem with, but the FLAC is 24 bit audio and LibGDX game engine only supports 16 bit wave audio, so the conversion script that I use simply drops the bits and lowers the sound quality. Despite the FLAC loading and playing fine in theory, there are still issues because Warsmash does not yet load and support the new dialogue SLKs.


Feel free to ask more questions here and this FAQ can be updated with additional info!
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