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Fantasy Life v3.2b (5)

Submitted by Deadreyo
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
-| Fantasy Life V2.0+ |-
From humble beginnings to legendary ends, Fantasy Life is a role-playing game that introduces you to an alternate world where you live a new life that embarks on astounding experiences. Venture on expeditions across far sighting plains, rocky mountains, and unknown seas with longtime or newly-made friends; grow out to be a relentless slayer who searches far out to defeat legends, a driven traveler who wishes to uncover all the secrets that lay, or a reputable royal knight destined for glory. With limitless bounds, you can live to be any character of your own choice and engulf through memorable storytelling that all encompasses in a fantasy life.

Live your Fantasy Life!

Fantasy Life discord server: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

Fantasy Life is a major map that roleplayers have been playing for many years. It is a major symbol of roleplaying in WC3. It has 2 main modes, the normal mode which enables the thrilling events, and the RP mode which helps people to roleplay.

The world sets in a medieval kingdom surrounded by forestry that is saturated with threats, secrets, and legends. Begin by choosing to be a night elf, orc, dwarf, goblin, or human. Now that you’ve set your character into this new world, go out and design your character: search for a career as a blacksmith, bartender, sheriff, or countless others to lay a proper foundation that opens to multiple opportunities; choose out of more than 8 classes and counting to master an arsenal of skills and abilities for combat; live the luxurious life by buying a home and building relationship with others; go out to be an evil force to be reckoned with or an honored protector for the kingdom, for monsters and bandits lurk around the entire kingdom, and it’s your choice to either join them or face them. At the end of it all, you are your own master in this world, and it’s up to you to decide what kind of life you wish to live in this burgeoning map.

  • All the work were done on the unfinished map left by Diaster which is Fantasy Life 1.40b (Fantasy Life 1.40 Beta1 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com). I fixed most exploits that made the map unplayable and added a bunch of new things.

    Choose from 5 races with 2 genders! Male: Goblin, Dwarf, Human, Orc. Female: Human, Night Elf, Orc.

    Buy a weapon from more than 6 different weapons, each gives an independant skin according to the kind of weapon, race and gender!

    Explore the map, reveal the secrets in the kingdom, fight the unbeatable bosses and obtain the most powerful treasures!
    Get a job from more than 15 interactive jobs, work hard, get exp and money as a reward! Jobs differ in the kind of task, money earned, exp earned and the working time!
    Choose from 11 different skillsets with master skillsets for each one.

    1. Warrior -> Knight
    2. White mage -> White wizard
    3. Black mage -> black wizard
    4. red mage -> red wizard
    5. cultist -> death knight
    6. slayer -> dragoon
    7. thief -> ninja
    8. woodsman -> ranger
    9. black belt -> monk
    10. Ice mage -> Ice Wizard
    11. Druid -> Bear Master/Wolf Master/Mystical Druid
    Buy from over 9 houses with different sizes and prices, buy furniture and have an elegant house, or use it as a secret base for your mercenaries!
    Stand with the King against their enemies, help him save the kingdom from the dangers, or rebel against the King, team up with your friends and take the throne from him!
    Dangerous monsters appear all over the map who are eager to the town and kill everyone. Will you fight them off and save the town from destruction? Will you assist the villains to destroy the town, take the throne and cause immense destruction? Or will you just pass by and watch from afar?

    Its all up to you!

    • v3.2b (5)
    - Temporarily Disabled Vampires.
    - Fixed Mode Commands.
    - All decorations' stocks increased, price decreased, recharges much faster.
    - Town Happiness can no longer be a negative number
    - Happiness Contribution now decays slightly by time. (100 points every min)
    - Samurai Leader, Gardener income increased, cop slightly nerfed, priest income decreased
    - fixed bug related to not being able to make chickens.
    - many item models changed.
    - Max constant taxes set to 99, but money gained for king and lost from players increased 10x (i.e. no change). [an attempt to fix tax bug]
    - Percentage taxes disabled.
    - Thief: Stealing from citizens now awards [100,600] gold
    - Thief: can't mug or steal from allies in Safe Mode. - Success message fixed.
    - Questboard now works for the new colors.
    - All future revolutions will stop after defeating their leader. (till the end of the game)

    - Farms are now returned to passive when their owners reset character.
    - Rename command now changes the actual name of heroes.
    - Wine Cask Delivery: Spawned bandits decreased.

    • v3.2b (4)
    - Stats: Fixed an issue causing spending attribute points on stats to not work.
    - Pokemons: Fixed a possible cause of crashing related to them.
    - Death: Fixed an issue causing the mob to stay in the Mortal Arena and souls not able to fight.
    - King: Fixed an issue causing the hero to get models of other races on equipping some weapons.
    - King: Stats gaining rate increased. Now has a chance to get an attribute point instead of a stat point.
    - Mercs: Vampire hunters: Now have the ability to fire this unit.
    - Many fixes.

    - New Command Unit: Found in the top left of the map. This was made to solve issues that accompanied some commands.
    - New command: Rename. This command can be used to change the name of a unit. Set it with (-rename) and put it in action via the Command Unit.

    - (-debug): Can now be used to remove your Soul and create a new one. Use it if you get your Soul stuck.
    - (-level #): Can now be used for odd numbers like 5,7,9.
    - (-gold): You can now write a number after this command to get that amount. If you don't, you will get 50k.
    - (-goldall): You can now write a number after this command to get that amount. If you don't, you will get 50k.

    Game Modes:
    - Roleplay 2 Mode removed. You can now disable pokemons, revolutions and vampires separately.

    - Fixed an issue causing passives to not work.
    - Thief: Steal: When used on citizens, has 40% chance to alert Officers.
    - Thief: Disguise: Can now be used on all the 24 player colors.

    - Noble: Chicken now have a 25% chance to lay a golden egg, which gives the Hero +1 attribute point. Golden eggs don't give money though.
    - Noble: Reduced money gained per egg to 300.
    - Priest: Now gains double stats and Kingdom Happiness from selected jobs (Vampire Hunter, Graveyard, Wine Carrier, Street Cleaner, Gardener)
    - Priest: Cost increased to 20k, and his passive income now depends more on both Kingdom Happiness and his Happiness Contribution.
    **Note: Priests are able to have jobs normally like normal Players.**

    - Miner: 24 Rock Chunks now spawn instead of 12.
    - Escort Job: Fixed.
    - Lumberjack: Now gives STR stats. The Hero will now stop after he delivers the wood, and needs to be given an order to harvest wood again. In other words, no longer an AFK job.
    - Officers: Income is now based on the Kingdom Happiness. Now gives either STR or AGI stats periodically. Stats gaining rate depends on Kingdom Happiness.
    - Wine Cask Job: Now gives both AGI and INT on delivering the Wine Cask. Increased Kingdom Happiness gained by 300%, and now gives happiness contribution.
    - Commander of the Army: Now gains AGI or STR or INT or ATTRIBUTE POINT periodically.

    - Re-organizing the events roads. Changed the events that follow the previous event's ending.
    - The rare events will now have more chance to appear.

    • V3.2b (3)
    - Found the reason of the frequent crashes and fixed it.
    - Optimizations and performance fixes in most aspects of the game.
    - Mobs: all mobs have had their HP and damage increased by approximately 100% except Demonic Monsters.
    - Many fixes.

    - Cultist: Skeleton: damage and HP increased by 50%.

    Mercenaries, King's units, and Summon Familiar: Gain Exp from nearby mobs deaths.
    - Jobs: City Cleaner: trash positions can now be reset when taking the job again.

    • V3.2b (2)
    1. Jobs:
      1. New Job: Street Cleaner. Clean the trash from streets to get gold, exp and make the kingdom happy. Gives happiness contribution points and increases kingdom's happiness.

      2. New Job: Commander of the Army. Takes full control over the King's units and barracks. The king has full control over this job, as in the King can enable or disable this job, fire the current Commander, give him full control or take it from him, and sets his income which is deducted from the taxes income.
      3. Many jobs now give stats. Stats are gived after a certain goal is achieved, like doing the job every X times:
      Vampire Hunter: + strength and intelligence.
      Fisher: + intelligence
      Miner: + strength
      Cooker: + intelligence
      Blacksmith: + strength
      Delivery: + Agility
      Alchemist: + intelligence
      Librarian: + intelligence
      Gardener: + agility
      Street Cleaner: + Agility
      Escort: + strength, + agility
      Bartender: + agility ---OR--- + intelligence
      Grave Keeper: + agility --OR-- + strength --OR-- + intelligence
      1. Fixed an issue causing job items to not spawn when the working time comes. You will no longer need to quit the job and take it again.
      2. Lumberjack: money gained increased by 50%.
      3. Police: Increased income by 50%
    1. King
      1. King gets an increase in a random stat periodically.

      2. Fixed an issue causing taxes to not give money.

      3. The game will now track all the money gained and lost from all the sources when collecting taxes and show it to the player.

      4. New upgrade research: Troop Upgrade. Increases the hp of soldiers and archers by 10 and damage by 2. Can be researched up to 50 lvls.

      5. Happiness reduction increased.
    2. General:
      1. Added 4 more players.

      2. Fixed an issue causing some bosses to give much more exp than intended.
      3. Fixed an issue causing morphing of Special Item to remove toggle taxes and unequip.

      4. Added an ability to mercs and soldiers to be fired. Firing Soldiers does not decrease kingdom's happiness.
      5. Increased the happiness gained from Donations by 50%.

      6. Practice Dummy: Exp gained increased by 100%.
      7. Tougher Practice Dummy: Exp rate increased. Max level increased to 12.
      8. Mobs: Demonic Warrior: replaced spell immunity with 70% spell damage reduction.

      9. White Wizard: Fixed Diaga, Will now work as intended.

      10. Fixed an issue causing a light glow to appear on all units.
      11. fixed the darkness bug (unconfirmed)
      12. fixed Safe Mode.
      13. More fixes.

      --> Vampires:
      1. Now only appear at night and vanish at day
      2. Kingdom Happiness gained from killing them increased by 100%.
    • V3.2b (1)
    1. Classes: Added the last master specialization of the Druid class: Mystical Druid
    2. Samurai Town: finished the last part of it.
    3. Modes: Added a new mode:Safe Mode. Once activated at the start of the game, no player can randomly attack other players. Unally command will be needed to be used from both players to be enemies.
    4. King: Soldiers now have an upkeep of 20 gold per unit. Death of soldiers will decrease the happiness of the kingdom
    5. King: Income now decreases relative to the amount of players who don't pay taxes. The income can compensate up to 2 non-payers, more than that the income decreases.
    6. King: A second tax added: Constant Taxes. This kind deducts a certain amount of gold from players periodically, with a maximum of 1000 gold. Players can use either of the taxes or both together.
    7. Thief: Pick Lock: Now requires the hero to be level 5 in order to break magical pen walls.
    8. Quick Dagger: Moved from the Blacksmith into the Castle inside a vault. On taking it, the king loses 5000 gold and kingdom happiness decreases significantly.
    9. Ring of Archmagi: Bonus stats increased from 5 to 10. Price increased from 10,000 to 20,000. Can carry 1 only.
    10. [-roll]: Updated. You can now submit any limit you wish [-roll #####]
    11. Commands: A kicking command has been added which uses player number. [-kick ##]
    12. Commands: [-remove] has been removed.
    13. King: Building time of all normal units has been increased from [1] sec to [2] sec, increased for Elite Units with various amounts. (More changes may happen in the future)
    14. Special Item: Orc's model's damage and health reduced to match that of Human and Goblin. Night Elf's model's attack speed increased.
    15. All Spells: Correctly changed most abilities' damage type to Spells.
    16. Kingdom's happiness: Blacksmith's display items: Increased the decrease in happiness from stealing them.
    17. Kingdom's happiness: Reduced all happiness gained from jobs.
    18. Purchasable Decorations: Added chair and fireplace. Added the ability to rotate to some decorations.
    19. Elite Units: are now transferred to the new King when the King is changed.
    20. All heroes: Hotkeys updated. Most of the skillsets will now be arranged to QWER,ASDF,ZXC formation as you level up. All basic mages and Red Wizard excluded
    21. Miner Job: Increased the chance of facing a golem inside the mining cave slightly.
    22. Events: Vampire Bosses [Vampire Event] now scale with time.
    23. Events: Vampire Event: Nerfed slightly the vampires.
    24. Music: [We will rock you] and [Stop Music] removed.
    25. Gravekeeper Job: Zombies are now removed on quitting the job.
    26. Revival Arena: Not picking a weapon within 30 seconds will give you an Ash Staff.
    27. Revival Arena: Removed Flan from the list of opponents.
    28. Triforce of Courage: Will now drop under the Hero if his backpack is full.
    29. Modes: Not choosing a mode will now activate Normal Mode.
    30. Mobs: Removed Blood Stains from Demons of Neutral Passive.
    31. Druid: Bear Form:
      *Mana is now capped at 100
      *Mana gained from attacks reduced to 10 from 20.
      *Maul: Damage reduced to 40 + 2xSTR instead of 40 + 4xSTR. Mana cost increased to 30 from 20.
      *Swipe: Damage reduced to 20 + 2xSTR instead of 20 + 3xSTR.
      *Stampeding Roar: Cooldown decreased to 30 seconds. Duration decreased to 5 seconds.

    32. Ice Wizard:
      1. Enhanced Blizzard: Damage reduced to 20 +3xINT instead of 50 + 3xINT.
      2. Enhanced Blizzard (Water Elemental): damage reduced to 80 per wave.
      3. Breath of Frost (Upgraded): Damage reduced to 100 + 6xINT instead of 120 + 7xINT.
      4. Frost Armor: Duration reduced to 20 instead of 45 seconds.
      5. Frost Armor (Upgraded): Casting time increased from instant to 1 second. Duration reduced to 20.
      6. Frost Nova: Cooldown increased from 0 to 3 seconds. Damage reduced to 10 + 4xINT. Duration reduced to 4 (2 against heroes).
      7. Frost Nova (Upgraded): Damage changed from 140 + 5xINT to 60 + 6xINT. Radius changed to 400.
      8. Frost Bolt (Upgraded): Damage reduced to 100 + 7xINT instead of 200 + 7xINT.
      9. Frost Attack: Duration reduced to 3 seconds, 2 seconds vs heroes.
      10. Frost Armor: reduced to 5.
      11. Frost Armor (Upgraded): reduced to 10.
      12. Freezing Storm: now has 2 cycles (instead of 1). Each shard deals 1x Intelligence (down from 25+ 1x INT) in a radius of 300 (down from 400). Total damage: 100 + 18x INT.
      13. Fixed an issue causing Blizzara to not be replaced with Freezing Storm.
    33. Knight:
      1. Protect: Armor increased from 5 to 12.
      2. Slash: Stun increased from 0.5 to 1.5 second.
      3. Guardian: Edited functionality: Now has 50% chance to block 33% of the incoming damage. Fixed an issue causing the Heroto not be slowed.
      4. Statis Sword: Initial Stun increased from 0.5 to 1 second. Deals 50 + 2x strength if freezing succeeds.
      5. Endure Pain: Minimum Health after the effect ends is 50.
    34. Cultist: Thunder: Damage reduced to 50 + 5 x INT.
    35. Black Wizard:
      1. Quake: damage reduced from 300 + 5x INT to 150 + 5x INT.
      2. Thundaga: Damage reduced from 250 + 6x INT to 150 + 6x INT.
    36. Druid: Wolf Master: Shred: Base damage reduced from 100 + 4 x Agility to 60 + 3 x Agility.
    37. Black Belt: Throat Punch is back with: Damage increased from 2xSTR to 3xSTR. Chance to silence decreased from 20 + 2x STR to 10 + 2x STR. Now deals 2x STR when silenced.
    38. Bug Fixes:
      1. Gardener Job: Fixed an issue in income.
      2. Coliseum: PvP mode fixed.
      3. Events: Mewtwo: Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to proceed after killing the clones.
      4. Druid Forms: Fixed an issue causing the hero to get stuck when changing forms in the Coliseum.
      5. Protect Quests: Fixed an issue causing mobs to go back.
      6. Dragoon: Dragoon's Ignore Height fixed. Can only be used on Stone Path tiles.
      7. Leveling: Fixed an issue causing heroes to reach level 25 instantly after reaching level 20. And fixed the crash related to it.
      8. Common Skills: Fixed an issue causing Toggle Taxes to disappear.
      9. Bosses: Fixed an issue causing Rubicant to keep healing himself instead of attacking by putting cooldown on his heal.
      10. Revival Arena: Fixed an issue causing Druid in Revival Match to get stuck there when shapeshifting before getting a weapon.
      11. Bosses: Fixed an issue causing the body of a dead hell boss to be moved to the center of the map instead of players.
      12. Special Item: Fixed an issue causing special items' morphing to reset HP.
      13. Quest Board: Fixed an issue causing Quest Board activation to reveal the map.
      14. Jobs: Fixed an issue causing Combat Trainer delivery job to not work as intended.
      15. Werewolf: Fixed an issue related to turning into a Werewolf when being a druid.
      16. Weapons: Fixed Samurai Katana and Death Knight's Sword. Should now apply the correct buffs.
      17. Much more fixes that I didn't write down.
    • V3.2a-2
    1. Fixed an issue causing ballroom to not work.
    2. Knight: Statis sword duration reduced from 5 to 3 on heroes.
    3. Fixed an issue causing hell portals to not work.
    4. Cutscene texts cannot be deleted by pressing ESC anymore.
    5. Fixed an issue causing mercs to spawn inside the merchant counter.
    6. snow and snowoff triggers should now be working when said by Red and Blue.
    7. Fixed an issue causing skillsets to migrate to wrong players.
    8. Fixed an issue causing passives of ability skillsets to not work.
    9. Fixed an issue causing Werewolf Master Skillset to not be given.
    10. Fixed an issue causing heavy armors to be dropped when changing the weapon.
    11. Merged (Roleplay2) mode with (Bandits off) mode.
    • V3.2a:
    NOTE: Throat Punch has been temporarily removed from Monk.
    1. Terrain textures changed. The new set of textures will give the map a fresh look!
    2. Map extended from the bottom, creating a huge area.
    3. A new area for end-game mobs, with new mobs, new bosses and an environment that is yet to be the hardest challenge players could ever face. (Need at least 4 players to have a chance.)
    4. A new town with a different look, that is only accessible by sea. Contains new jobs, new mercenaries and a new RP item. (The closed place inside it is still under development.)
    5. Major system added: Quest Board. From the quest board you can get various missions, like Assassinate (your job is to kill a target), Protect (your job is to defend a target), Deliver (your job is to deliver an item from a place to another), and Locate (your job is to solve the riddles and follow the leads till you reach the requirement). Those can be done along with your main job, and the pay for each mission depends on it's difficulty.
    6. New jobs, including: Escort VIP; your job is to escort a random target in a random place and protect him till he reaches the castle. Escort Wine Convoy; your job is to take the convoy to the bar in the town with as much health as possible. Along with making most jobs give happiness to the kingdom.
    7. New Class: Ice Mage/Wizard: Relies on his companion which can mimic his abilities. Has high AoE and CC.
    8. The first exceptional new class: Druid. Relies on his ability to shapeshift into 3 different forms, to fit different situations. His real powers appear on choosing a specialization, which can improve either his Bear form (Bear Master), Wolf form (Wolf Master), or his magical powers (Still in development). Each specialization depends on a different stat, has different mechanics and playstyles.
    9. New mob: Demonic Warrior. Immune to most abilities.
    10. New mobs: Elite Skeleton Warriors and Elite Skeleton Archers. Immune to normal attacks.
    11. New boss: Zulghar the Destroyer. An extremely powerful boss that excels in destroying melee heroes. His high armor makes it difficult for players who depend on normal attacks (like dragoon).
    12. New boss: The Mystical Knight. An exceptional boss that is unmatched in his abilities. Excels in destroying mages and summoning powerful minions to kill his foes.
    13. Two new samurai mercenaries.
    14. A new RP item with a special skin.
    15. New: Harbor and boats.
    16. Added a slight cooldown on getting the skillsets after changing weapons.
    17. New models for Human Male, Human Female, and villagers.
    18. The Nagas have returned to their cave after visiting their grandparents. You can now meet them again and drink tea together, maybe.
    19. Female Orc is now available once again for picking.
    20. Made 2 new commands to be able to give control of the Embassy or the Port to a player.
    21. Vampires will spawn after 10 mins of the start of the game.
    22. Slightly buffed Ranger and Woodsman. Nerfed Black Wizard.
    23. Increased the maximum level to 25, and decreased the maximum level a player can get using host cheats to 10.
    24. Fixed the old bug causing Female Orc and Female Human Special Item skins ability to delete the other hero's abilities.
    25. Fixed an issue causing White Wizard to not be obtainable.
    26. Fixed an issue causing mobs to not respawn when killed.

    • V3.1b:
    1. removed lobby music
    2. fixed the broken textures
    3. temporarily disabled female orc race
    4. various changes to classes abilities
    1- Summon Wyvern: decreased health from 1200 to 1000. decreased damage from 68 to 60. Cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 20.
    2- Jump: Decreased damage from 200 + 10x agility to 200 + 8x agility
    3- Fire Breath: decreased damager per tick from 36 to 28.

    1- Now at level 11 the player gets Utusemi instead of Raiton: Rai Kou. The latter was moved to level 15.
    2- Throw: decreased CD from 5 to 4.
    3- Shadow step: increased the constant damage.

    Death Knight
    (Dark Portal) 1- Increased the duration of summoned units from 5 to 8 mins
    2- Summon Dark Army: summones reduced from 5-7 to 1-2. Duration set to Permanent.

    • V3.1a:
    1. added lobby music, to help people wait
    2. Reworked the fame system. Solved the farms' bug. You can now gain fame by being very rich. too
    3. New Job (Vampire Hunter)
    4. New mobs (Vampires)
    5. 2 new events, completing the Evil Questline.
    6. Updates to the Modes. Removed the starting social classes. The only way to become a Noble or a Priest is by achieving their requirements.
    7. Fixed a large amount of leaks.|r
    8. Many fixes.
    9. changed position of many NPCS and many changes in the map
    10. A new kind of dummy, gives exp when you attack it. unkillable
    11. More updates to the Port and Outpost.
    12. all races can use masamune
    13. Third roleplay mode with vampires disabled
    14. Jobs now give double exp, which causes an indirect nerf to Miner and also a new way to level up than grinding.
    15. New ability for vampire hunter job
    16. decreased the money lost for taxes by half
    17. Fixes and updates to the PvP colliseum which should be enough to fix any problems that used to happen.
    • V3.0:
    1. New races for the king to choose from for his troops
    2. Designed for RP: New mercs, cosmetic weapons, new models for a huge number of old and new units.
    3. 2 new races: Male and Female Orcs!
    4. Special units added to the king's barracks.
    5. New host slot and he chooses the mode
    6. Fame system reworked along with a new "Happiness Contribution" system
    7. Outposts upgraded to help in roleplaying wars between different races
    8. Fantasy Life V2.4 unprotected version has been released to epicwar,com for who wants to learn or copy triggers. Fantasy Life v2.4 - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com
    • V2.8:
    1. New Warlock staff
    2. New PvP system in the arena
    3. More fixes
    • V2.7:
    1. Added a Female Night Elf race
    2. Special item with great models for every race
    3. RP mode now disables pokeballs
    • V2.0 to V2.6:
    1. Many tests and runs to fix the crashes
    2. 2 new game modes by vote (RP and Normal)
    3. Disabled Cash to Exp function
    • V2.0:
    1. Fixed the core, now the map is working. Fixed the town teleportation
    2. Removed most of the naga monsters to allow map editing (when I was using the normal editor)
    3. 2 new races: Male Dwarf and Male Goblin
    4. Reduced the bank interest, 3 new soundtracks, added an upgrade for the officers.

  • [​IMG]













  • Updated by: Deadreyo

    Current Developers (V3.2b and up): Deadreyo and Watsine/Diaster
    Testers: Poduchen, Merunes and SalvaW

    Old map version credits:
    Terrain: thorhunter
    Originally by: Mid_highwind
    Produced by: Diaster

    Mc !
    Mister X
    Goliath the God
    General Frank
    Final Tyrant
    Holy Crusader
    Wandering Soul
    Astaroth Zion
    Blood Raven
    Blizzard Entertainment
    Rubellu Sidus

    1. Blacksmith delivery: You are working at the blacksmith. The blacksmith will create an item for you to pick up and deliver the order.
    2. Trainer delivery: You are a courter that bring stuff from the trainer room to the blacksmith.
    3. Librarian: You are a librarian, you prefer peace and quiet, a place where all the books can be found... Oh dear, look at that? Time to fix the misplaced books and put back the return books.
    4. Bartender: You are a bartender, your job is to ensure the tavern costumer are satisfied, make sure you deliver the order correct.
    5. Miner: You are a miner, your job is to mine and gather value inside the mine and sell them for a price. Will you be lucky to struck gold?
    6. Gladiator: You are a Gladiator, live, love, burn with life, slay and survive. Only the strong will remain standing.
    7. Fisher: You are a Fisherman/Fisherwoman, you will be catching fish and sell them to the market, so people don't get hungry without fish.
    8. Grave Keeper: You are the Grave Keeper, your job is to ensure the dead are peace... Be mindful of the dead...
    9. Lumber Jack (wood cutter): You are a lumber jack, your job is to cut down wood, so people at home can feel warm instead of the harsh cold winter.
    10. Bodyguard (Escort): You are a bodyguard, the client has requested you to protect him/her from one place to another, if they made it to the place alive, you will be paid... Handsomely.
    11. Wine Deliverer: You are a Wine Deliverer, you deliver wine to places where the job requires.
    12. Quest Board: On the quest board, there will be random request on either escort, kill, protect, etc. Useful for mostly adventurer.
    13. Officer: You are an officer, you are on duty to uphold the kingdom law and order. Protect the town and ensure no crimes was committed.
    14. Cook: You are a cook, your job is to cook food for the soldiers in the castle to get paid.
    15. Alchemist: You are an Alchemist, you will be making potion of different kind, making the wrong one would be costly and may turn against you, if you make the right one, who knows what going to happen.
    16. Blacksmith: You are a blacksmith, your job is to forge weapon and armor and have it ready for delivery.
    17. Street Cleaner. Cleans the streets from trash for money and to make people happy.
    18. Commander of the Army. Can control the King's armies and lead them to war and fight for the glory of the king!
    19. Vampire Hunter. Your job is to hunt down and destroy the vampires.

    1. Warrior: The basic class. A tank with some heal, some crowd control and low damage.
    2. Knight: The Master Warrior. A very tough Tank that can take much damage. Has some heal, some crowd control and more damage than the Warrior. Main role: Tank.
    3. White mage: A specialized healer. His skillset is made mainly for support and healing. He has low damage but very high heals and good buffs.
    4. White Wizard: The Master White mage: Has a lot more heal and buffs, can support the whole team and also has higher damage. Occasionally, can deal enormous damage. Main role: Support.
    5. Black mage: A specialized ranged mage damage dealer. His skillset is only abilities of damage and debuffs. Has a very high damage output, but no healing and no tanking.
    6. Black Wizard: The Master Black mage. Has an extremely high damage output, and dangerous debuffs. Best to use against PvE. Main role: Magic damage dealer.
    7. Red mage: A moderate mix between White and Black mages. Has good healing and good damage.
    8. Red Wizard: The Master Red mage. Has better healing and better damage, but less heal than White and less damage than Black. Good for those who want to deal damage and heal. Main role: Healer / Magic damage dealer.
    9. Cultist: A Intelligence/Strength Hybrid class. A good tank and has good damage. Can summon minions.
    10. Death Knight: The Master Cultist. A very good tank and has very high damage. Some of his abilities deal damage to him. Can summon demons. Main role: Magic damage dealer/Tank
    11. Slayer: An agility warrior that uses his spear to defeat enemies. Has extremely high physical damage and good survivability.
    12. Dragoon. The Master Slayer. Has extremely high physical damage and very good survivability. Main role: Physical damage dealer / [moderate] Tank.
    13. Thief: Master of tricks. Can steal gold from players, steal their items, open locks and disguise as another player. His damage in basic skillset is low, no heal and low survivability.
    14. Ninja: Master Thief. Has very high damage, can cast lots of tricks, but has low survivability. Main role: Magical/Physical Damage Dealer.
    15. Woodsman: A class that uses environment to survive. Has moderate physicial damage. Can heal by consuming corpses and can hide outdoors.
    16. Ranger: Master Woodsman. Has very high physical damage, can put traps and summon beasts. Main role: Physical Damage Dealer.
    17. Black belt: A strong warrior. His abilities can deal alot of damage and has good crowd control. Has good survivability also.
    18. Monk: Master Black Belt. Has extremely high damage and good survivability. Has very good crowd control. Main role: Damage dealer.
    19. Ice mage: A specialized Mage in the powers of ice. Can slow enemies and deal high damage. Can also summon Water Elementals.
    20. Ice Wizard: Master Ice mage. Has extremely high damage and very strong crowd control. Can slow a bunch of enemies at once. His minions can also cast abilities. Main role: Magical Damage dealer / Crowd Control.
    21. Druid: Can shapeshift into multiple forms, and can specialize in only one of them.
    22. Bear Master: Master Druid. Excellent survivability and good damage. Main role: Tank
    23. Wolf Master: Master Druid. Excellent Damage but low survivability. Main role: Damage dealer.
    24. Mystical Druid: Excellent damage and healing. Can also summon units to help him. Main role: Damage dealer AND Healer.

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Fantasy Life v3.2b (5) (Map)

We played this map a lot, everything seems to work fine! lots of fun on your map, thanks a lot,we can see all the effort you put in here, and we got some feedback to give -Absolutely hyped for so many races to pick! and everyone with a diferent skin...
[spoiler] Nothing much is really happening. You're also moving a lot on blank space from one part of the map to another. Mostly, you repeatedly kill creeps over and over. Awaiting Update. ================================================ Always...
  1. Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer

    Nov 7, 2018
    Hey I downloaded this map to give it a try and I am having a hard time getting it to work. I added it to my Warcraft III maps folder and I don't see it in game. I tried shortening the name of the map to FL and it still did not show up. I ran Warcraft 3 launcher and updated the game, still does not show up. I'm at a loss as to how to play the map. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Warboss Gron

    Warboss Gron

    Feb 15, 2018
    Did you remember wc3 map files are in a different folder? There in your documents now.
  3. Izzmir


    Nov 13, 2017
    Help me I can't play this map in my warcraft

    Attached Files:

  4. Deadreyo


    Sep 3, 2014
    Are you using an old warcraft version? That could be the reason
  5. Izzmir


    Nov 13, 2017
    I am using the latest one, version 1.30.1
  6. Deadreyo


    Sep 3, 2014
  7. Valandil


    Sep 14, 2012
    3 time officer in the description.
  8. GrandSilver


    Jan 25, 2016
  9. onix255


    Apr 22, 2019
    Hey the mode is great but have no clue how to do the escort job.
  10. TheGamerEdgaras12


    Aug 10, 2013
    why normal mode cant be used with taxes?
  11. Mirko Soto De La Torre

    Mirko Soto De La Torre

    Dec 12, 2017
    "Cannot load map data" RIP map
  12. Mix Heart

    Mix Heart

    Nov 5, 2019
    About the RP Song #1 for this, there is a better version here.
  13. Zoom124


    Mar 25, 2020
    For you guys
  14. TheGamerEdgaras12


    Aug 10, 2013
    Finally fixed the things cause it was so buggy map anyways
  15. Euran


    Nov 16, 2020
    What version is needed to play it? I'm quite eager to play it, but it simply doesn't appear in my downloaded list when ingame, even when it's clearly in the wc3 downloaded maps folder...
  16. Deadreyo


    Sep 3, 2014
    1.31, but you can play previous versions