[Campaign] Fall of Stormwind

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Apr 28, 2019

About Fall of Stormwind
Fall of stormwind is a custom maps and campaigns bundle, based on original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, but with Warcraft 3 stiled improvements.

The main purpouse of this project is not to port, but remake original Warcraft I. With significant gameplay and ballance changes.

  • Three new landscapes with unique textures and doodads: Swamp of sorrows, Elvin forest, Blackrock mountain.
  • FFA playable factons "Blackhand horde" and "Stormwind" ballanced in Warcraft 3 style. Three unique heroes for each side.
  • Rebuilding campaigns for hero-based gameplay. Some missions will be completely cut or reworked (build 6 farms to win is actualy not fun in 202x)
Main Characters

  • Orgrim Doomhammer - Blackhand's lieutenant. Refused from deamon's blood, so he isn't as strong as regular orcish warior. His advantages are intelect and dexterousity.
  • Blackhand - Blackrock clan and horde warchief. In fact Shadow Council's puppet.
  • Gul'dan - leader of Shadow Council. Grand Warlock. True warchief of the Horde.
  • Garona - the best scout of Blackrock Clan and Shadow Council's wistleblower.
  • Anduin Lothar - knight champion of the Kingdom of Stormwind. Supreme commander of Stormwind Army and best friend of king Llane Wrynn.
  • Medivh - court magician, Guardian of Tirisfal and a Warlock at the same time, possessed by Sargeras. Traitor, who let the hord to invade Azeroth.
  • Khadgar - talented joung mage from Dalaran. He was sent to Medivh as a student. Curious and easy-learning. He can earn new skills realy fast. Most time hi spends in Karazhan.


Town hall tier 1

Town Hall tier 2

Town hall tier 3




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