Eye Of Sargares

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Eye Of Sargares (Campaign)

12:27, 13th Jan 2014 Orcnet: lacking map description




12:27, 13th Jan 2014
Orcnet: lacking map description
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
What? No description at all? It's very crucial that you add some info about your map and some screenshots. Just like that, it will be REJECTED! About the map itself, I'll try it now and release my review soon.

EDIT:- I feel sorry about what I am going to say, but it's truly UNACCEPTABLE!!!
- It's one map, why making a campaign?
- No quests
- No victory conditions
- Very horrible terrain (ALL completely flat and 90% empty)

Nonsense map, could be done in 10 minutes by anyone. 0/5 vote for REJECTION!

I really suggest that you train more and more and read a lot of tutorials before posting any other map.
Level 30
Nov 29, 2012
Next time, look at the rules for Submitting maps: Map Submission Rules and if you are to submit a campaign make sure it composes of many maps because that is how it is meant to work and yet you submitted only one map. You could have just submitted the map directly...

It is also said in the rules that you must put up a proper description. Even a wall of text will do, its the information that matters but make it worth the read and also if you can pursue more, add some BB Codes in it. Highlight the things that needs to be read and all.

Anyway, this looks like in an unacceptable state seeing what you got from Shadow Fury and you should go to the Map Development and work this out. Chances of users helping you are higher rather than being harsh at you, I assure you.

No ratings for me.