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Expiration Timer Problem

Level 6
Mar 29, 2004
I'm creating a mind control spell and having that gauge showing the amt of time left that the unit will be controlled would really help.

So, in short, is it possible to remove an expiration timer (i know how to add one) from a unit with an expiration timer? thanks.
Level 9
Jul 27, 2006
Ever tried to set the timer to 0 seconds... dunno if it will work but its worth a try
Level 40
Dec 14, 2005
Heres an idea

When the origional unit's expiration timer gets to [.01] seconds, just Replace the unit with another one of itself, and convert the control

You can also try

Custom Script: call UnitRemoveAbility( udg_MyUnit, 'BTlf' )

Which assumes that you have the mind control unit in a MyUnit Unit variable, and you are using a Generic expiration timer. Im not sure if this works, but its worth a shot.
Level 11
Jul 12, 2005
I've already tried removing 'BTLF', but it kills the unit instantly. I tried pausing the timer, and then removing the ability, but it neither worked.
The only thing that you can do is replacing the unit, but be carefull, all variables that refer to the original unit will be 'nullified'. Problems could occur with items, and aahh yes, abilities (if we're talking about a hero).