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Evolution: The video game v1.95.

Submitted by InSaNe_97
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Based on "Evolution: The video game by Kickstarter" which is based on "Evolution", old Russian board game.

Evolution-based, board-like map played in turns where living beings compete for surviving and domination.

Game has 64 Turns.
Between Turns is managing time.
Turn and managing time both are 16 seconds.
Game length is about 35 min.
On the start of the game is free time.
On the end of the game is time to check Leaderboard.
Player gets points when Eat with Carnivore equal to Carnivore lvl.
A player loses when being Eat with Carnivore equal to Carnivore lvl.
A leaderboard is shown after the game ends.
Since Original game is based on board game there are much of limits and weird logic due to same limits, I bypassed that so Logic and math here are much better.
It's exactly 64 turns.
It has unlimited Evolution lvls for each level spot and 6 level spots rather than just 3 Evolution slots and Evolution lvl that took a slot. So basically just 3 Evolution traits maximum while in My map it's unlimited but maximum is 6 different traits while every one of them can be evolved unlimited times.
Size is represented much better and can be infinite rather than just 6 lvls.
Members of the species are represented individually rather than as a number.
Added new region, "World", it is the whole middle.
Added "Matter transformator." It has 1 inventory slot and it transforms matter (Evolutions) into the minerals. Transformation happens at the start of turn and minerals spawn in the World. Every Evolution transforms into 4 minerals.
Added Minerals, a new type of Food. Eaten by Chemiosintesis. Can be seen on the map, represented by green dots.
Added Chemiosintesis, a new type of feeding. Eats Minerals.
Added Corpses. Now Life beings leave corpses on death. Eaten by Vulture. Items from Corpses can not be picked-up if Corpse exists. Since corpse emits much of smell it can be seen on the map, represented by green dots.
Added Vulture, a new type of feeding. Eats Corpses.
Added Photosintesis, a new type of feeding. Automatically generates Food.
LB can try to eat impropriate food but won't get anything.
Carnivore graphic duration (s): 1 ---> 2.
The added boundary on parts of the map that aren't used.
Evolution descriptions a bit changed.
Skeleton Orc selection scale: 1.1 ---> 1.2.
Added Agility. - 20% chance to CS (including Food and score), dodge, and avoiding Defense (Spikes). It's counted as a difference between Agility of the attacker and the attacked.
Added Spikes. - The attacker gets hurt and loses points.
The added boundary on parts of the map that aren't used.
Size now have a passive icon, and others that should have will have it.
LB got Food. Food is represented by mana.
maxFood and maxLife of a Unit are proportionate.
LB starts with 0 Food every turn.
After the turn ends LB's Life become determined proportionate by Food they have.
LB gets Food by eating others with Carnivore. Food got is equal to the damage they dealt with Carnivore.
Size - HP maximum;
Life - Current HP;
Food requited - Mana maximum;
Food obtained - Current mana;
LB - Living Being;
lvl - Level.

Credits: terrio.

Evolution: The video game v1.95. (Map)

  1. eubz


    Mar 29, 2011
  2. InSaNe_97


    Feb 11, 2016
    But it's basically "Evolution: The video game by Kickstarter", why it needs a description, but okay...

    Edit: I did My best, I added: "Evolution-based, board-like map played in turns where living beings compete for surviving and domination.", and fix some spellin' errors.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019