Escape from the Dreamworld

Should the map be multiplayer or singleplayer?

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Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
By Bob27 & Craka_J

Map Overview
Escape from the Dreamworld is a map me and Craka_J are making for the Paired Mapping Contest #4.

You are a mage, who has created a spell that will allow you to travel into your dreams when you sleep like it was real life. However you have gotten stuck in the dreamworld, and are unable to leave the dreamworld until you finish several challenges, each representing a different part of you.

You will start of at the center of your dream, from where you can choose between four different levels. The first three levels will each represent a different attribute. You will be able to choose between the Test of Strength, the Test of Agility or the Test of Intelligence to begin with. The fourth level is all of these combined, and you can not start it until you have finished the other three levels. Each level with have different challenges for you to complete, and then a boss at the end to do one final test of your abilities.

To complete these levels you must use your skills in that particular attribute to complete the level. If you are killed during the test, you will go back to the center of your dream, where you can attempt the level again or start another level.

When you complete a level you will receive a key, and will be sent back to the center of the dream, where you can choose another level to start. When you have received all three keys you will be able to start the fourth level. Once you defeat the boss of the fourth level, you have won the map and you will awake from the dreamworld.

Test of StrengthIn this level you need to fight your way through enemies, and complete challenges that will test your strength.
Test of AgilityIn this level you will need to use agility and speed to reach the end of this level.
Test of IntelligenceIn this test you will need to solve several puzzles and use magic to reach the end of this level.
Final TestIn this level it will test all of your attributes, and you will need to use similar skills to the ones used in all the other three tests.

For the map Craka_J and I are unsure about whether to make it a multiplayer or singleplayer map. For this reason I have attached a poll to the thread where you can vote for whether or not you think this should be a multiplayer or singleplayer map.
Level 35
Dec 10, 2007
The setting reminds me of one of the Mages guild's side quests in TES: Oblivion. It should definately be a singleplayer map, since puzzles are not good with companions. It's not good if you play with a noob and he get you both killed by screwing something up.
Level 5
Jun 27, 2008
You should make it singel player, not only will it be easyer. But you can also make it bigger with more models.
The Map idea itself are great, cant wait til its done