Eras Zombie Invasion Balanced V 2.8

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Zombies are back in europe , what are you going to do this time?.
the great warcraft 3 mod has returned!. and this time in a big , big way.
go back as being a zombie or a country.

[broke="New Ui Changes.
Fixed Carrier.
completed north america and
North Africa.
added Egypt as a colony of italia.(infront of italia).
various tooltips fixed.
zombies may go up to level 4, excluding special zombies like carriers , lumpies or d.3.4.ds."]Changelog[/broke]

Full house recommended.
Credits ingame (F9->help).

i'm only the modder. the original author already left warcraft 3 and this map got continued by an anonymous until 2009.

eras zombie invasion

Eras Zombie Invasion Balanced V 2.8 (Map)

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