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How to use this skin:

After importing the skin re-write its path to: TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_RuneBricks.blp or TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_LargeBricks.blp

I note these two tilesets because cliffs create their corresponding tile when placed, and the only two man-made cliffs with a size 2 tile are in sunken ruins and icecrown glacier. Note: with the modify tileset feature, your favorite tiles can still be used in the same map with this tile.

All tilesets have a size in the world editor, which can be viewed in Advanced->Modify Tileset. The tile size is displayed as a 1 or 2, representing the size of the skins that make up the tiles. A size 1 tile has a 256x256 skin, which largely consists of the boarder art applied when the tile is overlapping another tile. These tiles only have 2 tile variations. A size 2 tile is 512x256, and has 18 tile variations. This skin can be used to replace any size 2 tile.

In the Modify Tileset window the order of the tiles is important and can be changed as well. As this skin is meant to be used for its tile variation it is recommended that it be shifted as far left as possible, so that it appears below all the other tiles when used (this way it has no need for borders, and any tile variant may be used with another piece of terrain.

The further left a tile is on the tile skin, the rarer its appearance is. Some tiles have an appearance rate of smaller than 1%, so I would recommend creating a little tile palette so that you can copy and paste each tile.
If you access the terrain palette in the world editor, and then access the selection tool, you can select terrain and use copy and paste on it. This allows you to find one of each tile and copy and paste it to a separate location, which I refer to as your tile palette. From this you can copy and paste any of the 18 tiles you choose without prejudice :D



Note: using copy and paste not only saves the tile variation, it also remembers cliff height, and elevation. It is best to place down all the tiles before changing height. Tiles placed on a lower or higher cliff level will still be remembered even if it changes the cliff level. Just raise or lower it to its intended level and the desired tile should show up.





If this tileset is below all others it can also be incorporated with others to create cool effects. However, when using two tiles you will need to copy and paste two tiles, as one of the overlapping tiles will hold the tile information. When planning on combining tiles it is always a good idea to make these tiles more common (ie appear further right on the skin).



While a 75% freehand rule for skin submissions spurred me to make this skin entirely freehand, it does not prevent you from copying and pasting your favorite tiles in this skin to use in your map. You have permission to replace any of the tiles on this skin or shift their position. If you use at least one of the tiles you must give credit to me, 67chrome, as I drew each one freehand (Well, except the black one :D). If you want a custom tileset like this one but do not have the right programs to make it, get a friend to do it for you. If you don’t have any friends that can, get better friends. Same goes for creating custom skin for a cliff (cliff skin shown above not included).

This is were the tile variations are; 1 and 2 are the most common, and 15, 16, 17 and 18 are by far the rarest.

If you have any questions regarding creating your own tileset check out the tutorials here or at WC3campagns.

And finally, here’s my concept ;)


-Updated to display the correct paths.

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EpicRPGTileset_by67chrome.blp (Texture)

15:01, 2nd Jul 2009 Hawkwing: These could be incredibly useful for many different maps and I highly recommend this to all users. The instructions are very helpful too.
Level 36
Jan 10, 2009
The black lining is part of the skin, I can't really create a border for it because the border doesn't have 16 variations...
If you don't want the black border just make the tile you use this skin on underneath the other tiles, which can be accomplished by moving the tile as far left as possible in the modify tileset window under the advanced menu.
Level 1
Aug 26, 2008
I can't get his to work, I imported it, and I also did the pathway, but when I go to look for the tiles, I can't find them, please help me? (I'm new to putting custom tilesets on my maps, sorry.)
Level 9
Jun 7, 2008
I got a problem...

And if I shift it all the way right I get a black border...
As you can see, the top and right borders are allright, but the left and bottom are just plain messed up.


Here is another pic maybe its clearer now.

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Level 1
May 31, 2010
i don't get how to import it ><
i import it and re write the path but from there on i cant work out, Can anyone help me, im a beginner btw (hence the hoplessness)
Level 2
Jun 11, 2010
some help please... when i import it and place the large bricks i can't see skin... only when i start the game :S need help!
Level 13
Mar 13, 2010
good quality skin, really useful, but it's to bad you didn't add like a modernish indoor tile It would have doubled it's usefulness, well, for me anyway! :) 5/5
Level 14
Dec 29, 2009
Exactly how do you get the cliff to work? I imported the tileset, it works fine with only a couple of bugs, but the runebricks cliff was still, just the regular cliff. Then I tried importing the same thing again and setting the path to ReplaceableTextures\Cliff\Cliff1.blp and it still didn't work.

Assistance in this matter will be appreciated, and rewarded with +REP. :grin:
The walls are a different skin, one I did not release. Half of the reason I uploaded this skin is to show off a different technique for using terrain, as it is not particularly hard to throw together your own tileset like this, or a cliff for that matter. I wrote the two paths to a tile that fits next to a cliff so that cliffs may be used as walls. If you want your own cliff skin I would encourage you to make one yourself or get someone to do one for you :D
Of course, if enough people pester me to do a cliff skin I might do that as well...



seriously tho these tiles are all amazing. i specifically grabbed it for the wood texture but these are all nice additions too. btw people reading this far into the board for ANSWER's, a thing to mention THAT even i missed IS!!!: when ur in the world editor in the advanced/modify tile sets window, MAKE!!! SURE!!! to move this skins re-skined tile to the farthest left u can, other wise u get ugly black boarders between the tile and surrounding cliff's that NO MATTER how hard you try u cant make go away. that step is very subtle in his description, its present, but hard to notice/dosent seem as important at the time of reading it. if your planting the tile and seeing these black boarders even though your copy/pasting it and you've done every thing right thats probably your problem, and moving it correctly to the farthest left works to fix it

these tiles are just simply amazing 67chrome. so glad you made them.

9.6!/10 (nothings a 10 but this is so very close.)
Level 2
Oct 18, 2011
I would give this a high rating if it actually worked in the world editor/JNGP. Tried importing the skin and changing the path to the one shown, saved and logged out. When I reloaded the map, the tile along with the ability to place it, was missing from the map. If you could look into what's causing this I'd appreciate it.
Level 3
May 22, 2011
This is a fantastic download. I will be using the wood tile so much in my RPG that people will get sick of looking at it.
Level 6
Oct 4, 2011
At first I loved this until I tested it, every variation you use leaves black squares around it and that factor is terrible makes it unusable for my map, 3/5 for this reason when it should be 5/5 :vw_sad:
Level 6
May 15, 2009
I'm 99% sure that you would just get the default tile with this, which would be the solid black one:)

Actually, for when you have unselected the random variation, you can scroll through the variations and fix them to whatever you want. For example, you could uncheck random variations, and scroll to floorboards. And until u select something else, you would only get floorboards.

And to avoid double posting... Does anyone else get strange black edges around the tiles? I had to import them to a diffrent textures path, to avoid having to recreate my map. Any advice?
Level 2
Apr 22, 2013
great job!!!! usefully,...
you would have: concrete buildable terrain???
or gray smooth terrain constructible?




Am I doing something wrong? Whenever I use it, there is a border of random other tile variation like this:

I have tested ingame and it shows up like this too. The tile is all the way shifted left. Looks very cool but this makes it unusable :(.
oh hello. my my it has been a long time since I had to deal with this bug. yes your doing it right, my goodness necro posts galore today! what your doing so very slightly wrong is a very simple thing to fix. refer to step #4 here:

Submerged Units

but move your ''RPG tile'', to the um....far right? far left? I don't remember which one, its one or the other, what you want to do is turn your rpg tile into the ''lowest tier tile'' as it was explained to me long ago, so that every other tile over-laps the rpg tile on all the edges, instead of just the north and east edges, that is how you fix your issue here.

pretty sure its the far right.