EoAN: New AoS

Level 6
Oct 26, 2005
EoAN means Eternity of Ajol-Nerub, and is and Aeon of Strife.
This aos won't be like dota and many other common maps. The concept is about a fight between the undead forces and nerubian forces (good guys) in Azjol-Nerub (icecrown glacier tileset). You have 8 heroes to pick (can be changed) per side.

Each hero has no ladder skills (for now only exists 1 ladder skill in game) and each side counts with a First Tower per lane, 2 Second Towers per lane, the Town Hall (attacks like a 3rd tower) and 2 shops: Miscellaneous Store and Nerubian/Undead Store (respectively).
As first feature, each side has different items, and as an idea (not made yet), if you get an item from the enemy shop, you can convert it at your base for free. i.e. if you get a Nerubian shield that adds 4 armor, you can convert it into an item that gives 2 armor and 15% melee return.

We may need some creative guys, giving ideas, a spell triggerer, maybe a skinner/iconner and some beta-testers.
The aos has not been released yet so we are starting, but we have 7 completed heroes, 2 incomplete heroes, the terrain, all AoS triggers (spawn, waypoints, bounty, etc) and like 25 items.
P.S. If you know redscores, he is working at the project too.